Marry a Vampire

Marry a Vampire

Author:jiu sui he
Chapters:160 | 3.2


Ten years of sleep, when I woke up I found that I had an extra handsome and golden vampire husband ...... But why did I forget everything in the past? Who will tell me what happened in the past ten years? In the sunken history of love, am I a princess living in an ivory tower or a Cinderella who left her crystal shoes behind? Bookmates group 8907551 [come on, married to a vampire] (full) Bookmates group 40943092 [ow, married to a vampire] (full) Bookmates group 52844140 [silver heart, married to a vampire], new group, welcome to visit Oh ~ ************* I am the lovely divider ************************** **** recommended "immortal little daughter-in-law" through married to do immortal daughter-in-law! Loved for no reason by a fancy boy - "Moe's Campus"!

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