Marry a Vampire

Chapter 34: The Conspiracy of the Jimi Spirits (I)

At night.

Mo Mo easily put the baby to sleep, tiredly sitting on the floor of Na Zed's room, head leaning on the edge of the bed, gaze at the curtains held up by the wind, except for waiting, she did not know what she could do.

Ever since she knew who Naze was, she tried to convince herself to accept it, and the two of them got along for almost half a year, and didn't notice anything bad, and thought it was her own good adaptability, but now it seems that it was Naze's efforts. He never showed his side of belonging to the blood race in front of her, did not drink blood, try to eat with her during the day, talk with each other as equals, never mention the blood race and human all sorts of things, did not even tell her how long he lived and what kind of encounter he had. Let her have the illusion that her husband, in addition to the status of a bit more noble, will walk through walls, and others are not different.

It turned out that she was also stupid. Mo Mo grabbed the carpet with her hand and violently knocked her head against the edge of the bed, trying to punish herself with pain. She thought she was brave and strong, going about her day cheek by jowl, but in fact, never even thought about the pain in Naze's heart. In the castle, knowing that the moment she lost her memory, what kind of mood is Naze, is pain is hurt is wandering, she never tried to understand, and Naze, to her, never any requirements. Mo Mo smiled bitterly, they are both real fools!

The first time she woke up, in the castle all sorts of things happened, Mo Mo suddenly remembered that the palatial room where Naazawa often resides, the decoration inside the solemn, vaguely revealing a trace of the fury, and everywhere full of candles, yes, candles, always burning but never burned traces.

The man said he was going back to the castle for Christmas! Mo Mo sat up straight, did he know he would have a mutation at Christmas, so, to go back? The more she thought about his half-hearted expression, the more sure she was of her speculation, yes, it should be so!

Mo Mo got up with a start and pinched her face, regretting why she went to the office this afternoon and didn't go up to sit down and inquire about something. But now to ask should also be no problem, that Ze has also often work at night, so the blood should be working at night only!

It is easy to see a ray of hope MoMo, not to go out immediately to find out the truth, is no matter how can not sit down. She hurriedly called Ling'er while going downstairs and told her she had to go out and ask her to come over to look after Lucifera, then she casually put on a piece of clothing and left the door.

The building is quiet tonight, there are occasional figures walking by, but also other races of demons, Mo Mo strange look at the table, only nine o'clock, the building's own taxi has all but disappeared, she had to go out and turn a corner to get a taxi, sit in the back seat, reported the address of the company Naze, and closed his eyes. She has not slept well for two days and two nights, her mood is up and down, and the wind blew in the afternoon, her headache is about to crack.

After a while, Momo barely opened her eyes, and turned her head suspiciously to look out the window, the surroundings were too quiet: "Excuse me, where are we now?"

The driver did not answer, Momo slightly leaned forward to ask again, but was stunned, the driver's two hands were not on the steering wheel, but straight out towards the front, seemingly pulled by something, pupils lax.

This is? MoMo almost screamed out, but reflexively covered his mouth, the situation in front of him was not as bizarre as the one NaZe came to that night, but it was another matter that it was not someone he was familiar with.

Calm down, Momo, no panic, nothing to be afraid of, Mom and Dad in a car accident, but also their own climb out of the car to call for help, not? So, this time, it will be okay too! The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. She kicked hard again, still no response, very good, that is the driver is not threatening, is manipulated.

So what to do now, Momo did not dare to roll open the window, just put his face to the glass to look out, there are no lights around at all, the car headlights swept over the place, you can see that they are driving in a weedy place, there is no road. Even if she jumped out of the car now, it would be impossible to walk out on her own, it would only be more dangerous. To come to a conclusion, Momo closed her eyes and reached into her bag and felt, a pack of tissues, a set of keys, wallet and cell phone. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

Do not dare to look around, intuition tells her that there are people watching around. She bit her lips tightly, pretending to shrink into a ball of great fear, hugging her handbag, the other hand in the bag to press the call button twice in a row, crying so sadly: "Oooh, so dark, oooh, silver heart, silver heart, silver heart, oooh ......"

"Sister, why do you want to learn the baby called Silverheart, the baby has fallen asleep, do you want it to answer the phone?" Ling'er on the other end of the phone was confused.

Yun Zhaoying really noticed something, grabbed the phone, "What is it?"

MoMo saw that the purpose was achieved, cried louder, "oooh, driver, where do you want to take me, why don't you talk, it's so dark around, oooh, you let me off, oooh, oooh wow ......"

"Good, know, pay attention to safety, hang up the phone." Yun Zhaoying hung up the phone without saying a word.

Mo Mo burped, cupped the phone in his hand, blinded, said hang up, what does it mean, can, demons can also feel the phone signal? If that's the case, I can only say that the age of technology is really human and demons are progressing, how frightening!

In any case, to the cloud shine shadow successfully sent a distress signal, Mo Mo do not feel relieved, the mouth symbolic humming, but no longer afraid, to ask the reason, can only say this: because of childhood by the motherland mythological cause, Mo Mo Mo, like most people, the Chinese fairies and demons have an unshakable confidence.

For example, in the minds of Chinese people, the Jade Emperor is always more powerful than God, the Moon God is always more trustworthy than Cupid, the Goddess of Mercy must be worshipped, as for God's seat in charge of this, and who knows!

But confidence is confidence, facts are facts, when the car finally in front of a dome building, Mo Mo still can not help but swallow hard. It was quiet for a while before the footsteps outside the car rang out and someone opened the door: "Your Highness, please get out."

Mo Mo's heart thumped, sure that the visitor is not good, people related to Na Zed will call her Mrs. Mo Mo Mo, not the Prince's wife, as she expected, someone took advantage of Na Zed's absence to hit her.

Clutching the bag in her hand, Momo got out of the car with trepidation: "Where is this?"

"Madam, this is the family residence of the Jimi demon clan, I am Burton the butler, please follow me." The other party's demeanor was elegant, dressed in medieval aristocratic clothing.

Mo Mo originally wanted to continue to pretend to be pitiful, but as soon as he heard that it was the Jimi Spirits, he immediately dismissed the idea. The Jimi Spirits are one of the founding clans of the Blood Demon Party, and like the Letsemba clan, they do not submit to the administration of the Vanjo clan. They are the most scholarly of all the Blood clans, with a great thirst for knowledge and a particular passion for experimentation, including taking people and vampires, true monsters of science. I don't know what they have found themselves for, but no matter what, she will never be able to get out of it easily this time.

Since they dared to announce themselves, they must know her well, and there was no point in putting on a show. So nodding, she followed the blood through door after door and corridor in silence. She raised her head and tried to step on the steps of a court lady, which she had just learned shortly after the blood feast, this step is about elegance, to put it bluntly, fast is not a good way to walk, definitely a good way to stall for time, the price is that the waist should be twisted with an arc, that is normal people can not reach the arc of putting a hula hoop can turn up.

Mo Mo gritted his teeth and tried to twist without slowing down, while agonizing over why Yun Zhaoying hadn't appeared yet, could it be that the mythical Qiankun Danyangyi, the art of evading the earth are all bluffing and playing?

"Prince and Lady, please," Burton suddenly stopped, startling Momo, he respectfully lifted the heavy mink curtain on the door and bent down to invite Momo in, "Young Master and Lord Duke are waiting for you."

"Good, thank you for your hard work." Momo nodded slightly towards him and stepped in with a calm demeanor. To be exact, what she was in now was a small parlor with a soft glow from the crystal lamp that set off the heavy black marble and a strong fire in the fireplace, however, there was no one in the parlor.

Mo Mo looked around and found that there was a compartment on the right side, the silk curtain was blown by the wind of the fire and trembled slightly, she hesitated to go in and take a look, the curtain lifted, the visitor was unexpectedly, it was: "Pei Di?

Pei Di looked up in a daze and suddenly rushed to her with an arrow step, full of panic: "Didn't I send you back, how come you're here?!"

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