Marry a Vampire

Chapter 30 We all love dumplings

People say that laughing at the end is the best laugh, so what is the result of laughing at the front, the conclusion is that she will certainly not be able to cry.

Mo Mo looked at the less and less dumplings, and ran out again to buy back the dumpling filling and rolled out the dumpling skin, want to smash the pot, the pair of non-human master and disciple outside has eaten six pots of dumplings, and insisted that no spell to help her do, the reason is that the spell to do things, they can eat the original taste!

Numbly throwing dumplings into the pot, Momo looked up at the wall clock, it was already ten o'clock, God, could it be that her Christmas Eve is going to be spent on dumplings? Mo Mo looked sadly at the hot air coming out of the pot, and deeply experienced the bleak mood of "little cabbage, yellow in the ground, two or three years old, dead mother".

"The baby has fallen asleep, phew~" Naazawa, who has been a baby daddy, finally climbed out of the nursery, full of fatigue, the winged child is really hard to carry.

"How did the baby sleep tonight," Momo took the spoon and turned his head, "with long wings, does he have to sleep standing up like a bird?"

"Pfft," Naazawa was amused by Momo and patted his foolish wife's head, "He can take his wings back to sleep, our baby is an angel, not a bird man, understand?"

So the difference between angels and bird people is here, Mo Mo suddenly realized: "I see!"

Naze nodded her nose: "It's getting late, let's pack up and go back to the castle, don't make dumplings."

"But they said they want more, what kind of treat doesn't fill people up." Mo Mo stirred the water in the pot, without raising his head.

"Long ago finished, they used the Qiankun bag to put away the dumplings, probably want to trick you to make more, save it for later." For this point, Naazawa was also dissatisfied.

"Ah, why didn't you say so earlier?!" Mo Mo immediately jumped up and went straight to the living room, and really saw the two master and disciple were watching TV, and a few dumplings were laid out on the table as props, "finished eating, and still want to go around?!"

"Master said it is 'eat not to walk away'." Ling'er sat on the sofa and smiled happily at Momo.

Yun Zhaoying coughed lowly and didn't reply, who let this woman in front of him let him use his tail to light a fire to cook at noon! It was only right that he take more dumplings to go.

"Yun Zhaoying," Mo Mo's gaze swept over like a searchlight, "you-"

"Yinxin, Yinxin, Yinxin hey~" a burst of baby talk came.

"Is that the doorbell ringing?" Spirit asked in a whisper.

"Na ze go open the door, who is still stringing the door so late!" The scolding words were interrupted, and Momo had an irritated face.

"I, I'll go open the door." Ling'er volunteered to run to open the door, then turned her head and reported to Momo, "Sister, it's the Bloods oh."

"Is that so?" Momo looked at Naze, who shrugged and said she didn't know, she just had to walk to the door and found it was Tabitha who helped herself to groceries today, "Ah, hello, Merry Christmas oh!"

"Hello ma'am," Tabitha gave a flustered lady's salute, a surprising blush showing on her otherwise pale skin, "Merry Christmas, I wanted to-"

"Don't stand outside the door, come in and talk!" Momo greeted warmly, this Tabitha is quite cute.

Tabitha pinched the corner of her coat, incoherent: "Ah, no no, I am that, that dumpling ......"

"You want to eat dumplings?" Momo looked a little surprised, "Didn't you say you couldn't eat it?"

"I don't know, but it smells so good," Tabitha's head lowered, "the first time I've smelled food since I became a blood."

"Then you can try to eat it, if it's not good, just spit it out," Momo took her hand with some pain, "Come in and sit down, by the way, how can you smell the scent?"

Tabitha waved her hand in panic: "No, no, there are too many people, everyone can smell the aroma, we just want to see what the dumplings look like..."

"So many people?!" Mo Mo listened to her words, subconsciously looked toward the ceiling, the top really stood full of blood, at least 20 to 30, eyes are eager, look is expectant, throat is a movement, uh, that is swallowing saliva gulping.

"You wait, dumplings there," Mo Mo returned to rush back to Yun Zhaoying, "hand over the dumplings you hide, I will turn around and cook for you."

Yun Zhaoying looked at the rare serious Mo Mo, there is a sense of affection, nodded, casually changed a bowl, dumplings shot out of his sleeves one after another, each bowl automatically filled up, and then line up to fly to the door.

"Wow, this works," Momo surprised all the way to the door and found those bowls floating in front of the Bloods, "Tabitha is this enough?"

"Ah, enough--" before the words were finished, Tabitha shuddered and looked behind Momo.

"Momo," Naazawa came over at some point, his face not very good, "you go in first, I have some words to say."

"What words, I can't listen?"

"Stand here if you want to hear it, which one of you will explain it to Madam?" Naze looked detached and raised his head, although he was looking up at the ceiling a crowd of blood, but the aura is completely reversed.

Hanging in the ceiling of the crowd of people raw shrink back half, dare to come out to speak only strange.

"What's wrong, what's wrong, I made dumplings is very difficult to eat, why this look?" MoMo got a little angry, "As far as putting up your princely attitude!"

Naazawa was speechless at the confused Momo: "It's not your dumplings, it's the garlic, you're in human society, haven't you heard the rumors that the blood race is afraid of garlic?

"Haven't heard, you mean, they will die if they eat it?" Momo was startled.

"Of course not, garlic is not God's blessing, it's just that the newborn Bloods have not completely lost their sense of taste, and they will feel something stimulating, and based on the remaining human instincts, they will want to eat it and can hardly resist the temptation." Naze sighed, "As for that rumor, it is the result of blackmail, the senate council believes that eating garlic is not in line with the noble and elegant image of the blood race, so it is expressly forbidden to take it without permission, Christian is not clear about the truth and got it wrong."

"You are saying that I, in violation of the decision of the senate?" Momo patted his head, looking a little demoralized, "I really don't know."

"You don't need to pay attention to the words of the Genro Council, and it doesn't count as them taking it without permission if you give it to the newborn bloods," Naazawa took her hand and ruffled the messy broken hair at the corner of her eyes, "I'm just angry that they didn't tell you the truth."

"Hey, it's okay, it's okay, people have mouths to feed," Momo was a little embarrassed at how obviously patronizing and confessional Naze was, "What happens when they eat it?"

"It will be addictive, nothing else." Na Ze thought about it and added, "Some may also have diarrhea."

Mo Mo heard him say so, raised his head, found a group of blood still with a pleading look at themselves, only to cheekily and carefully asked, "Dumplings in not much garlic, that addiction, what degree? If it's the kind that smokes opium forget it, if it's the kind that smokes, a little taste shouldn't be a big problem, right?"

"As you wish," Na Ze smiled and sighed, reaching out his hand to circle Momo, suddenly his brow furrowed, his hand paused and retracted, "I'll go in first, so they don't all get uncomfortable."

"Oh, good." MoMo made a gesture of sending off, smiling and watching him enter the door, turned around and made an "OK" gesture, "One for one, no more!"

"Wow, thank you Mrs. Momo!" The ceiling shook, and then, Momo regretted wanting to bite his own tongue...

Gosh, are there that many bats that can hide in the corner?!


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