Is President Lu Bankrupt Today?

Is President Lu Bankrupt Today?

Author:ye mian mian
Chapters:1228 | 3.5


[1V1, spoiled text, male and female main body and mind clean, big president entertainment circle + brain hole text] Cenxi as a god of poverty, her performance has always been very good, until ...... one day, Cenxi woke up to find herself into another parallel time and space, turned into a certain unlucky eighteen line actress and a big boss's hidden wife. Suspicious of God's birth, Cenxi lived in the big boss's house, from then on, the big boss began the family way ...... while Cenxi found that her imprisoned divine power was slowly recovering. Could it be that the way for her to go back is to lose all the big boss's family fortune? So, Cenxi began to spend big boss's money like crazy and swipe big boss's card, hoping to return to the gods sooner. But why did the big boss's money go up? And it's going up faster and faster? Her God of Poverty's divine power is about to overwhelm the big boss's speed of riches! This is not scientific! -------------- Lu Jingcheng: ???? Other people marry wives who are prosperous and rich, but I married a wife who is prosperous and broke?

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