Marry a Vampire

Chapter 45 If blood flows two-thirds (III)

Apparently, our Naze's ability to bear is not a little stronger than God's, and the evaluation is very pertinent: "The tone of this song is a little strange, but it's still full of good sound."

"Is it?" MoMo moved, let NaZe lean in her arms, his whole body is in a cold sweat, but still smiling very softly, MoMo know he is distracting himself, eyes red, "you think it sounds good."

Na Ze tilted his head to look at her, "That kind of home feels good, huh, I decided to learn to plow."

Mo Mo looked up at his hand that was bleeding, the hand that was originally white and slender, had long been bent from spasms, it was like this, and he still said he wanted to go plowing, this foreign fool, did he know what plowing was? "This song has been sung for hundreds of years, even if there are people plowing the fields, there is no one to weave cloth, to go you go yourself."

Naze looked bitter: "Don't you want me to go home?"

Mo Mo knew that he was deliberately strange, but at this moment she was even more difficult, looking at the lips of Naazawa as pale as his face, she gently pressed up: "big idiot, where you are, the baby and I home is where, you say, how can I not want you."

Naazawa traced the shape of her lips over and over again, but did not kiss her: "If I could, I wish I could cover your eyes."

Mo Mo wanted to ask why, found that his voice was different, hoarse and low, slightly pulled away some distance to look, Na Ze black hair is starting from the roots, turning silver, the corners of the eyes also began to appear fine lines, gradually expanding to the corners of the forehead, eyebrows ......

Mo Mo opened her mouth, did not make a sound, stretched out a trembling hand carefully to **** his face, the real touch told her that what she saw was true. It turns out that the rapid flow of blood, the symbol of life force of the blood race, can make people feel the cruelty of time so truly.

Naazawa turned his face aside and stopped looking at Momo, the smile he had been maintaining was a little stiff: "Can you, not look?"

MoMo has been suppressing tears can no longer hold back, tears blurred eyes, but the mouth but stubbornly returned: "Why can not look, just look, just look, even if you lost your teeth, but also the most handsome, the most handsome old man!"

"The most handsome old man?" That Ze some can not accept this positioning.

"Yes, in fact, I have waited for this day for a long time," Mo Mo nodded heavily, did not notice his tears have dripped onto the face of the Naze, "you are a blood, and does not get old, so I was worried, if I get old what to do ah! Now, I'm finally mentally balanced!"

"Really, cough," Naazawa laughed too, lifting his head to kiss away the tears on her cheeks, "cough, why are you crying and so happy?"

"Click," a crisp cracking sound, Mo Mo reflexively turned around, the crystal funnel unexpectedly cracked open, pure white mandarins set off by the last drops of blood beads, dazzling not dare to let people force their eyes, the rich fragrance drifted away, a moment, the original dull candlelight re-lit. The dome of the hall, symbolizing the stars in the sky moving in the same direction as the sun also suddenly injected life, the mosaic floor animal and plant patterns seemed to come to life.

Seeing this brief but incredible moment with his own eyes, Momo covered his mouth in shock, such a powerful life force, belonged to the Blood, belonged to the legendary demons walking in the night and the catacombs for?

At this point it seems that all the blood race felt, more devoutly close to the ground, the body faintly transparent red light, the elders according to the strange beat along the mosaic pattern jumping prayer, when walking to Momo close, the voice gradually clear:.


O magnificent Manjushala!

She shines with the light of blood, the seductive fragrance

Is so moving and incredible

Guarding the longevity of the blood

When all pretensions fade away

When sins are purified

She turns into a holy mandala

Giving us eternal life


The complicated ceremony did not last long before the senators walked successively to the throne of Naze and stood in rows, with the center, Berger, kneeling on one leg, tilting his head and raising his hands high in the air with such an excited and sincere expression: "Your Highness, please allow me to consecrate the mysterious and exalted Mandala Hua in the name of the Senate."

"Goodness, Berger, you are not old and confused, the Mandalas are all guarded by the Vanjo clan." A shorter elder on the right seemed surprised.

Elder Berger replied nonchalantly, "His Highness the Prince took the Mandalahua to save humans without permission-"

"Are you saying that His Highness the Prince is disqualified because of this?" Another person stepped forward, familiar to Momo, it was Yadunis who was hounded by her at the meeting, whether he was flying around like a sparrow; Cruz; Toreador, this time he did seem to be concerned about Naze.

"No, no, you have obviously misunderstood my meaning, in fact, of course, Mandarins should be personally guarded by His Highness the Prince, however," Elder Berger habitually pulled his sleeve, his smile was gentle, "due to the fact that today His Highness the Prince insisted on following the clan rules to punish so severely, His Highness must need A period of time to recover, out of consideration for the common interests and safety of the Blood Clan, I think it might be more appropriate for the Senate to temporarily replace the guardianship of the Mandalorian, what do you all think?"

The shorter elder's face eased up after hearing his words, "Berger has a point, I, Aubrey, respect everyone's choice."

Mo Mo was furious at their disregard for Naze's injuries, pretending to pull the strings, looking like they knew these three were singing a double act, no, a triple act, forcing Naze to compromise for his own benefit, and was about to stand up when Naze gently tugged her: "Be good, don't move."

MoMo sat down again, looked down at NaZe, although still a silver hair, but the face has begun to recover, the blood on the hand has also stopped, but the white silver chain is still on the hand, bloodstained, not yet grown nails hand full of wounds, MoMo efforts to bite the lower lip, shrink in the arms of NaZe, silent tears.

"It's okay, I'm okay, be good, don't cry." The image of the two people upside down is a bit ridiculous, but at this time Mo Mo can not care about these, someone to coax, but also not cry more justified!

Na Ze helplessly smiled, hands over her hands, wordless comfort, and then raised his head, indifferent expression said: "Elder Berger has a point, so be it, but, between the characteristics of the Mandala Hua, I need to add protection, bring it up!"

"Yes!" The voices of the people were loud.

Mo Mo thought they still had to pull the wool over their eyes, but he didn't expect it to be so quick. He didn't feel puzzled, and Elder Berger carefully walked up the steps of the throne holding the mandala, not even raising his head, and bending down in such a humble and humble posture. Mo Mo unconsciously thought of the painted ghosts in the chatelaine, hand subconsciously probe to the arms.

Sure enough, when Berger raised his head for a moment, the original calm face has long been distorted, his eyes flashing bloodthirsty red light, Mo Mo did not even see how the mandala Hua was put away, he has one stuck in the neck of the Naze, and then, the other hand extended two fingers, slowly pull out the illumination talisman from her arms, clip into powder: "Humans, I am not a fool of the Vanjo clan! !"

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