Marry a Vampire

Chapter 19 If there are two princes (II)

The laws of high society require people to be unperturbed by anything that happens, to think rationally, solve calmly, and choose gracefully, but with this sharp turn of events today, in addition to the students present, even the aristocrats, who pride themselves on their knowledge, could not help but gather and whisper with curiosity, and the artists, oh God, by the look in their eyes, they must wish they had a paintbrush now carrying They must have wished that there was now a paintbrush carrying the unquenchable passion of exuberant music!

But what does the mood of the onlookers have to do with our protagonists? They are also mass actors, the camera only sweeps through the background when needed, so the focus is still on our silent protagonists.

Mo Mo tilted his head up and looked at Na Zee, who was holding himself, a little frightened, his face expressionless but full of anger, if this is an animated film, Mo Mo Mo has no doubt that Na Zee's hair will stand straight up; if this is a martial arts film, then the image of Na Zee must be pulsating with internal force to make the black hem flutter; but this is urban romance, ah, to be exact, this is urban romance vampire film The vampire? Originally still can not find the north MoMo fiercely a machine, now what is the scene, vampire and human duel, blood-sucking frightening four hundred years?

"Austen, you come over--" Naazawa's look of indifference swept a glance at Ethel and Pei Di, suddenly opened his mouth, scared Momo immediately incoherent interrupt him: "Naazawa, ah, that, let's go home! Oh ho ho ho, I'm so hungry, they don't need to say hello one by one, we're not familiar, no, no, they're all my classmates, we're very familiar ......"

"Oh my god, are you kidding me?!" Ethel fought to shake off Paddy's restraints, she couldn't stand these men taking sides anymore, "I don't know you, you lowly woman, what are you afraid of? Are you afraid that I will reveal in front of your husband that you are seducing another man? No, oh, I think it must be a wrong guess, the man behind you must not be your husband, but will he pay for my dress, or, will your poor husband pay?!"

"I, he, you--" Momo was so anxious that she did not know where to begin, how there are such presumptuous women in the world!

"Momo," suddenly, Naazawa's low call full of laughter came from above her head, his jaw gently rubbed her bangs, seemed to be in a better mood, "I'm curious, how you introduce your husband to others, but before that, I think we have to settle some troubles. "

"Hmm?!" All sluggish.

"Austen." Naze gave Momo a "reassuring" look and a soft tone.

"Yes, young master." Austen came out from the back of the side, an old man with a white beard, calm and serious.

"How long will it take to transfer all the shares of my Belgian company LAVA and its worldwide subsidiaries to your wife's name?"

The entire crowd drew a backward breath... Oh my God, the largest jewelry company in the world, with all the shares transferred!

"It will take about two and a half days."

"Well, that's good," Naazawa released his hold on Momo and wrapped his arm around her waist instead, turned slightly sideways, and said to Ethel, who had long since stiffened, "This lady, in three days, our couple will meet you fa*. Although that possibility is so remote, I still need to state that if compensation is really needed, I think my wife will do fine on her own, and without the help of her poor husband."

"What does LAVA do?" Momo tugged at Naze's sleeve and uttered words that made people laugh and cry, "It seems to sound quite blustery."

"Makes clothes and jewelry," Naazawa replied evasively, pinching her nose, and then changed the subject, "Now can you tell me how you introduced your husband, me, to others?"


"Mo, Mo Mo," Myrna looked back from time to time while carefully moving to Mo Mo's side, "Is he really your husband?"

MoMo looked behind Milner, it was really the group of detractors who were encouraging the simple Milner to discover the inside story, and she was relieved, honestly, she was really afraid that her friend would turn into a different person because of this well-intentioned concealment, but now it seems that she was overly concerned: "Yes!"

"Didn't you say your husband was plain?!" Myrna straightened her back.

"But I didn't say he wasn't handsome!"

"I thought you said he was freelance!!!" Penelope reddened her face and ventured out as well.

"How is being your own boss not free!"

Looking at her with a very reasonable look, Xia Yunzhen, the mastermind behind the scene, finally couldn't hold back and rushed to the front, crackling and yelling in Chinese: "Damn Momo, your husband loves you so much, what's wrong with you coming out to work?!"

"You are also Chinese, you should know the saying-" MoMo's expression immediately became extremely innocent, and his voice was a bit miserable.

Xia Yunzhen froze: "What?!"

"Married women save their private property, I'm earning my private money hey, am I wrong?!"

Don't hide if you have the ability, I must beat you, this little pig head, otherwise, or I will be with you Mo!"

Mo Mo hid in the arms of Na Ze laughing wildly: "Ha ha, well, well, come on, come on! But you are mistaken oh, I am not Mo, what is my last name you must not guess ......"

"Mountain," Pei Di, who had been silent as a puppet and unresponsive even when Ethel threw her hands away, suddenly interjected unconsciously, staring shakily at his hands as if he didn't know what he was saying, "Mountain, it's Mountain... ..."

The murmured words made MoMo, who had been ignoring him, stand up in a panic, her clear face filled with disbelief, he said her surname was Shan, he knew her surname was Shan? Since the death of her parents, except for the director of the orphanage, she had never told, never told any one! "What did you say, say it again?!"

"Mountain, mountain spirit," Pei Di slowly raised his head, long stare at a shocked Mo Mo, eyes from confusion to scrutiny to sobriety, as if to see her whole person through, just when Mo Mo felt that she was about to be stared out of all the holes, Pei Di pale face suddenly raised a smile, that is a smudge of emitting a long-awaited reunion glow Then, he opened and closed his mouth, with a very calm but still trembling voice, slowly spit out, word by word so hard so heartfelt, "mountain stranger, mountain stranger, mountain Fang Du Ruo, female Luo Manchuan ...... Mo Mo, in the ten years I forgot you, could it be, you also forgot me? "

Looking at the pair of deep love eyes, Mo Mo tightly bite their lips, tears but can not stop falling, another ten years?! But, "And who are you?!"

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