Marry a Vampire

Chapter 100: May I eat you (V)

MoMo froze for a moment: "Ask who, ask the prey to be hunted?"

"Well, it's a kind of respect." The White Lady nodded tenderly, not like a joke.


"Yes, respect, respect for life, respect for food, respect for all beings," the White Lady landed on the ground and walked toward Momo, moving between steps, the cheongsam changed into a light green vegetarian robe, "Of course, asking this, is also a distinction, if there are already cultivated spiritual birds and animals, using the celestial language to ask, it is able to understand, naturally will shake his head and continue his own cultivation. If it does not have spirituality, it depends on chance, reincarnation, is also the fate of the underworld."

Mo Mo nodded as if he understood, and suddenly shook his head again, very panicked: "But, wouldn't that be unfair to those ordinary animals, Aunt Bai, why don't we just eat vegetarian!"

"Momo you so wrong, who told you that grass and trees should not be respected, so that, lock cui sister me, you also dare to eat it!" Lock Cui a vertical, also swung over.

"I, I do not mean that, I just, just -" Mo Mo heard Lock Cui said so, suddenly feel more shallow, sarcastically climbed out of the sedan chair has stopped, or a sentence did not hold out, if you say you do not eat anything, it seems even more impossible.

"MoMo, it seems that you have not understood the meaning of equality of all beings. All beings bumble and cycle, killing is not a fault, if you catch and kill a prey, it can't appear and grow out of thin air, it will also eat, right?"

"But if I kill it-"

"You saved its food," the White Lady raised her hand to touch Mo Mo's head, smiling gently, "silly child, you ah, what things are always not yet thought through, and began to suffer, I thought you have changed a lot, alas!"

Mo Mo turned to look away from the boundless woodland, as if trying to see through something: "I do not understand, you said I can understand, but I still do not understand, why we kill, eat, but no fault at all?"

"We eat because we are hungry, because we want to live, we must eat, food allows us to live, so we should respect food, can eat, but never waste, not abuse. Does Momo think that it's actually not fair, why should we choose to live and let each other choose to die?"

"Mm!" Momo nodded her head.

"Sometimes there is no absolute fairness in the world, but it is always balanced. We are also the same as other people's food is not it, those in the eyes of the world so-called demons and monsters, they are not necessarily really evil, the reason why they eat people, in their eyes, because humans are food." The White Lady smiled and said, "Many creatures in the Kunlun world are actually cannibalistic-"

"Ah!" Momo was so scared that she hid behind Naze.

"There is no need to be afraid, master." The red panther quickly teleported to her side.

"I'm not scared, I'm just hiding behind, uh, good ride -" MoMo swallowed, a little embarrassed, in fact, she has understood the meaning of the White Lady, heard said cannibalism scared, just instinctive reaction," Oh, I know what is the equality of all beings, hold a grateful heart, treat food, live well, try to make yourself witty and brave, well, but also to make yourself awesome, when faced with a powerful being, not afraid, not to mention the need to resent anything, bravely answer the battle, it can choose to live, I can choose the same, right?!"

"Mo Mo's enlightenment is very high," the White Lady nodded in satisfaction, turned her head to look at the lazy lazy leaning in the arms of Yun Zhao Ying's own daughter, a confused look, but also can only sigh, "Ling'er, turn back for mother's words just now, say it again to your master, can you remember? "

Ling'er heard the White Lady called her name, it was a jump, listened to her instructions, did not dare to ask, nodded: "Yes, mother."

Only Yun Zhaoying understood the meaning of the White Niangzi, which is lamented that Ling'er enlightenment is not high, no immortal fate. His throat knot twitched, wanting to ask whether Ling'er is suitable for the origin cultivation, think about it and give up, he has been raising Ling'er as a human, winter not even less than one piece of clothing, now let her eat hair and drink blood, how can he give up.

However, to say that the people present, who has the highest enlightenment, it is not the turn of Momo, Na Zee from the White Lady said that all beings are equal, consciousness began to be uncontrolled, never heard the chant surfaced in the mind, so familiar. Accompanied by the whole person into a strange realm, he obviously people are still standing here, listening to them talking, but it is as if there is another self, looking down in space, a moment calmly watching everything, a moment, see all the images are bizarrely distorted.

After listening to the White Lady teaching Mo Mo, a little hunting mind is gone, although still very hungry, still want to eat, but let her run to ask the cute little animals, can not eat, she can not do it anyway. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The red leopard looked at its master with a look of gnashing teeth and swearing, cautiously asked: "MoMo little master, please, are you still going to go hunting?"

"Ah," MoMo came back to his senses, "No more, hehe, let's just teleport to the bazaar to eat, it's the fastest, oh hehehe! Where is Ling'er?"

Ling'er has only been named by the White Lady, naturally not dare to be arrogant: "I also go to the bazaar to eat well."

"Then okay, Na Zee, we go to the bazaar, you take me oh!" MoMo smoothly patted NaZe's shoulder from behind, but found that NaZe did not respond, but little Lucius Phil holding the bottle, grinning happily, not yet swallowed milk, but also unsuspectingly flowed out along the corners of the mouth.

Mo Mo jumped up from the back, no way, Naze is taller than her a full twenty centimeters, hooked her husband's neck, reached out with his hand to wipe the little Lucifer's mouth, at this time, Naze just woke up like a handkerchief from the space pocket, to help the little one wipe the lapel, and turned to help Mo Mo wipe his hands.

Momo obediently stretched out his hand, but his mouth muttered: "early what went, just called you, you ignore me!"

"Well, just thinking about some things."

"Thinking about what?" MoMo's eyes widened with gossip.

"To be exact, I remembered something from the past, but it's a bit blurry," Naazawa paused and lifted his head towards Momo with a gentle smile, "Momo, I suddenly feel as if, I've also lost my memory- "

"Ah, no?!"

Na Ze stared at her, but did not speak, with a faint sadness in his eyes.


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