In Another Life

Chapter 76: Rebirth by fire

Section seventy-six rebirth by fire

Section seventy-six

Learning that his reinforcements would be able to arrive by night was bad news for Li Tian, but it was also good news, at the very least he knew the whereabouts of his troops and the time he could get there.

This brief retreat and conversation made the ghost warlord regret it greatly for the rest of his life. If Li Tian was not given this opportunity, there was absolutely no other way for Li Tian but to die in battle, only to be caught. But this closing of his troops to persuade him to surrender gave Li Tian one last chance.

Li Tian secretly gave a final order to the remaining six clansmen: "Come on, people, go all out and set fire to the mountain."

Setting fire to attack the mountain was a double-edged sword. The fire sealed the mountain, the ghost military division's men and horses can not get up, can only wait until the fire is extinguished, can attack the mountain again. Although Wangqiu Lake is not large, but this mountain full of fire, without a day absolutely can not be extinguished. And Li Tian's reinforcements will arrive tonight.

The first to act were the Centaurs and the Birds of Prey, who tied the heads of the frying heads and javelins with easily burnable rattan grass and lit them up to shoot around and down the mountain.

At a glance, the ghost military division immediately understood Li Tian's idea, and regretted his own this time to close the troops to persuade surrender. If the troops were not closed just now for dialogue, Li Tian's men would not have been able to come and set the fire. Li Tian did not burn oil, and the small fire could be extinguished by Yang Sheng's men, "Quickly, put out the fire with all your might."

Ghost warlord Yang Sheng still has a glimmer of hope to see if the fire can be extinguished. After all, even if they got the corpses of Li Tian and the God Stick, it would still be a considerable blow to the Daan army. This is good, the fire, everything is gone, and maybe others still do not believe this.

But it was all too late. Nearly 1,000 people set fire to the mountain, and in a short time, the fire was connected. Together with the trees cut down in the past two days, the fire grew bigger and bigger, and Yang Sheng finally had no choice but to order the withdrawal of the mountain forest. Looking at the fire all over the mountain, the ghost warlord shook his head, not expecting Li Tian to use this method to kill himself. This long-planned battle, he himself did not know whether to win or lose.

At this time, Li Tian is hiding in a pit hole with the god stick, two people chatting happily.

Two thousand pits are still quite empty, Li Tian ordered to try to hide in the pit against the middle, where there is less burning material, less heat and less air drawn away by the fire.

"Li Tian, that what, you see you owe me that money you are not ~ how much to give some." The god stick looked at Li Tian with pity.

"Stick, you do not in the future that I owe you money, just now you said yourself do not want. Hey! You are really a good person."

"Did I say that? How come I don't know."

"Shit! Are you trying to cheat on me? Watch out I'll have a barbecue godsend right now."

"Li Tian, my good brother, look at me for so many years, I have saved that little money, all of it was scavenged by you, it's easy for me. How do you have to give me part of it, I keep it for the coffin bank can not." Seeing Li Tian come hard, the godfather hurriedly softened.

"No problem, when we go back to the tide, I'll ask someone to make you a good rosewood coffin."

"Damn, you want to eat black, right, okay! You wait, there is a time when you beg me, sleep." The godfather grunted and lay down on the ground.

"Well, this is a good way, in the dream you can row the whole world's silver to your house, and save consumption." Li Tian said, also lay down, he is also ready to save consumption.

The god stick tossed and turned, a moment to turn over, a moment to stomp down the legs, a fierce a ding sat up, "Li Tian, I want to poop."

"You fucking either shit or piss! There are so many holes you do not drill, non and I together, on this place, if you dare to pull I will throw you out. As the saying goes, shit can be tolerated urine can not be tolerated, give me hold." Li Tian this angry ah, pull this hole non-smoke him to death.

"Can't hold it." The godfather said with a sobbing face.

"Quick, take off your pants."

"You ~ ~ what do you want? I am a decent man, I have no other hobbies."

"Damn than, I am more normal than you, is told you to tie the trouser legs, pull the pants to throw out, really want to kick you to death." Li Tian finished, hurriedly tear off a piece of cloth to cover the nose.

Hungry plus thirsty, Li Tian and the god stick finally in the stinky hole, could not help but sleep.

The fire outside was fierce, burning trees snapped, in the firelight, and I do not know how much time had passed.

"Li Zi, wake up, you hear someone outside crying? It's not some kind of ghost, right?" The god stick woke up with a start, his throat was red and swollen, his voice was very hoarse, he didn't stop shouting and cheering for his brothers in the past two days, and said while shaking Li Tian awake.

Li Tian opened his hazy sleepy eyes, listened carefully, there were really people crying, and hurriedly crawled to the cave entrance.

Goodness, surprisingly, after a night, the light of day has been bright. The fire was still spreading in the distance, and it was already very faint in the near distance. The mountain was full of troops, but Li Tian was so excited that he was on the verge of shedding hot tears because he saw the 'Li' flag of Chao Du floating on the flagpole, and in the army of Da An, only the soldiers and horses of Chao Du all used the Li flag.

Li Tian excitedly climbed out of the hole and shouted loudly, "Brothers all come out, our men and horses have arrived, everyone is safe."

With Li Tian's shout, the people in the caves all climbed out, shouting with excitement, many of them cried with excitement, only then did they feel the greatness of life.

When the people at the bottom of the hill saw that there were still living people on the hill, they also shouted excitedly. A tall black man shouted loudly, "Is the one on the hill Lord Marshal? I am Feng Ertai, the ambassador of the Chao Du military horse, the rescue is late, please punish the marshal."

"Hahahaha, not late, not late, down the mountain in talking, brothers, down the mountain." Li Tian shouted, this group of six clan brothers who had escaped from death could not care less about the high temperature on the ground and the faint fire in many places, one by one, excitedly ran down the mountain.

Run to the bottom of the mountain, everyone's face and body are carbon ashes, many people are still on fire, the people at the bottom of the mountain rushed up to help, put out the fire, stripping clothes, everyone's face is showing the excitement of life after the robbery.

Feng Ertai ordered people to call clear water, Li Tian washed and brushed, put on a new set of clothes, and finally regained the appearance of a human being.

"What are you guys crying about just now, do you think this lord and brothers are finished." Li Tian asked as he sipped water.

Feng Ertai also did not speak, pointed with his hand, Li Tian followed the direction of his finger, only to see a wooden sign erected not far ahead, which reads 'generation of pride of the tomb of Grand Marshal Li Tian, your and military division Yang Sheng sobbing head'.

"Oh, this kid really set up a plaque for me, the words are written well, the godfather guy see, may be able to take to sell money, by the way, where is the godfather?" Li Tian then remembered that he had not seen the god stick.

The poor god stick, at this time is the cave entrance to reveal a bald head, shouting at the bottom, "send a pair of pants up to this god envoy ~ ~" hoarse voice has been covered by the cheers down the mountain, anxiously his heart straight cursing Li Tian.

Seeing the gods' stick's bald head and his waving little fat hand, Li Tian remembered that this guy was still butt naked, in case he ran down in this still faint fire, it's not likely to be able to # # to cook.

"Feng Ertai, send someone to put the Lord God's ambassador next, yes, take a pair of pants up."

Von Ertai wondered why picking up people also take pants? But did not ask the reason, directly ordered a small team to go up the mountain to put the god messenger next.

After the rest, Li Tian looked at the completely unrecognized Wangqiu Lake, his heart was very sigh, these three days, more than 10,000 brothers only less than a thousand people left, and almost buried in the sea of fire, really life is unpredictable, the world is unpredictable ah.

God stick also nodded at Li Tian, no wonder this guy first look at this Wangqiu Lake said to build a different tree, but also a bit of foresight, know that these trees to be burned out, how he would know will burn the mountain? Really puzzling!

"Feng Ertai, your name is good, reminds me of a great literary man, Lev. I think you should be called Von Tolstoy, it's a better name, haha, War and Peace."

"Your Excellency, you are a scholar, I am an old man with no education, it was with Wang Ping, the great man who got promoted, you can change it however you want, not to mention the name von Tolstoy, or call me naked, I have nothing to say."

God, it seems that the name is to spoil, and this group of coarse people to talk about the literature of the past life, it is better to talk about the Tsui Flower House in the kiln girl who has a big ass.

"General Feng, order the army to sacrifice the bloody double flag, kill all the way to the border, as long as those who do not surrender, never leave alive, I want to call the ghost military division know a little, I Li Tian angry what it is like." Li Tian's words, did not expect to create a big name of the demon army.

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