Love robbery this thing I have something to say

Love robbery this thing I have something to say

Author:lu jiang shan chuan yue
Chapters:20 | 0.0


[irritable mouth suspicious body straight strange power female sword god x stoic crazy batch fox right way leader beauty] *The male lead is really crazy beauty strong miserable a little sickly The world knows that although the Cangcheng gatekeeper Fang Chu looks mediocre, but wins in natural talent, at a young age has become the leader of a lineage of the righteous, to be admired by millions. But he married an ugly wife, it is said that not only is the birth of ugly, all up and down actually half of the cultivation is not. Even if he himself is extremely respectful of his wife, but can not help but the master is busy with things all day long, coupled with the malicious rumors of malicious people outside, ugly wife finally killed herself, swiftly died in Fang Chu to defend the beast tide that day. --The day that Fang Chu fought against the beast tide. Xu Mian struggled to climb up to the reincarnation pool, I thought a forgetfulness pills down This black history of the general calamity should be over, which know ascension ceremony is not, the emperor Feng Yang up is a clean up and go down, and said "you love calamity is not finished, do not rush back"? What? Xu Mian asked to know, it turned out to be her scenery, the righteous leader of the Taoist couple crazy. It was said that he was going to destroy all three worlds to bury her with him. What can she do, she can only curse and go to catch people. -- At the beginning about the death of his lover, Fang Chu looked for many reasons In the end, she found out that she was at fault and that he was the biggest murderer So Fang Chu made a decision He wanted to help his lover, who had returned, to fulfill a wish - Fang Chu wanted the other party to take his life with his own hands. If she wants him to die, then he has only one wish, which is to keep himself in her heart forever, in whatever form.

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