Marry a Vampire

Chapter 17: Cinderella's pugnacious version (III)

"Sir, may I ask what you would like to drink, wine or coffee?" Mo Mo raised her 'professional' smile, holding the tray in her right hand, looking up at him with a well-behaved face, while her left hand was behind her back, clenching her fist.

Pei Di looked down at the oriental girl near him, suddenly realizing it was no accident that he would find her gaze in the crowd just now, her black eyes shining with a kind of wet haze, when she focused, it would make people feel the illusion of being cared for: "You buy me a drink?"

This person is really feeling good about herself hey! Mo Mo remembered the gang of crazy girls, Milner's threat, and the miserable state of just flopping to the ground, the left hand tightened again, the heart silently recited people for money, the right hand turned the tray in her hand, barely smiling and shaking her head: "No, the banquet serves alcohol."

Pei Di obviously froze for a moment, apparently he had never heard such an unromantic answer, and then, again, reopened the smile, his elf is really different: "Lovely girl, what is your name?"

Momo pursed her lips and looked at him with her glasses wide open, not saying a word, the whole thing was slightly out of breath. Prince Pei Di immediately interpreted Momo's reaction as being overwhelmed by his own initiative to ask, and could not help but say in a soft voice: "Surprised? Me too, it's the first time I have the urge to understand someone."

I was not surprised, I was angry, angry! Mo Mo shouted in his heart, you playboy how dare you say 'first time' to me! However, for the sake of the tip, she took a long breath and endured: "I think you can just call me a waiter, as a waiter handing out drinks to guests is our duty, you have been talking to people, you may want to have a drink to wet your throat."

It was Pei Di's turn to be really surprised, he then noticed the tray Mo Mo had been carrying in her hand, and scanned her neck, which was indeed lightly tied with a rose square scarf. Just now there is also such a dress elementary school girl to talk to him, talking action and other nymphomaniac woman no difference, so that he almost forgot the standard attire of school waiters and their duties. Pei Di into the field for more than an hour but nothing to drink, now there is a fulfillment of duties suddenly appeared, so he could not help but be a little touched, such a girl is really will care about their people ah! Prince Pei Di for his own heart today to meet the goddess and feeling: "Beautiful girl, please allow me to sincerely introduce myself, I am Pei Di-"

MoMo thought he was still trying to latch on to his name and immediately interrupted: "You are Pedi Jan Feld, I know that, so the exchange is not valid and I have the right to refuse to say my name."

While nodding very affirmatively, she replaced the hand holding the tray, thinking that she was not tired of holding it up like this? Raising her head and finding Pei Di staring at herself in a daze, Momo felt that her restraint was about to reach its limit: "Say, do you really don't want to drink something, Sir Pei Di?"

"Oh, good." Pei Di had vaguely felt the anger of the person in front of him, but he had obviously never encountered a similar situation, so there was a partial short circuit in his head.

"Say, what do you want to drink?" Mo Mo continues to be righteous, had she known it was so simple she still went around in such a big circle why, really? It's all because of these high society people, a bunch of salutations and modifiers, a bunch of inflections, talking about people is also so tired!

"Have a glass of orange juice." Pei Di continued in a trance, the girl in front of him looked at him with wide eyes, delicate and innocent, cute.

People really want to be fierce a little better, Mo Mo muttered in his heart, retracted his self-perceived threatening gaze, lowered his head to fetch him a drink: "Here you go."

Pei Di dumbly took the drink, but his glasses did not leave Momo's face. Momo lifted his head with the tray and also looked at him, the two eyes locked, and then skipped away in unison.

"You--" "You--" both spoke at the same time.

Pei Di looked at the girl who swallowed and stammered, suppressing the doubts and delight in his heart, and his princely demeanor resurrected once again: "You speak first."

"You," Momo wanted to instruct this dull-headed nobleman to tip himself in one fell swoop, then thought about it and felt that his service attitude was really not good, "Forget it, I won't ask you for a tip. Do you have anything else?"


Poor Prince Pei Di, probably in this life would never think that someone would be approaching him for a tea tip!

Handsome men and women are always the most popular, and this relatively speechless scene fell into the eyes of others, and has long been reworked into the prelude to countless love stories. The first thing you need to do is to look around at the gloating eyes, Ethel's good-natured mask finally ripped off, Hai Pickups also forget, now even Pei Di also showed a different face to Momo, she glared hard at Momo, fiercely flung the tail of the long pleated skirt, like a proud peacock, stepping on high heels towards the battlefield.

"What are you guys talking about, it seems interesting, can I know?" Ethel blinked her long false eyelashes, sweet and innocent.

We did not discuss anything, MoMo sighed in his heart, this should talk not to say, should not talk bubbling up, look at the situation themselves is to go or not to go?!

Pei Di's face seemed not good to Ethel's appearance, after a while, before interfacing: "In fetching drinks."

Ethel looked at the drink in his hand and immediately smiled, tilting her head on Pei Di's shoulder: "Oh my, Pei Di, it's orange juice, I love you!"

Pei Di obviously turned sideways, but Ethel pretended to know nothing and still leaned on him peacefully.

"In that case, please enjoy your meal, sir and miss, and allow me to entertain the other guests." Seeing this, the corner of MoMo's mouth tugged, a smile of sorts, and was about to turn around and leave when the two people in front of him spoke at the same time.

"Wait a minute -"

"Wait a minute -"

MoMo only had to stop in her tracks: "Excuse me, do you need any more services?"

Pei Di heart of a hundred different feelings, although the first meeting, but this girl does not know the name has begun to touch his heart, but now show affection, seems to feel less sincere, especially in the presence of a female companion, for a moment, he did not know how to speak.

He was still hesitating, but Ethel beside him opened her mouth briskly: "Please give me a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, not more than a quarter of an hour, the color of this glass has turned dark, please go to another glass."

Her eyes were written with smugness, malicious with bragging smugness, angry MoMo teeth clenched, this woman she finally recognized, so it was the peacock of the dance department, Haizi ran after herself, she ran after Haizi, the two looked at themselves every day like the spirit behind. But now what is this situation, she changed the target, so, they should also follow to change? How under the sky there are so self-righteous woman, like something prefer to impose others like then also not allowed to like on, aim drop, twisted synonym - pervert!

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