Marry a Vampire

Chapter 159: Grand Finale of Magnificent Battle (V)

The mother of the daughter will have her mother, Momo's mother nodded without objection: "Good, I hope we can make it in time, your father just asked how much to cook, can not do less!"

"It's okay, I'm not hungry anyway," MoMo took the handkerchief handed over by her mother and wiped her face, "Mom, Naze has changed, you know?"

"Well, feel it-"

"Then I'm pregnant, do you feel it?" Momo pulled her own mother's hand to pamper her.

"I counted the days long ago," Mo's mother nodded her nose, "You think mommy is as confused as you are!"


"Snapped" a figure fell down violently, Mo Mo scared reflexively jumped up, and hurriedly looked at the person who landed, blood gushing between, occasionally floating black hair, and silver-white clothes floating in the water.

Silver and white?!

"Naazawa?!" Mo Mo the whole person completely blinded, palms cold, trying to suppress the trembling, eyes unblinking stare there, but mouth after mouth shouted behind his mother, "Mom, mom, ooo, mom, ooo, save ......"

Mo's mother patted her shoulder: "Don't be afraid, don't cry, it's okay, it's okay--"

"Mom, woo woo ......" Mo Mo subconsciously shouted, but her feet were one step higher and one step lower toward the figure, the faster she walked, half trotted and rushed toward the figure, forgetting that she could fly ......

Suddenly, she felt someone behind her hold her waist, gently held up, the next second has been vacated, backward away.

"Mom, you let go of me," Momo closed her eyes, hands and kicks, trying to break free, "let me go, let go of-"

"Momo, Momo," the man behind her called out softly, taking her into his arms, "It's me ......"

"Naze?!" Mo Mo turned around quickly, looking at the person in front of her in shock, and then turned to look at the blood, "You-"

Na Ze inexorably pouted, gesturing for her to look, Mo Mo followed his gaze and found that his left sleeve had disappeared and there was a bloody mark on his arm, apparently cut by the Holy Spirit.

"He cut my sleeve and just brought it down by accident." Naze dotingly rubbed her forehead, "Are you scared?"

"Mmm." Mo Mo pouted in aggravation, a little embarrassed to dry the tears in the corner of her eyes.

"Serves you right, who made you have no confidence in your husband?" Naze's expression looked very indebted.

The original MoMo, who was heartily checking his arm injury, immediately raised his head without good grace and glared at him, extending his hand to make a pose to hit him, NaZe immediately cooperated by begging for mercy, but his face was a gentle smile, just now MoMo's bloodless face, also scared him.

Mo mother in the back looking at the young couple, and looked at the sea of blood fainted over the Holy Spirit, thought about it, or think they do not intervene in the good, her old man floating up, reaching out to try to pat Na Zee, Na Zee but reflexively dodged away.

"Well, the strength has increased greatly," Mo's mother is still very satisfied with this son-in-law, and not angry, smiling at him, "that Holy Spirit you intend to deal with? You won't be able to kill him-"

"Why can't Naze kill him?" MoMo beamed in a very uneven manner, "Although it is said that gods are immortal, but shouldn't he be punished by heaven for doing so much evil like him?"

"His case is a little special," Naze explained softly, "God is a trinity."

"Trinity, isn't that three doppelgangers? What," Momo crossed her arms in anger, "if the bilocation is at fault, it doesn't count as his part?"

"It's not like that," Mo's mother patted her emotional daughter and explained with amusement, "His bilocation is special, Jehovah represents his divine personality, Jesus represents his personality, and the Holy Spirit represents his demonic personality- "

"That is to say, what messy bad thoughts and dark side of God are concentrated in the Holy Spirit? Momo sighed long and hard, "Then why can't we get rid of him?"

"Because there is light and there is shadow, whether God or man, there will be a dark side, get rid of it, he will still be breeding, it's that simple," Momo shook her head and looked at the Holy Spirit floating in the sea of blood, "Yahweh will not stop breeding the magic frame in order to ensure his so-called absolute fairness. "

"There is no absolute fairness in the world, fraternity is actually ruthlessness," Naze said softly, "Maybe he has expected all this and just wants to lend my hand to help him suppress it."

"You mean, we are being counted by Jehovah again?!"

"Yes, girl, I think, it's so!" Mo's mother did not pity her daughter at all and let her face be stretched out, but looked at Na Ze with a deep meaning.

Na Ze crossed Mo Mo's head and smiled lightly at Mo mama without saying anything, Mo mama sighed, shook her head and looked at her heartless daughter with slight reproach.

What's going on behind her, of course, she doesn't know, and is still gesturing at the chopping posture to express her dissatisfaction: "Not cool!"

Naze hands whispered an incantation, golden light suddenly rose, the floating Holy Spirit in the sea of blood was instantly squeezed by the surrounding blood-colored mountains, buried alive, leaving only the blood-colored foam and occasional ripples.

"Is that cool yet?" Naze patted her head, "He can't even move from now on oh!"

"Still not cool! Not cool!"

"Oh, in that case, we'll let little Lucifer specialize in harassing Jehovah and Jesus from now on, okay?!"

"Well, that's for sure!" Momo nodded rightfully.

"Okay, let's go!" Mo's mother sighed and wrapped her arms around her daughter, pinching a spirit, "Where are we going first, to your father's for dinner first?"

"No, mom, I'd better go back to see the baby, by the way, Na Zee's adoptive parents are also there," Mo Mo took her hand, "mom go together!"

What else can Mo's mother say? "Okay--"

"Then let's go!" Standing behind them, Naze smiled gently, his hand raised a golden mane, summoning the Devil King Hall, the milky white door instantly opened, the three figures did not enter it, the next second, the surrounding area returned to silence, leaving only the sea of blood in the continued silent churning.

The dim sky looked pale, but the dead sea of blood gradually regained its vitality, and the fierce spirits that had just hidden somewhere soundlessly began to drift again, except for a very few souls that had an extra hint of green in their bodies, other than that, nothing seemed to have changed.

"Wow!" A wave of blood rolled up from the sea of blood without warning, the place where the Holy Spirit was knocked down just now surprisingly a figure sat up, his silver-white robe looked out of place with the surroundings, he looked leisurely at the surrounding scenery, the corners of his mouth raised a gentle smile.

And the Holy Spirit, who had been pretending to be unconscious, also opened his eyes, although he could not move, but this did not affect him to flirt with others: "What an honor to go out of your way to watch for me! Lucifer-sama!"

"Oh, thanks!" He responded carelessly.

"It's incomprehensible," the Holy Spirit's mouth chanted, his voice small and loud in the wind and waves, "for the sake of a woman ......"

Yes, for a woman huh!

He opened his five fingers, blood through his fingers, after the golden glow, everything turned into transparent, pure as her smile in his heart ......

Momo, little fool, you know what?

There are two of me in the world, one, always with you, the other, always guarding you, so this time, you will definitely be happy, right?


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