In Another Life

Chapter 83 - Peeping is also very tired

Section eighty-three peeping is also very tired

Section eighty-three

Li Tian this meal is extremely depressing to eat, the god stick and Miss Zhang two people eating a meal is still eyebrow to eyebrow, Li Tian how to look at the god stick that face are feeling a bit owed.

"Da Chang brother, you are a poet, to eat more."

"Guihua sister, you are a martial arts practitioner, eat more meat." Saying that, the godly man gave Miss Zhang a piece of braised meat.

God, still let people live, my poor stomach ah, Li Tian really can not eat. Almost is not eat anything, hard called two people's nasty show to disgusted full, Li Tian very strange how those officers and soldiers can eat.

It was hard to stay up until the evening, in a small town to stay, the god stick excitedly grabbed Li Tian's hand and said, "Li Zi, I now realize that life is so wonderful, later we and Guihua sister to drink a few more cups, to celebrate I found the soulmate of life."

"Pork sausage ah pork sausage! Stick, stick! I'm convinced of you, she is the sister of the rebel general, you are not touching the tiger's butt looking for death? If you want to find a woman, I'll find you a better one when you get back, look at her body, in case you two quarrel he can beat you up."

"What's wrong with that? What's wrong with the sister of the rebel general? I will persuade her to abandon the darkness and run to my great and righteous embrace."

"Stop~~~ Stop, I can't control you, so what~~ Give me some money." Li Tianchi to fall in love with the man, the cow can not pull back.

"What do you need money, no money!" Once the mention of money, the godfather happy face swish cold down.

"Your old man be kind! I'm going out to buy something to eat by myself, if you don't want to see me starve to death on the road, send some kindness." Eating with the godly man Zhang Guihua, for Li Tian, is the greatest punishment in this world.

"Just five coins of silver, save your money, there are still two days on the road." The godly man abetted and took out five coins of loose silver.

Finally be able to eat a full meal, Li Tian happily took the silver in the hand of the god stick, a man ran outside to find a place to drink wine.

After a very late night, Li Tian returned to the inn, other officers and soldiers are early to bed. I came to the room, the god of the stick is not there? Li Tian finished washing up, lying on the bed, tossing and turning, can not sleep, the god stick can not be something wrong, right?

Li Tian once again used his spiritual power to slowly search in the small store. The store is not big, Li Tian's spiritual power can barely search over.

My God, this guy is actually cheating on me with Miss Zhang? No, should I say in? Oh my god, this guy is going to dominate the king! This is also moving too fast, right?

The godly man was busy over there, and Li Tian was excitedly peeping. The # # #, really a pig, too inexperienced, until now just picking off the pants! Li Tian is anxious for the god stick.

Holy shit! Directly on ah, what else to look at, the god stick busy sweating, Li Tian also looked at a sweat.

Li Tian closed his eyes, clenched his fists, and muttered in a whisper. This pig really dish, surprisingly did not go in, hahaha or virgin! Again on ah, practice makes perfect. That's right, make it hard, that's it, use a little more force, I'm dizzy, premature ejaculation!

Li Tian opened his eyes, wiped a hand of sweat on his face, really sad for the poor gods of the stick.

After half a more time, the god stick still did not return, Li Tian could not help but start peeping again. The god stick and Miss Zhang is still kissing, gouging and touching, it looks like the two people want a second round of fighting.

The god stick ah, this time do not be embarrassed again, come up with some manly appearance, or else later do not say I am your buddy, can not afford to lose that person.

It seems that the god stick still did not find the knack, and headless flies like arching around, Li Tian anxiously can not wait to personally go to guide. It seems that Miss Zhang also can not stand this speechless pain, a roll over ferociously pressed the god stick down on the bed. The god stick eyes showed a frightened look, Miss Zhang did not say a word, directly sat up, the two people's painful expression put Li Tian stunned fluttered and sat up.

Oh my God, I actually saw a live scene of # # #, the victim or my friend, Li Tian got out of bed with a wet towel to wipe the sweat on his face.

Until the morning, the sky is almost dawn, the god stick quietly back to the room, see Li Tian is still awake, the god stick is embarrassed to heave two.

This night, the first taste of the clouds and rain, the god stick and Miss Zhang, a lonely man and woman, dry wood, a pair of cheating dogs and men in continuous combat. God stick finally know the wonderful taste, diligently busy all night, pain and pleasure. Li Tian is also serious voyeurism all night, painful and unhappy.

The golden rooster dawned, the difficult night finally passed, the people ate breakfast and started on the road.

"Chang ~ you are weak, do not ride a horse today, ride with me in the car." Miss Zhang said gently in the car.

"Flower ~ how embarrassing it is, call people to see on you can not affect." The god stick said, then shamelessly into the car.

God, overnight, it became 'flowers' and 'intestines'? Li Tian really regrets following Miss Zhang's team into the capital. The other officers and soldiers are also surprised open mouth, but no one dared to say anything, do not dare to mess with a tyrannical dragon lady.

This day, but Li Tian hard, sleepy as hell, and finally had no choice, tied himself to the horse, in the bumpy sleep.

Two days of time, the team finally came to the capital, the divine rod refreshed, toeing the high command: "a little into the Zhang House, you can take half a day off. Come to the capital to look around, do not cause trouble hear, in the capital to listen to Missy words."

Do not know also think he is the chief soldier, and then look at Li Tian, only two days, people have lost a circle, dark circles under the eyes, obvious lack of sleep. It is also really hard for Li Tian, he is the daytime bumps on the horse, eating and also endure the flesh vomiting, the night also have to carry out serious peep, the workload of the great, is the gods afraid also can not stand.

Li Tian and the divine rod to the capital and Miss Zhang separated, the divine rod and Miss Zhang two people crying is a snot and two lines of tears, the mountain alliance of the sea to say a. In the god stick vowed to guarantee, Miss Zhang left a deep kiss on his bald head, sadly left the god stick.

Li Tian finally let out a long breath, the heart that comfort. The two people found an inn, everything is arranged, Li Tian did not go looking for Guo Jing them, but fell asleep, the body really can not hold up.

The god stick froze for half a day, feeling very bored, bald with a lipstick on his head and walked out of the inn. A person went to look for Guo Jing and the brothers of the six tribes, he wanted to share this great love story with the brothers.

Looking for people, you have to go to a crowded place, the godfather came alone to a teahouse, while listening to the stage singing a little song, while looking around for acquaintances. After looking for half a day and not finding a brother from the six tribes, the godly stick was a bit disappointed and was about to leave when he was caught by the conversation of four people at the table next to him.

"Hey! Have you heard? The Marshal of Da'an and the Lord God-Emperor were burned to death in the Wangqiu Lake."

"The marshal was burned to death, but why did he burn our respectable God's envoy to death as well?

"Yes, when I think about it, I'm sad, the radiant appearance of the god envoy, will always live in my heart."

"Hey~~ When I think of the divine ambassador's divine appearance, my heart is cold."

My God, so this divine ambassador is so deep in the hearts of the people? It seems that these four people are my loyal believers, wait for them to go out and meet with them, this divine messenger must not call such loyal believers sad.

A short while later, the four people at the table next to the tea finished listening to a little song, out of the teahouse, the divine messenger also hurried to follow.

"Four old brothers, can you come over here for a moment? I have a secret to tell you guys, follow me." The god stick thief looked around and turned towards a hutong.

The four men looked at the godly man inexplicably, "Who is this guy?" One of them said.

"Could it be a con man?"

"And he has a bald head?"

"And a lipstick on his head?"

"Is it a lecher? Follow him over there, if he's really a crook, beat him up, just like that he dares to keep the haircut of a god-emperor, he should be beaten up."

In a small alley, the godly man looked around to see that no one was around, smiled at the four men and said, "Look who I am!" The god stick posed in a pose that he thought was cool.

The four men looked at it halfway and shook their heads inexplicably.

"Oh my god, look more carefully, do you think I look like a person, hahaha you guys listen up, don't be intimidated by my language."

After the god stick finished, he puffed out his chest and said in a mixed thick voice: "I am the worshiper of your hearts, the great ~~ god ~~ messenger!!!"

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