Marry a Vampire

Chapter 22 If I say I love you

Mo Mo is very angry, will desperately stare at the eyes, she personally think that the bigger the eyes represent the more angry, in fact, her eyelashes are very long, eyes are very bright, staring at people when a little bit of danger, but rather will breathe a very innocent flavor. Being looked at angrily with such an expression, Naazawa was sure that if he looked any further, he would definitely feel guilty, and simply closed his eyes, not to go out, anyway, it was in bed, it was daytime, it was his sleep time.

"Hey!" MoMo hands propped up on the bed, the bed pretending to be dead NaZe very dissatisfied, "you answer me, not allowed to sleep, otherwise, or I bite you oh!"

Na Zed took a pillow and covered his face, then turned over and turned his back to Mo Mo and continued to play dead.

"You think I can't bite this way?" Single-cell Momo is really more aggressive, she ruthlessly pounced on Na Ze and bit his neck, "I bite, I bite!"

MoMo said, while leaving a series of teeth marks on his neck, NaZe ripped away the pillow and pushed her away in a panic, the blood of the blood can make people become blood, means "first embrace", let alone he is a prince level, a little bit can not be touched. He was bitten by the neck does not matter, but Momo in case of accidental bite bleeding, and then accidentally stick to, the problem is a big deal, she will become a member of the blood clan ever, the most mischievous way to become a blood clan. What's more, in his private heart, he did not want Momo to become a Blood, his Momo is the most suitable angel of the sun.

Unfortunately, Momo didn't understand the mind of Nazar, pushing back only made her more energetic, she turned red, grinding her teeth, using all her strength to desperately press on Nazar, this scene simply makes people suspect that the real vampire is her, not Nazar!

The actual vampire is not the real vampire. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

"Uh~" ten seconds of silence, then a sudden reversal of events, Momo desperately trying to get up, Naazawa reached out his palm to press the back of her head, not allowing her to get up, the other hand tightened around her waist, deepening the unexpected kiss.

The hot lips and tongue of Naze, gentle with tenacity, slow with a force, just steadily against Momo's slightly open mouth from surprise, sealing his doubts. MoMo's breathing is gradually disordered, and his wide-eyed eyes are gradually starting to become confused, but they are still struggling to stay open. Her so-called first kiss was only a light touch with each other's lips, a situation that was clearly beyond expectation, and was momentarily baffled, subconsciously clinging to Naazawa's lapel, not knowing whether to resist or submit.

The hand that pressed the back of her head gently slid down, caressing her shoulder, her arm, and then pulled her right hand, fingers interlocked, and when the warmth of the palm came, the lips pressed together, Momo's mind suddenly appeared the words that have been transmitted for thousands of years - the hand of the son, grow old with the son. In that instant, she seemed to be under the compulsion, slowly closed the original guarded eyes.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into. ......" Each soft call is like a sigh.

MoMo heard his hoarse murmur, froze for a moment, thinking of his original intention and the current situation, blushing and sliding violently into his chest, half a day, before a muffled voice came: "You finally talk to me, but, this is too big a price to pay!"

"Heh~" Naze laughed out lightly, his little wife seems to have not realized the responsibility of being a wife, it was just a kiss, how did she think their child came to be? Forget it, talking about this now will scare her, take it one step at a time, "It was you who bit me first, I just bit back."

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. Mo Mo glared at him with hatred, swallowed hard the accusation, she can not take the bait, in case Na Zee really want to bite back how to do? Thinking about it, MoMo looked at NaZe's neck with some weakness, all red teeth marks, she seemed to probably seem really a little too violent: "That, does it hurt?"

"Well, it doesn't hurt," Naazawa reached out to rub Momo's fluffy curls and winked at her, "I asked for it."

"Hmph, good to know!" As soon as Momo associated with the main contradiction of the problem, she immediately straightened up and shot up the bed, "Give me a clear explanation, why didn't you talk to me? Don't tell me that you are doing it to give me time to think about it!"

"Because I want to bet once." Naze's expression didn't look like he was joking.

"Bet on what?" Momo was confused by him.

"Bet," Na Ze's handsome face flushed with a fresh smile, "that you won't talk to him if I don't talk to you; bet, that you won't take into account him if I disturb you; bet, that you will choose me and, not him."

Mo Mo couldn't tell if he was resigned or worried, and discontentedly returned, "So what if you lose the bet, you're not a worm in my belly?"

Naze bowed slightly and poked her puffy cheeks with his finger, but laughed without saying anything.

"Hey?!" Momo also poked him hard in the face.

"You're hungry, I'll go make you breakfast." Naazawa hugged off his body, unabashedly avoiding the topic.

"Bad man!" Mo Mo looked directly through the wall out of the Na Ze, angry cheeks bulge even bigger, at first a look of love her love to death, now said not to pay attention to people on not to pay attention to people, what, she is not worth it now? The more you think about it, the more angry Mo Mo fell back into bed with a "pop" and squeezed the pillow hard to vent his anger, "I squeeze, I rub, I flattened you to death!

"Want to eat rounds in the morning?" Naze, wearing a blue and white checkered apron, stood in the doorway at some point.

"Uh-huh!" Little reactionary Momo chewed on the corner of the pillow, his face red.

Naazawa smiled slightly, although the curve of his mouth was not big, but it was indeed the kind of smile that was very cheerful, "Momo, I forgot to tell you something just now."

"Oh, what?" Momo's brain was a little tied up, she had no resistance to Naazawa's smile.

"I love you."

"......" Momo stared at Naazawa and froze for a moment, suddenly darting her head down.

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