Marry a Vampire

Chapter 43 If blood flows two-thirds (I)

Yun Zhaoying opened his mouth, "Yes, in fact, this matter--"

"Yes will do, anyway, I am going in, the rest, listen to what Na Ze said well," MoMo one hand holding the baby still waving white wings, one hand clenched fist, waved towards the air, quite a bit of the Virgin Mary feeling, but the words that came out did not match at all, "save me still not Tell me, if he does not have a satisfactory answer to me, I will not spare him, I am his wife, the marriage law states that I have the right to know!"

What country's marriage law is this? She made it up herself! The crowd was full of black lines.

Yun Zhaoying knew she was giving the crowd relief, smiled, did not force Momo, handed her a talisman: "Then you go in yourself to be careful, we will be outside, if something happens, cover the eyes of that Ze, crush this piece of lighting talisman, the blood can not stand this kind of bright light, can buy some time, we rushed in to grab people or in time, huh!

Mo Mo took the talisman, clutching it in her hand, pretending to be bashful, patting his shoulder and handing the baby over: "Great kindness, no thanks, turn around and invite everyone to eat dumplings!"

Ling'er grabbed her arm: "Sister, I don't want to eat dumplings, let me go with you!"

"Silly girl!" Mo Mo pinched her face, while beckoning for the paste to transform, paste immediately became only the size of the index finger, hidden in her left ear above, she carefully put the lighting talisman close to the chest, all ready, smiled at the three: "I arrived at home, I know the way, you do not need to send it!

After the words, Mo Mo waved her fist and took several steps back, not waiting for the crowd to answer again, turned and ran towards the front door of the castle, forcing a strong smile has long been hanging, she did not even dare to look at the baby struggling to reach out to her.

Running alone on the lawn, Lucifer's cries and vague shouts for his mother came intermittently from behind him, and Momo's tears couldn't stop flowing down. The first thing you can do is to think of the scene where Naze is holding the baby with a happy smile on his face, biting his lip, Momo didn't dare to turn back: Naze, no matter what you plan to do, you shouldn't push us away, you know?

Through the swan lake, Mo Mo looked up at this no less beautiful than any mythical castle, standing in front of the black and gold carved door that is still closed during the day, the beating of the heart because of running and feel more intense, she reached out her hand, gently to buckle the silver ring on the door "Ta Ta Ta ...... "

The surroundings are very quiet, even the birds seem to be inaudible, only the door came "rustling" the sound of footsteps, at that moment, she suddenly felt that Naze had said in his own ears to be brave ......

She will be brave, when a thing can not escape, when a thing must be done, when a thing missed is wrong, when a thing not to do is more terrible than wrong, brave, is the instinct of every person!

Looking up at the castle surrounded by green hills and water, Momo tried to show the most elegant smile, although the door inside the sun, not her familiar world, but there has always given her warm husband.

"The door opened with a creak, and Austen, the butler, wrapped in black, took off his mask and bowed gracefully: "Good afternoon, madam!"

"Austen, please allow me to return." Momo slightly owed, this old man had been the butler of the Van Zucco family for nearly a thousand years, a servant more than an elder.

"Madam, you should not come back," Austen's voice was unruffled, as if stating a very plain thing, his body turned slightly sideways and raised his head, his brown eyes showing the wisdom of years, "you can't help anything."

"Yes, I can't help, all I can do is just go home and see my husband," Momo put her hand against the door and gently gathered her hair, "You don't have spatial powers, you have to change your clothes and walk from the castle through the corridors, the flower garden, the pool, and I just stood in the doorway for a minute, I think. You were waiting for me, weren't you?"

"Yes, I was waiting for you, madam, and I hope you are ready for your decision!"

"It was not a decision," said Momo, suddenly raising a happy smile, "it was, an instinct."

"I'm glad you've returned because of this, my lady," Austen bowed again, this time taking off his own hat, a few strands of his white hair still blowing in the wind despite standing in the shadow of the door, "His Highness has broken the taboo of the Bloods by helping you heal an overly serious injury and is under the Senate's Punishment--"

"What? The Council of Elders?" Mo Mo was stunned, originally she thought that in order to save her, Na Ze might compromise on certain conditions of the Jimi demon clan, as for Yun Zhaoying to give him the wound medicine, may be afraid of some unexpected disputes, but simply expected the Council of Elders will intervene in this matter! The council, those old guys are all grown-ups, bah, is grown-up ghosts!

The more Momo thought about it, the more panicked she became, and subconsciously tried to go past Austen towards the door, but was stopped by the other party: "Madam, please remain calm, His Highness needs you."

Momo looked up bewildered, Austen flickered slightly, she immediately understood, behind Austen, an orderly column full of blood clans wrapped in black cloth, with the castle as the center, half kneeling on the ground, the upper body against the earth, seems to be doing some kind of prayer, the castle around the faint gray color smoke, lawn, flower garden, all the plants have withered.

When Austen saw that she had understood, he put on his hat and mask again, turned around, and made an inviting gesture: "Madam, please follow me, His Highness is in the coffin hall on the second floor."

Coffin Hall, Momo remembered the first time standing in that empty palace counting candles, luxurious and solemn, eerie but with life, very different from this dead look in front of her, what happened?

When he reached the corner of the second floor of the castle, Austen stopped and, for the first time, ignored the distinction between master and servant and looked level with Momo, sincere and cautious: "Madam, due to my status as a servant, I can only send you here, His Highness was given a very harsh punishment, but if you resist, the Senate's punishment for the entire Van Zuur clan will be The punishment given to His Highness is very harsh, but if you resist, the Council will punish the whole clan even more severely. The only thing you can do now is to make sure that His Highness stays conscious during the punishment, ma'am, please!"

Momo dug her hand into the carved window and tried to remain calm: "Yes, I know."

"If His Highness cannot remain--"

"There are no ifs," Momo cut him off, "Austen, there are no ifs."

Austen lowered his head and didn't say anything, Momo took a deep breath and forced a smile, "Time is short, I'm going up, thank you, Mr. Austen."

Finished, turned and walked up the stairs, behind him came Austen's slightly hoarse voice: "The people out there, not just lying down."

MoMo did not turn back, not even pause, but instead walked faster and faster, the original unguarded coffin hall, at this time the periphery has been kneeling full of blood, each person's movement is no different from the outside, only because in the interior without having to wear special black clothes, their faces devout expressions visible, just this devout face and to whom?

The two blood-clad elders at the entrance of the coffin hall did not stop her, and one of them helped her lift the silver-purple curtain, seemingly not surprised by her appearance, MoMo immediately understood on second thought that perhaps they had their whereabouts from the time she appeared on the lawn or earlier.

MoMo did not pause to go through the curtain, a glance saw sitting against the palace on the left head of the throne of NaZe, tailored purple Chinese antique style plaid coat half open to reveal the beige wooden ears edge of the shirt, adding a sprightly temperament, originally closed eyes, in the moment MoMo look at him, suddenly open, actually froze.

MoMo leaned on the doorway, pretending to be relaxed and waved his hand at him: "HI, handsome!"

"Momo, how did you-" Naazawa tried to sit up straight, but fell back, his face even paler.

MoMo tried not to look at NaZe's bloodied hand, his nose was sore, but his face was still smiling: "Today the sun and the moon race, the sun lost, the plane could not find the north, I came back!"

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