Leisurely Beast World: Plant Some Fields, Have Some Cubs

Leisurely Beast World: Plant Some Fields, Have Some Cubs

Author:bai tou meng
Chapters:1635 | 3.5


(Finished, recommended new article "Future Beast World: Bought daughter-in-law, no cubs") When she fell into the world of beastmen and was forcibly taken home by a leopard, Bai Yiyi was devastated. The males in this world are all as gorgeous and handsome as flower peacocks, but the females are all ugly and invincible, and the ugly ones are spoiled by the males. She could only be considered a beautiful high school student, but here she became a beautiful beauty, fascinating beast. The most mischievous thing is that this is still a matriarchal society, she does not want to have three husbands and four concubines! The woman is a leopard, a tiger, a poisonous snake, and an eagle. The harem is full of white turnips, she really didn't mean to do it: "Hey hey hey, brother leopard, brother tiger, brother snake and eagle, what are you doing? Don't come over ah!" There are four male protagonists: the young and vigorous leopard, the gloomy and silent snake, the strong and big brother tiger, and the cold and lonely eagle. [Thanks to the book review team for providing book reviews]

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