Marry a Vampire

Chapter 23: Knitting a scarf for Christmas

The wind lifted the curtains, floating and rising, moving again and again, and Naazawa propped up the door with a look of good morning air.

The second hand ran three times back and forth, MoMo finally raised her head slowly, her expression calm, only her face a little twitchy red, she waved her hand towards NaZe, quite a leader: "Well, okay, I know, you go ahead and make dinner!"

Being made to smile with a mild face, Na Ze cooperated and retreated, and even thoughtfully brought the door with him, only to turn around and stumble on his feet. MoMo fell back into bed with a stiff expression, rolled over, buried his face in the pillow, gradually came the sound of whimpering, and his body began to tremble and shake.

Uh, what's happening?!

Whoa, take it easy, folks, although the heroine is in pain, in fact it does hurt to want to laugh and not force yourself not to, and the snickering is not so well controlled, but believe me, she's in a much more H-ish mood than finding out she's done all the questions on a final exam!

You should know that the three words "I love you" although simple, although the blood, although the vulgar, but, since the world of men and women for thousands of years to remember to chatter, even to the wedding day, playing God's slogan self-guided some, must have its fascinating charm. Of course, how to use the short three words to express the long love, each has its own trick, Na Zha short light tone with a deep look, so that people are convinced that his sincerity from his heart, the effect is of course also surprisingly good, because our Momo has long forgotten that he left himself cold for 16 days and 13 hours.

"I love you, I love you, wow wow, being confessed, being confessed!" The company's main goal is to provide a better solution to the problem. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Ah, money? Thinking about money, MoMo finally remembered the trigger for this series of events - Christmas gifts, almost forgot the business! She scratched her hair and counted on her fingers, she only had less than two weeks left, she started to worry.

From breakfast to lunch, Momo was watching Naazawa with very torn eyes, from top to bottom, from left to right, perfectly handsome and golden, holding a child feeding rice flour also became a beautiful scene. Such a husband can lack what it is, nothing is missing, but also to send what to send, Mo Mo has always been to no practical things owed, especially when taking their own money to buy things. The idea of thinking about it, worrying about the gift MoMo is quite a bit older women to be married sorrowful, but the NaZe made fidgety, do not know what she is playing again ghost ideas.

"Momo, you dropped your soup spoon on the floor." Naazawa was helpless; Momo's plate was not much cleaner around her than her son's.

"Oh," Momo nodded listlessly and was just about to bend down to pick up something on the floor when the fork fell to the floor with a "pop" sound.

The fork fell to the ground again with a "pop" sound. Naazawa quickly stopped her: "Forget it, I'll pick it up." While saying that, while bending down sideways, Mo Mo just raised his eyes to see the neck of Na Zee, originally only slightly red teeth marks, at this time has turned into a deep purple, and even faintly reveal the green and black.

"Na Ze, your neck ......?" Mo Mo was surprised.

"Hmm?" Naazawa straightened up, touched his neck, immediately understood what she meant and showed a reassuring smile, "It's fine, it doesn't hurt at all, it just looks scarier, the Bloods have no blood flow."

"Wow, that's good," Momo carefully touched it with her hand and was relieved to find that it wasn't swollen, then her mind turned, "Is it, does it take a long time to heal?"

"Uh, that, probably." Naze didn't know how to answer, his little wife's expression now seemed to be ...... expectant?!

"It won't be ready until Christmas, will it?!"

"Well ......"

"That's good!" Momo concluded happily.

"......" Naze's mouth flooded with a bitter taste.

Unfortunately, this time he was really mistaken, the little roundworms in Momo's stomach were planning to give him a big surprise!

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. She has been in the orphanage for ten years, and it is the rule of the institution to do it yourself and feed yourself well. So, when she saw Naazawa's neck, she immediately made a decision that she would knit a scarf for Naazawa that would cover her teeth marks and keep her warm, and most importantly, it would be unique in the world!

The more you think about it, the happier you are, the more you can't help but giggle, scaring the long-haired girl who just entered the elevator into a corner. MoMo touched his nose innocently and threw her a kind smile, taking a closer look, he found that the other party was wearing Tang-style clothes, long black hair, classical temperament, and was a Chinese, and thinking about it, MoMo immediately felt a sense of affection. As the other party is sideways to himself, so, intention to hit on MoMo, moved a small half step, patted her shoulder, showing a smile: "Hey, hello, I ......"

The words have not finished, with the action of MoMo patting the shoulder, the other party is soft and straight short! Heh, she's not that strong, right?! Momo confused to look at the girl's feet: the girl originally two quite long and slender calves, but turned into thick and long white snake tail!

"Ahhhhh!" Both sides screamed in unison.

"Sorry, sorry," the girl bowed towards Momo in a panic, "squeezed you, I'll take it back immediately."

That's not the problem, is it? The corners of Momo's mouth twitched, "Uh, no, it's okay."

The girl lowered her head and did not answer, and began to collect her tail very attentively, Momo could not figure out what gestures she was doing with her two hands tossing up and down, just thought it was pretty, and then her tail gradually reverted to legs from top to bottom, and wearing white socks and shoes, but still a little floppy and unsteady. Mo Mo saw her struggling a bit, so she reached out to help her.

"Thank you, you're very kind." The girl looked up and smiled with an innocent face, Momo then realized that the girl looked very small, probably only 14 or 15 years old, but that didn't seem to make much sense, Momo remembered her tail, the age of the demon, uh, guess it has little to do with appearance.

"Miss, no, girl," Momo said with an odd expression, "a snake spirit, right?"

"Well," the girl nodded, "sister, you can call me Ling'er, sister is also from China?"

Don't call me sister, I'm sure I'm not as old as you are, Mo Mo had an urge to cry, but looked up and saw the two small buns of the spirit child, think they have no position to say, who let themselves look "old" a little? "Well, I am."

"So, what kind of goblin is sister?"

"......" Chinese are all goblins, how she did not know? Mo Mo is full of black lines, "I am human."

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