Lazy World

Lazy World

Author:bu le zuo zhe
Chapters:1 | 4.8


Bai Moyu, the person in charge behind the scenes of the White Stone Group and the gold medalist assassin of the triad organization, once crossed over, does not change her low-key nature, but adds more perverted talent. Before she crossed over, she was a lazy person who was in charge behind the scenes of the first consortium and a gold medalist assassin of the triad organization. After crossing over, she is ridiculously lazy, is a small a big fortress disciple, greatly a collection of fighting qi master, beast tamer, alchemist and other various professions in a genius expert. Bai Yu, the big brother of the fighting master, the relegated immortal-like gentleman, treating people with detachment and courtesy, but only to her care a lot. Bai Yang, the warrior elder brother, gossip king, chatterbox, handling things as he wishes, but only to her heart. The seventh prince, one of the emperor's three favorite prince, outstanding talent, stunning, cold-blooded and ruthless, but only to her helpless. The third prince, the emperor's most favored three prince two, iceberg prince, face palsy handsome man, only to her smile. The fifth prince, the emperor's most favored three prince of the third, the demon man, philandering carrot, the game of the world, but only to her love a life. 。。。。。。 (There are many beautiful men, in turn, mysterious omission.) Male strong female, one-to-one, through the metaphysical fantasy youth pure love novel. Easy no abuse, less heavy, more beautiful men, less beautiful women. (If you feel that the female lead is too strong, the plot is not reasonable enough, rigorous can not stand yy pro look down, please click the red fork in the upper right corner to leave, please do not use a variety of uncivilized language abuse, thank you.)

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