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Chapter 90: Night attack in the scheme

Section ninety night attack in the scheme

Section ninety

Li Tian retreated his men and horses thirty miles back, set up camp, buried pots and pans, and sent out scouts to observe the enemy's movements. Although the flying bird people can imperial bird detective, but there are two drawbacks, one is the rainy days, a hundred birds do not fly, they can not do anything, the other is that once the night, a hundred birds return to the forest, but also a blind spot of the flying bird people. If two armies fight at night, they are basically fighting a blind war, who is not clear about the layout of the other side, so this era of army combat rarely fights at night, except for the occasional sneak attack, to really did not happen at night battle examples.

"Brothers, later to attack the enemy camp, to use our speed, no one is allowed to love war. The arrows are wrapped in incendiary material, shoot and run, only outside the camp to shoot inside, do not care whether the shot is accurate or not, as long as they panic. But absolutely not allowed to rush the camp, in addition to send a small group of people to clear their outer scouts, understand!"

"Understood~" the soldiers and generals shouted in unison.

"Shh~ keep it down, for goodness sake, what are you guys doing with such a loud voice." Li Tian was startled, in the mine field tens of thousands of people shouting, that is not a joke, called the enemy scouts heard, it is the same as giving people the alarm.

The night is deep, Li Tian led the team to quietly touch the Yang Sheng camp, the horses' hooves are wrapped in cotton cloth, to prevent the sound. The three camps were very close together, and it seemed like there were patrol soldiers walking back and forth outside the tents.

"Pass down the order, full sprint, shoot and run, action!" At Li Tian's order, more than 40,000 people were not hiding, charging towards the edge of the camp with all their might, and rockets were lit in their hands.

Just then, only to hear 'bam bam bam' a gong sound, three teams rushed out from the three big camps, Li Tian saw a bad, hurriedly shouted: "All retreat, they have an ambush."

Good thing that the human horse race are experts in controlling horses, in a hurry a pull war horse, shoot out the arrows in their hands, turn back and run.

The three teams of the ghost military division Yang Sheng also shot a shower of arrows, but to not much effect. The chase out is also light cavalry, the number of more than 100,000 people and horses, it seems that Yang Sheng is also trying to fast to fast, speed to speed.

The two groups of people one after the other, Yang Sheng's people have been chasing out 70 or 80 miles before stopping, it seems that Li Tian's light cavalry in speed than Yang Sheng's people to be much faster. Yang Sheng's light cavalry saw that they could not catch up any further and immediately ordered a retreat.

Li Tian also ordered to stop the men and horses to stop, the team organized a little, heart felt a little nasty. I went to sneak attack, but Yang Sheng recognized, and sent people to chase out a long way, like chasing rabbits.

"I don't believe he can stay awake all night, tonight and this kid on the consumption. Follow their people, he chased us to run, he ran we chase, he tired we fight, see what he Yang Sheng can do to me." Li Tian relied on the speed of his own people and ordered another run to Yang Sheng's camp.

Li Tian ran back less than 30 miles when suddenly an army appeared on each side and surrounded Li Tian's men in the middle. The light cavalry in front of him also turned their horses around and came after him again.

The ghost army master Yang Sheng used a chain of traps this time, just now he sent 100,000 light cavalry to chase after each other. Only the back of the 100,000 men and horses, stopped halfway, divided into two ways to hide around, the front continued to chase, and when retreating, spare their own men and horses, waiting for Li Tian's men and horses to pass, right in the middle of their ambush.

If this is in the daytime, Yang Sheng army's movement Li Tian can detect clearly. But at night, Li Tian can not do anything, can only rely on their own guesses to judge, this time can fall into Yang Sheng's trap.

"Damn, it's a trap, all listen to the order, charge back, kill a blood road." Li Tian now can only rely on the bravery of this group of six clansmen to fight with the encircling people.

"One thousand people to protect the two lords, the others charge with me~" Huang Gang's first thought was the safety of Li Tian and the God Stick.

"No need to protect me and the divine ambassador in particular, the more they know where I am, all go forward and charge." Li Tian understands very well, itself is the night, although lit torches, but it is also difficult to find the leader. The enemy army took a look, so many people protecting the two of them, that is not obvious to tell people that he is Li Tian. Anyway, the black light, no one can see who, in this way he can also be less attacked.

The god stick also very much agree with Li Tian's words, urged the people protecting him to go forward to charge and kill, he and Li Tian mixed in the crowd, but it is not very obvious.

The two sides immediately mixed into a battle, the scene is extremely chaotic, although Yang Sheng's people are much more, but the fierceness of the six tribesmen is they can not compare. And Li Tian's people are all rushing to a point to kill, quickly kill an opening.

As soon as Li Tian looked, dragged the god stick and rushed towards the gap, now the people were disorganized, even the six tribesmen could not find where Li Tian was. Although kill out of the gap, but the group did not rush out, still looking for the Li Tian, see this situation, Li Tian anxiously shouted, "are still waiting for what, still do not rush out."

Hearing the shout, the six tribes put down their hearts, all rushed towards this direction. Yang Sheng's men and horses look at the situation, immediately began to release arrows towards here, and do not care if they hurt their own people. Li Tian just ran a few steps, crossed the war horse cave pass, planted down, Li Tian from the horse directly thrown a heel, the god stick are rushed out a few meters, turned back to see Li Tian was thrown out of the war horse, hit the horse came to Li Tian side, a hand, "Come up quickly, we both ride a horse."

Li Tian did not have time to say anything else, a vertical, on the war horse of the god stick. Both hands hugged the back of the god stick, heart that touched ah! The god stick this guy is enough buddy, with this, go back to say what also have to give him a hundred or eighty silver, or sorry buddy.

The god stick mentions the horse reins, "Lord Li Tian on my horse, let you see the god envoy's riding skills, is how the magic."

"You guy is sick, afraid that others do not know is not it? It's not too late to run out and then blow." Li Tian wanted to incite two slaps on his bald head.

The god stick is really not ordinary cattle, but really led Li Tian to rush out through the gap. Once he rushed out, the people of the six tribes also followed, but there were still many people surrounded by the inside. Thanks to the god stick shouted, everyone knew that Li Tian and he shared a ride, and saw the god envoy lord rushed out of the encirclement, everyone was relieved to follow the rush. Otherwise, the whereabouts of Li Tian is unknown, this group of people is to die in battle will not leave, originally black light can not see who is who, but the god stick that thief bright light head, to become a guide to the six tribesmen's bright light, all follow him to run. Light head to where to run, they also follow where to run, anyway, chasing the light head to run right.

But there are advantages and disadvantages, Yang Sheng's light cavalry also counted on the right target, are chasing the bald head shooting arrows, count the god stick this guy lucky, Li Tian again became his shield, this time is good, Li Tian wearing body armor, head also with armor, but the arms and legs, but solid hit a dozen arrows, the pain of Li Tian gritted his teeth also dare not let go, holding the god stick's back waist.

The god stick led the group of defeated soldiers ran for dozens of miles, saw no pursuers, before stopping, "You let go! Strangled me, Li Tian? Let go! Li Tian?"

Li Tian had long fainted from the pain, the gods and goddesses could not easily break Li Tian's hand, and the people carefully carried Li Tian down.

Huang Gang hurriedly ran over and saw that Li Tian had not been hit by anything vital, and only then was he relieved, "All teams take inventory, send out men to guard around and closely monitor the pursuers behind."

Huang Gang was also wounded, but not seriously, the left shoulder was cut a knife. At this time he did not have time to deal with the wound, first to find a doctor to hurry to deal with Li Tian's injuries, and went around to patrol a bit. All arrangements were made before finding someone to deal with his own wounds.

There were many wounded soldiers in the camp, and Li Tian's blind action this time made this light cavalry lose nearly six thousand people, not counting the wounded. Resting people did not sleep, one very sad, the whole camp is filled with a depressing feeling.

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