Marry a Vampire

Chapter 49: West or East? (I)

Pugnaciously patted the coffin lid twice, Mo Mo gasped: "Good boy, obedient, stay inside to get well before climbing out to scare people, understand?"

How can you talk like that? Aston raised his hand to wipe the cold sweat on his forehead, in the end who is scaring people ah!

"Mr. Austen--" Momo suddenly turned his head.

"Ah..." Austen looked nervous, the lady is not going to ask him which coffin to sleep in, right?

"I have some friends near the castle, is it okay to invite them in?"

Austen was relieved: "Your Ladyship, your friends have been invited to wait in the parlor on the third floor."

"Thank you," Momo fished up her hair that was about to mop the floor and jumped down the steps, "By the way, bring the nazi coffin to my room!"

"Madam, this," Austen continued to wipe the cold sweat on his head, "it is not allowed to leave the coffin hall ......"

"Is that so," Momo twisted his head to the coffin temple surveyed, rubbed his nose, "then well, then move my bed over here, yes, and Lucifer and paste, well, for the time being, trouble you oh!"

Austen felt that he had never sweated so much cold sweat in his life, simply do not wipe: "No trouble, madam, please do you have anything else, do you want to dine here in the evening?"

"Of course!"

When, of course?

"I'm going to stay here with Naze for half a month, so if you need anything else, move it over, it's a big place anyway," Momo ran to the door in two steps, lifted the curtain and waved her hand at Austen, "I'm going to the third floor, if Naze knocks on the coffin looking for me. Remember to come up and tell me, go oh!"

Looking at Momo, who ran out in three steps, Austen sat down on the floor, this is the hope and pride of the entire blood race, the goddess Mandalay? Satan, are you in cahoots with God?

Momo excitedly rushed to the third floor, casually picked up the snacks on the table, stuffed into the mouth: "Everyone do not have to worry, that Ze is fine, mmmmm, so hungry."

"Mom, Mom," Lucifera flapped his wings and rushed into his arms, tears and snot falling straight down his little face, "Mom, Mom, Silver Heart na-"

"Ow, little Mrs. Momo, little Mrs. Momo," Paste also flew in, hugging her arms, rain in abundance, "Ow, owooooooo--"

This side is the scene of excited recognition, that compartment with the White Lady has a close relationship with the trio, or we can call it once the White Lady hung up, her first three successors in line, and so MoMo coaxed his son and paste, by the way to kill three tarts, still in a daze.

"Hey, what's wrong with you three, this pose, well, it's good to work part-time in our art class," Momo continued to struggle for the fourth tart, mouth slurred teasing, "Lucifer has opened his mouth to call his mother, what do you have to doubt, can not recognize ah, not just become more beautiful The actual "I've got a lot more to do with it."

This is not only a little more beautiful, the crowd spat out a breath, this is simply compared to the golden ratio of PS countless times ah! However, we have seen the world, they will never admit that they are dumbfounded because of such superficial reasons, they are dumbfounded because of more important reasons!

"Momo, you are from the Kunlun realm," Xu Xian swallowed the long-cooled egg tart, "Kunlun realm opened?"

"What Kunlun realm, never heard of it," MoMo and the baby share the egg tart, eat a bite for themselves, feed the baby a bite, "just now there are people say I am the goddess Mandala, and you say I am from the Kunlun realm, in fact, ah, I am-- -"

"What is it?"

Watching the crowd being whetted, MoMo winked, "Actually, ah, I am, I ran out of my mother's tummy oh, haha ......"

Unfortunately, the crowd was not in the mood to laugh, Yun Zhaoying hand propped up his chin, sizing up Momo: "Where are Mrs. Momo's parents?"

Mo Mo smile stopped on his face, looked up at Yun Zhaoying: "My parents died in a car accident when I was eight years old, to be honest, I only have the memory of up to what I thought I was eighteen years old, in the memory, I am no different from normal people. As for why everything has changed in a decade of sleep, huh, I want to know more than anyone."

Ling'er looked at Mo Mo's slightly sad expression and sat next to her: "Sister, not sad, we can go to the Underworld to find them!"

"Underworld, the underworld?!" MoMo's eyes widened, is that even possible?

"Ling'er, they can't be there, the Kunlun realm jumps out of the five elements," Yun Zhaoying shook his head and looked up towards Mo Mo and smiled, "Of course, if they are Mrs. Mo Mo's parents in the earthly realm, then it is possible."

"Are you so sure that I am from the Kunlun Realm?" Momo asked without good humor.

"Sure!" The three of them actually nodded in unison.

"Oh my god, why?" MoMo even took two bites of the egg tart due to too much indignation, and the baby in her arms immediately protested, barring her hand and trying to stuff it into his mouth, only to have his small strength completely ignored by MoMo.

"A look out," Xu Xian shook his crumpled paper fan, pretending to be deep, "Kunlun realm Tiancheng, this is who's know-"

"I do not know," Mo Mo rolled a white eye, "look at the flower in the middle of my eyebrow, I would think that I am possessed by it."

"The white other shore flower of the Kunlun realm?!"

"So it is the legendary other shore flower," Mo Mo touched his forehead, "quite tasteful, much better than that what Mandala Hua, foreigners really do not know how to pick a name!"

What in the world is she thinking, this time even the Martian spirit can not understand, now at this time, she should be very nervous about her own life, right?

"You don't seem to be very eager to know your own birth?" Yun Zhaoying leaned on the sofa, gazing at Mo Mo who was pretending to be busy, clearly unable to laugh, but still trying to act like she didn't care.

"Anyway, it's all in the past, so what if I don't know," MoMo ignored Lucius Phil's wishes and stuffed half an egg tart into his mouth before raising his head again, "People don't have to know all the truth to live, sometimes they just want a reason to live. Do I have to disprove what I thought was true to be right, and even if it is, what's the use of that?

"Useful," Yun Zhaoying said slowly, not that he didn't know it was cruel, but the truth was the only way to calm everyone down, "If I told you that your parents were still alive, wouldn't you want to know that too?"

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