Marry a Vampire

Chapter 29: The baby with angel wings

MoMo felt that Tabitha's reaction was strange, but she was in a hurry to get back to make dumpling filling, and seeing that the elevator had arrived, she didn't ask more questions, nodded hastily as a goodbye, and ran in with her shopping bag.

Who knew that just after entering the house, Momo was startled by the sight in front of her. Spirit stood at the kitchen door, to be exact, standing with the belly of a snake, holding a pathetic grasp of his tail tip, full of white flour. The image of the two men is no better, Lucius Phil simply turned into a small noodle, only two eyes are still in the bones of the turn, the home is a heavy snowfall transit like, so Mo Mo have the impulse to recite poetry, but really "suddenly like a spring breeze, a thousand trees and pear blossom" ah!

"Come on, you all are at least a few hundred years of life, think they are still small, ah? The snow cane with flour is not it? Mo Mo dropped the pork in his hand and had a tendency to get mad.

That Ze only had to come out as cannon fodder: "It's the baby that ran into the flour barrel--"

"The flour barrel is so high, how can he get in! And even if he got in, what's going on with you guys?"

"This-" Yun Zhaoying stepped forward.

The baby, however, suddenly opened both hands and made a gesture toward Momo for a hug: "Mom ah mom~"

A soft call, so that Mo Mo who was about to cross his arms froze, the little face will call her mother! "Baby~" MoMo's gesture turned halfway, her hands opened wide and she catwalked towards the little noodle with an excited look. She taught her son to speak every day, shouting "mommy and daddy" at him, and this time, it was the end of the line!

The little guy is also excited for unknown reasons, "giggling" smile, two eyes narrowed into a small crescent, and then waved two small white paws, all over the body "fluttering" falling white powder, straight pan over.

Mo Mo tried to open his eyes wide, thinking he was blind, the little face behind a pair of snow-white wings? The wings shone with a faint golden glow and were fluttering up and down quickly in an effort to fly over towards themselves?

"Wow, baby, quickly show mommy, what's behind you, so funny?" Mo Mo hugged her son who fluttered into her arms, her curiosity was suspended, and regardless of the little one's efforts to drill into her arms, she directly grabbed her son and dropped him, with an inquisitive expression. Look at it, touch it, tug it, until the little one let out a very discontented muttering sound, Mo Mo only turned his head to ask Na Zee in shock, "This is not what you put on?!"

"Of course not--"

"What?!" Momo's eyes widened as she looked at Naze and then at her son, honestly this was the first time she had carefully compared the looks of father and son, her son had blue eyes and blonde hair, Naze had black eyes and purple hair, she was sure she must be purebred Chinese herself then, "Did we hold the wrong baby at the hospital?!"

"Momo what are you talking about?" Naazawa was so angry and amused that he tried to reach out and slap the flour off her, but Momo dodged it.

"I remember, you said I had the baby at the castle, so," Momo glanced nervously at Naazawa and then down at the baby in her arms grabbing her long hair, "are you implying to me that he was born from my cheating?!"

"Momo, he's our child, what are you talking about, I'm not so confused that I can't even figure out whose wife's child it is, OK?!" Na Zed couldn't care less about the presence of outsiders, put down his noble frame, obviously justified in his accusation, but he looked a bit pitiful.

Yun Zhaoying looked at him quite sympathetically, although his disciple had forgotten that he had been married to himself, but at least he wouldn't be thinking nonsense, okay okay.

"He looks like the angel in the painting!" The good mood that Yun Zhaoying was in was gone. It's true that his apprentice won't think about it, but she will talk nonsense!

Mo Mo listened to her, immediately began to pick up his son's clothes, Na Ze did not know what he wanted, but cooperate to take over the child's clothes, poor Lucy Phil in the blink of an eye by his parents stripped, only a diaper left to cover the shame. Momo examined left and right, and bent down to pull a garlic from the plastic bag at his feet and stuffed it into his hand, posing a pull shot: "God, I can give birth, Cupid?

Coming to the conclusion, Momo was about to faint and didn't even notice the baby grabbing the raw garlic and shoving it into his mouth.

"I promise he has nothing to do with Cupid," Naazawa embraced Momo from behind, but his hand went through her waist to hold his son, to ensure that mother and son would not fall, "the birth of Lucifer is a blessing for our blood, you are the gospel of the blood, so, good boy, do not doubt this thing. "

"And the reason?! And, I want to know, who does he look like anyway?" Momo put her heart down, but was still curious.

Na Ze rubbed her hair and glanced at Yun Zhaoying and Ling'er who had their ears perked up: "There are guests here, let's talk about it later, okay? I'll go make lunch first, the dumplings will probably only be available in the evening."

"You whisper in my ear, can't you?" MoMo pouted in discontent.

"Yeah, just whisper it in Momo's ear," Ling'er was also full of expectation, "Master and I can both hear it."

"Uh--" Yun Zhaoying was embarrassed and reached over to pull his apprentice over and started reaching out to help her dust her flour, pretending to be deaf and dumb.

Na Ze looked down at Momo, who looked down at her son and shrugged in frustration, "Okay, okay, tell me tonight oh, Ling'er and I will go make dumplings first."

"Well, go ahead." Naze let go of his hand and turned to take the flour dough in her arms.

Mo Mo found that the garlic had been chewed to pieces by her son, and quickly reached out to pull it, "You're eating this too, spit it out."

But Naze smiled as a matter of course: "Children, it's okay to eat snacks."

"How can this be a snack, this is a vegetable, not yet washed, will have diarrhea." MoMo angry to pick the baby's mouth, trying to pull out what he ate, but the result caused his son to cry, so he had to give up, "Okay, okay, mommy comply with you, comply with you, still can not? The racial differences are really huge, you father and son can not let me understand one!"

The three non-humans on the scene immediately cast aggrieved glances, Mo Mo rubbed her nose and decided to stick to her argument and try to ignore it, they weren't going to cry to her anyway! She picked up the dishes on the floor again and nudged her mouth towards Ling'er, "Go, go to the kitchen and chop the dumpling filling."

"Let's go to the kitchen," Ling'er rubbed her somewhat deflated stomach and finally asked a more normal question, "So where do they make lunch, Master?"

"Do it in the living room, just take a pot out," Momo looked a little teasingly smug, "and not human, cooking has to be a gas stove, have lived for so many years, and then not good, drill wood for fire will always be it, fire beaver highness?

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