Marry a Vampire

Chapter 15: Cinderella's pugnacious version (I)

Friday, finally, came late amidst everyone's expectations.

Mo Mo thought that the campus dinner would only be held in the gymnasium or the conference hall, but I never thought that the organizers would have chosen the abandoned backyard of the school, where there was only a small pool that never flowed, an overgrown lawn and a small chapel with a crooked cross for some unknown purpose, which was rarely crowded.

However, the art world lived up to its reputation of elegance and fervor. In just five days, they built a world of ice and snow with amazing speed and conception, a domed castle made of ice, an airy loft made of snow, frosted white marble to make the crystal and snow white intertwine; the chapel was painted with scenes of Greek mythology by the art students, and the off-white walls seemed to give it a convincing history; the occasional playing of Even the small puddle of water that has never flowed before is like a miniature of the sea at this time, adding to the charm of the night sky. Let Momo, a guy with little environmental perception, finally experienced the charm of art.

Perhaps the pursuit of beauty and individuality is the law of this art campus, the organizers did not even require the student waiters to wear a uniform, but simply a white dress, in addition to a square scarf embroidered with red roses for everyone to wear for identification when serving.

Mo Mo pulled the body of the long skirt, a thin layer, ice and snow world, but do not feel cold at all. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. Momo was dumbfounded.

She looked like an idiot! Mo Mo wailed in his heart, thinking about it, but also know that Naze that non-human, if he wants to know anything, he certainly can not hide. However, the problem is not very serious, little strong Momo in the heart to comfort themselves, anyway, hidden from him part-time job is not the point, buy him a gift is the point, so, this action is not a failure.

The more you think about it, the more it makes sense MoMo, nodded heavily and waved his hand violently to the sky, the small universe exploded it, resurrection, resurrection!

"This student, do you have any other comments?" The teacher who was doing etiquette instruction with the waiters poked her head out from the front and asked cordially.

"No, no ......" Mo Mo, who had returned from her own spiritual world, lowered her head in embarrassment.

"Chinese girls are always so cute," the teacher obviously misunderstood Momo's shyness, "you can ask questions now, don't be nervous."

Can you ask any question? MoMo, who wanted to shake her head again, suddenly had a heartbeat: "Will the guests tip us today?"

There was a snicker from around the room, and Milner tugged her sleeve. Momo scratched her head, looked around, still didn't know the answer, and turned to the teacher with innocent eyes. The teacher only had to reply, "All the guests here today are from high society, so if they appreciate your service very much, of course they will."

Mo Mo heard her say that, glasses squinted into a crescent smile, the teacher who originally wanted to continue to say something big was also made by her naive demeanor can not bear to continue. This student she still likes very much, good looks and good grades and well-behaved and obedient children in the current era of the pursuit of individuality has been rare. The teacher of jewelry design is an insider, Momo's clothes are extremely simple but the material is never seen before, the silk buckle used to fix the scarf on the neck is clearly from the Belgian ALVA company's masterpiece, the emerald diamond in the middle is rare, such a student is willing to work, I believe she knows more than anyone else the process of making money is more important than the money itself!

Is that really the case?

Momo proved with her actions how much she cares about the money itself! For a whole hour, she didn't care about the high heels she put on for the first time, and scurried around the room with a smile that she thought was very professional but in fact was incredibly cute and hopeful. Many older customers will smile when they see such a straightforward and peculiar elementary school girl and put some money on her tray. Guests who did not bring cash would also put other things, such as pens or crystal cufflinks, but these were returned by Mo Mo smiling, saying that things are too expensive, I can not accept; heart shouting that these things she has more than enough at home, she lacks is MONEY!

From the beginning to the end of the stiff Milner finally survived the shift, immediately dragged the exuberant Momo straight to the service area, oh my God, this money grabbing crazy girl, simply let her partner disgrace!

"Oh, Milner, you gently, and why are you walking so fast, I just saw a customer waving to us!" Now in Momo's eyes, all the guests are equal to money.

"You give me a little more, please!" Myrna felt like she was going crazy, usually didn't think Momo loved money so much ah, those handsome guys which are not holding a lot of silver in pursuit of her, she did not even shake, is it too little money, is it fake noble?

Myrna you guessed right, God replied, but it is clear that Momo, the little devil who is in bed with the vampires, is not under his control, so he can't help.

"What's wrong with me?" Momo was innocent.

"How can you, how can you take so many tips!" Milner has been immune to her face, because Momo no matter what he has done is this expression, there is a good song ah, "you look innocent does not mean you are ignorant", dead Momo, you pretend to me again, you think her Chinese song is for nothing?

As a matter of fact, seeing that this trick could not pass, Momo began to lay out the facts and reasoning: "The teacher said that if the guests give it of their own accord, we can take it. As you can see, they gave it to me, I didn't ask them for it!

Milner couldn't catch his breath: "You have 'I want money' written all over your body! If you had a tail, you'd be wagging it!"

It seems that he has never had a dog before, and MoMo, who grew up taking in stray dogs at the orphanage, retorted in his heart that the ultimate killing technique of dogs is actually to bite their tails and play in circles! However, she did not dare to debate this issue with the mad Milner, the most important thing now is to accompany the smile: "Milner, you do not get angry! We are working to earn money, and the guests are not disgusted, so it should not matter. Besides, if we earn more this time, you won't have to work part-time before the exam, so you can have time to study more, right?"

The two of them are the same as the two of them, but the two of them are the same as the two of them, but the two of them are the same as the two of them, but the two of them are the same as the two of them, but the two of them are the same as the two of them, but the two of them are the same as the two of them, but the two of them are the same as the two of them. Milner was a little relieved that it was her own too much emphasis on the so-called self-esteem: "Momo, thank you!"

Just yelling at her, and now saying thank you? Looking at a sincere and moved Milner, straight thinking MoMo rubbed his nose and divided this deep problem into the wonders of the cultural differences between the East and the West: "It's okay, we Chinese have to learn ** from a young age!"

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