Marry a Vampire

Chapter 14 As if returning to earth

From the hot summer to the cool autumn, the days passed in a flash, and MoMo's English level has also made great progress, there is no way, if you have to deal with this kind of gibberish in eating, sleeping and even going to the toilet, it is difficult not to learn well. But Mo Mo is still at a loss for the entrance exam, she studied computer in China, she also tried to find related books to read, but unfortunately, has passed the Microsoft era of the computer industry for the half-witted Mo Mo is so unfamiliar.

But even so, Naazawa did not seem to worry at all, but in the autumn when school started, handed her a copy of the "Royal College of Art" entrance examination notice, angry Mo Mo straight rolled her eyes, God knows where her art cells! Growing up in an orphanage, she had no opportunity to learn a musical instrument; as for drawing, her level was simply stuck in the kindergarten bird drawing stage. What, you say there are other categories of art, I'm sorry, she doesn't know!

On the day of the exam, Momo was barely prepared to stay in the classroom until the end of the exam because of the nice campus environment. The teacher asked her to draw something on the canvas, and when she asked what she needed to draw, he gave her a mysterious smile and told her to experience the mystery of life with her heart. Momo felt that he was quite mysterious, but thinking that foreign universities always test some messy things, she did not take it seriously, thinking it was just an intelligence test or something, so she took something like gouache and casually scribbled some. Later, when she saw that everyone was looking seriously prepared for the exam, Mo Mo had to change her drawing of a bird to a bat to show how hard she had worked.

Ten days later, she learned in the newspaper that she had been accepted. The reason was simple: her work was appreciated as a very historically penetrating masterpiece that blended elements of art and industrial design because it was too affirmed by her teacher, and she was directly recommended to the relevant art competition, and then won the championship in one fell swoop!

MoMo initially thought that NaZe had done it, but who knows, NaZe also had an unbelievable look on his face and innocently claimed that his connections had not yet started to move. So, Momo had to sigh: art, aiming at the mysterious; the world, aiming at the crazy!

After three months of dealing with the Bloods every day, Momo finally returned to human society, but left a legacy: it wasn't until a month after school started that she began to believe that the most numerous people on Earth were humans; it took another three months before she changed her bad habit of looking into the darkest corners without moving, after finding dead rats several times.

The initial novelty and discomfort had passed, and Momo's leisurely college life had begun. She liked nothing better than afternoon tea in England, with its unique drinks and exquisite snacks.

"Momo, that piano prince from the music department, Hay Picketts, is chasing you, why are you ignoring him?" Momo's new best friend, Myrna from Sweden, asked Momo, who was sitting on the sidelines, propping up her two hands.

Momo's eyes moved from the window to her side, sighed, and lowered her head to take a sip of milk: "I've told you many times, I'm married."

"What does your husband do?" Marla at the next table suddenly turned to ask, she was known as the school's mobile sounding board and naturally would not miss the opportunity to gather gossip.

"Freelance." Mo Mo looked up at her, said slowly, his own boss is freelance right, very free oh!

"That feeds you very hard, right?" Penelope from Greece blinked her long eyelashes and asked softly, sympathy and worry written all over her face.

"Uh, yeah." It's pretty hard to have to feed all the Bloods, Momo finished the last sip of milk and started to spin the cup.

"Look at you so good, so beautiful, how can you just find someone to marry, you married so early, should not be for the permanent residency in the UK, right?! As long as you get into the Royal College of Art, the visa is not easy, you are such a fool!" The other side of sitting MoMo XiaYunZhen said indignantly, she and MoMo like from China, always feel to protect this little sister, in fact, the reality of age is MoMo is older, of course the heart age, well, more difficult to calculate.

"I do not know ......" MoMo for XiaYunZhen's anger some helpless, she also do not know how she married it, what have forgotten the people really poor.

Xia Yunzhen found Mo Mo wrinkling her nose like a puppy, and immediately felt that she was too cruel after the horse, and quickly reached out to pat her head: "Well, well, don't be sad, poor Mo Mo, we Chinese to the outside is too simple. If only I had met you earlier, how wonderful!"

"Actually, it's okay!" The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The people around you see Mo Mo in a depressed mood, it is not good to continue to ask questions, so they change the topic to talk about other things. Mo Mo was spinning the cup in her hand, while listening to the girls' conversation.

After a while, Mara finished answering a phone call and suddenly stood on the adjacent table and screamed: "Ah ah ah ah ~ our school dinner on Friday!"

"Really, really?!" All the girls got excited, the art school had many world-renowned distinguished alumni, it would be a great honor to be introduced and appreciated by them.

"Oh my god, what should I wear to go?"

"Ah, I'll have to save money for cosmetics again this month!"

"I want to lose weight, I want to lose weight!"

The girls were in an uproar, everyone's face excited and unsure of what to do, as if the main character was them. Momo rolled her eyes, ready to end her afternoon tea time, but was pulled by Milna beside her: "Momo, let's go too!"

"Sorry, Myrna, I don't have time." MoMo politely refused her, she was not interested in that kind of party, and meeting celebrities would not make her get a few more points in her exams, what bothered her most now was the damn final exams, the reason why miracles are called miracles is not cheap enough to appear twice, she did not dare to hope that the teacher would look away once again.

"I'm not shouting at you to go to the banquet," Myrna blushed, glanced around and whispered, "I think the banquet may need a lot of emcees and waiters, I, I want you to go to work with me. You know, my family is not too good, and you, you should need money more too, right?"

MoMo heard her say so, suddenly heart moved, although she has many cards around, but they are all given to her by NaZe, she also has her own small mind, soon to be Christmas, always not to take his money to buy him gifts, so how strange, earn some money by yourself, it is not about how much, all is the intention is not it!

In that case, "Okay, I'll go with you!" Mo Mo is full of pride, metaphysical style big scene have seen, a small school banquet, there is nothing to be afraid of!

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