Marry a Vampire

Chapter 12: MoMo who fought against the demons with his tongue (II)

Silence, silence, apparently everyone had forgotten that this honorable lady was none other than a human.

Half a while later, a member of the senatorial council on the left side elegantly owed his body, seemingly apologizing for what he had just said, but with a very arrogant demeanor: "Madam, I apologize for some of the remarks I made earlier. But please allow me to remind you to be mindful of your status, you are able to sit here not because you are human, but because you have given birth to an heir for our blood race."

Naazawa heard his words and was about to chide him, but Momo put his hand over his mouth. He gazed worriedly at Momo, who gave him a reassuring look and stood up, taking a deep breath: "Very well, thank you for the council elder's reminder, I will take care of my status, but I would like to ask you, in your eyes, why are humans inferior?"

"I am glad you are interested in this question, madam, and I am very honored to be able to answer this inevitable confusion with a human like you, first of all, allow me to introduce myself, I am Adonis#8226;Cruise#8226;Toreador, from Belgium, a very good painter- -"

"Stop!" Momo than a gesture, very unhelpful, "talk to the point, this is not an art seminar, I am not interested in your career in the arts, OK?" really, make even the atmosphere of a quarrel!

"Uh," the council elder Adonis #8226; Cruz #8226; Toreador obviously did not expect Momo will suddenly interrupt his aristocratic statement, only to reorganize the language, "in fact, we do not use the length of life to measure nobility, we noble blood is not so superficial. The real distinction between noble and inferior comes from within, we bloods, except for certain negligible branches, are noble and artists, with extremely elegant sentiments, we love the magnificent life given to us by the dark night, we -"

"Excuse me, how did you get here from Belgium?" Momo interrupted him once more without knowing what he was saying.


"My dear Elder, did you come here by plane, or did you turn into a bat and fly here with two small wings like a sparrow?" Momo was in hot pursuit.

"?!" Adonis#8226;Cruise#8226;Toretto could not figure out the reason she asked this question, but had to say with a red face, "By plane, by plane."

"Very well, then, I ask you again, do you call, do you wear clothes, do you live in a house?!" Momo hands propped up on the desktop gritted his teeth and said, "Do not tell me that you never enjoy the civilization brought by humans!"

Adonis#8226;Cruz#8226;Toretto was momentarily stunned, and the patriarch immediately to the left of Naze, apparently their leader, immediately came out to round up the situation: "Noble lady, I think these are two things. We bloods were born with supernatural powers, while the weak humans invented the technological civilization-"

"The weak humans suffer because of your supernatural abilities, while the powerful you enjoy their civilization at the same time!" Momo immediately sneered back, "Do you know why the first commandment of your blood race is 'shun the world'?!"

The crowd looked up at Momo, who slapped the table and sneered, "You don't even know? Very well, I tell you, because, humans will live well without you, while you, all of you, will not survive!"

All the Bloods seemed unable to accept this conclusion, and for a while the whole conference hall was dead silent.

Seemingly after half a century, "snap", "snap" Naazawa suddenly began to clap his hands, the corners of his mouth held a smile, as if very satisfied with the appearance of the blood clan suffered a blow: "In fact, this is exactly what I have been trying to let everyone I can even say a more absolute words, without humans, the blood race would not exist, except for me, we were all humans, right?"

"But the humans have been slaughtering us-" The suits on the right seemed to have trouble accepting it.

"But have you not retaliated? Have you not drunk human blood?" Momo immediately interjected.

Once again, the whole room was silent.

Momo turned his head to look at Naze and found him looking at himself with encouraging eyes: "I am not saying this in the naive hope that blood and humans can get along amicably, each human each blood's thoughts are different and feelings will vary from person to person, plus, thousands of years of conflict is not so easy to resolve. But no matter day and night, we are all living together on Earth, at least should reduce unnecessary conflicts, should cooperate, no?"

"How should we cooperate?" The elder on the right asked hesitantly.

"You are working for cooperation right now, aren't you? You guys are avoiding the world, making money through legal channels, and consuming blood from the blood bank uniformly... Wait a minute, where does the blood from your blood bank come from?" Momo suddenly remembered a very crucial question.

"Of course it is purchased, otherwise we do not need to think about making money every day, because the blood race is the most numerous intelligent race other than humans, which is really a huge expense. We open banks, securities, fashion companies, almost every industry," said Naze wryly, "You know, when we freak out, we really want to steal the drawings or business plans of our peers and so on, huh, the Noferer clan will be stealthy powers of not a few, steal up not too difficult."

"So that's how it is," Momo smiled happily, "this is good, not at all like I thought, so the blood clan has been so institutionalized."

"There are still some clansmen in the Demon Party who do not comply," Naazawa frowned, smiling a bit tiredly, "not everyone follows the system, this is the same for Bloods and humans."

MoMo some heartache under the table to hold his hand, wordless comfort and support, NaZe gently reverse grip.

The few elders on the left saw that the time for incitement had gone and passed glances to each other, and the remaining red-clad elder who hadn't spoken coughed low before speaking slowly, "Your Highness Vanjo."

"Elder Berger," Naze turned to him and nodded gently in a kind manner, "I am surprised that you are sitting here, may I know the reason?"

"As a matter of fact, I am very much in favor of Your Highness's policy of living in peace with humans, and I am very satisfied with the changes in the blood race in the last hundred years." Elder Berger clearly wanted to play the role of an older, more mature elder, "I am sitting here today, just on the matter, what I disapprove of is this company's online game bill that you are currently presiding over. It goes against the commandment of the Bloods to avoid the world, a commandment that I think you know very well, Your Highness, it was proposed by your father, His Royal Highness, the former Prince, and you should enforce it better than anyone else."

"Why does the online game motion contradict with shunning?" Momo asked curiously, "Is it because of the use of blood powers? Can't you not use it?"

The one on the right wearing a suit and apparently a company technician got up and said, "Mrs. Momo, I think I can briefly explain to you that the technology of the virtual online game is not mature at the moment, and the company, like other human companies, has tried to seek progress from the technology, but without success."

"So, what kind of technology do you use?" Something suddenly flashed through Momo's mind.

"Seeking a safe way to stimulate the brain nerves to achieve some sort of anesthetic effect, which in turn feeds into the illusion programmed into the computer." The technician explained to MoMo in as layman's terms as possible.

"This method should be very unsafe, stimulating the brain nerve, should be very easy to make people become stupid, right?" Momo asked rhetorically.


Stimulation is for perception! MoMo's mind suddenly thought of a feasible direction: wireless network sensing, ten years ago it could only be used for cultivation, ten years later it should have developed a lot! "Why do you want to stimulate the brain nerves, why don't you think about letting the rest of the human body directly obtain analog perception wouldn't it be safer and easier to operate!"

"What do you mean?" The staff in suits on the right suddenly all got excited, even Na Zee who was sitting beside her tilted her head and looked at her with eyes full of hope and excitement.

Mo Mo looked as if everyone was pinning their hopes on her, and suddenly hesitated: "Uh, that, I just thought of it, I don't know if you've heard of 'wireless network sensing' technology, which can collect the object's perception through the server and process the information feedback, and then acting on the object, so as to achieve adjustment and balance-"

"Oh, Momo, you are out of my expectation," Naazawa violently pulled her into his arms before he could hear her out and kissed her forehead excitedly, "God, you are great!"

Mo Mo looked at the right side of the people are showing a look of joy and open-mindedness, know that their own advice is right, can not help but admire themselves, as if that virtual online game is she developed, full of self-congratulation hiding in the arms of the Na Zed he hei hei, forgetting that their own knowledge of the so-called wireless network sensor technology is only in the future of the science magazine imagination ... ... ...

When she came back from her complacency, Momo found herself sitting in Naze's car, holding the baby in her hands as she prepared to go home. At that time she remembered that Na Zee kissed her several times in front of so many people, oooh, it was so, so humiliating!

Note: Wireless network sensing technology, not a fabrication, was is a research topic of A Jiu, now can be used in medical, forest fire prevention and kind of occupation, of course, with the application to the virtual online game is still a long way off. However, if one day this world really has a virtual online game, I personally think this should be an indispensable application, than the direct stimulation of the human brain sensing to be much safer, huh o(∩_∩)o.

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