In Another Life

Chapter 75 can't stand it

Section seventy-five can't stand it

Section seventy-five

The scenic Wangqiu Lake is really miserable at this moment, the originally patches of dense trees now look like bald spots.

The dwarves are worthy of being called underground workers by Li Tian, the efficiency of the work is really high. Only the holes were dug everywhere, and all the trees near the cave entrance were cut down. The hole was also cleverly hidden, and the grass was covered with the dug out soil all around, saying that it was to reduce the loss of air in the fire.

It is no wonder that both Yang Sheng and Li Tian were surprised, the heavy rain overnight turned the dug out dirt into mud, thousands of people were now covered in mud from head to toe, and it was impossible to tell that they were still a human being.

Seeing this group of monsters that can walk, the ghost army division Yang Sheng was really scared, this Li Tian's angel what spell? Surprisingly can point mud into soldiers? What kind of demonic spell is this?

"Li Tian, these can't be the legendary mountain demons, right?" The god stick shivered a little.

"Demon your head, this is our brother, look at you scared like that, a little bit of courage okay."

"I was scared? Cut! I'm a god ambassador who I'm afraid of." The gods and goddesses never lose out on their mouths.

"Pass the order down, tell these brothers to hurry up and rest, there is still a hard battle waiting for us today."

What the hell is this Li Tian doing? What does he want to do? Could it be that he is laying a formation? The ghost military division Yang Sheng at the bottom of the mountain upward can not see the cave entrance, itself he is suspicious by nature, thinking hard also did not understand Li Tian's intention.

"Li Tian, as an opponent, I would like to know what you cut so many trees for? I wonder if I can be told to understand it." The ghost warlord really couldn't resist, still opened his mouth and shouted at the bottom of the mountain.

Li Tian glanced at the ghost military division at the bottom of the mountain, "Yang Sheng, want to know why I sent people to cut down trees? Hey, this is a secret, sorry, no comment."

"Yes, it's a secret, just don't say, suffocate you son of a bitch." The godfather spoke up on sight.

"Humph! No matter how much you pretend to be a god, you can't escape death, especially that bald guy, if I catch him, I will tell him to die a very ugly death."

"Want to scare me, you have the ability to come ah, look at your father gave you this name, 'Yang Sheng'! I think maybe you are a heavenly castrate. Doubtful? I just noticed that you don't have a beard? You're not really a eunuch, are you?"

This ghost warlord a word count on the gods of the stick, when the gods of the messenger for so many years, did not practice other, on the practice of a mouth. Fighting verbal battles God stick can consider himself the world's first, Li Tian at most and he made a tie.

"Stick ah, pay attention to your cultivation, how can you reveal the privacy of others, be loving to people born with defects." Li Tian looked like he was flooded with love next to him.

"Hmph, you two are both dying people, this warlord will not bother with you. Say it, say it, or you won't have the strength to say it in a few days if you want to, if I catch you alive. I will turn that bald head into a eunuch and feed him a few pounds of aphrodisiac every day, hey, this is what will happen to him."

"You can think of this, # # # than, I really admire you, Qian Fu did not raise you so bastard son, really a successor. But this God's ambassador is dead will never let you capture alive, sorry, very disappointed you ah."

"You dead bald guy, I Yang Sheng swear, even if you die, I will cut you into pieces." Ghost warlord Yang Sheng could not wait to tear the god stick to pieces now.

Li Tian looked at the exasperated Yang Sheng and said with a smile, "Yang Sheng, death is not terrible, the wind is sorrowful and the water is cold. A great man said well, great in life, glorious in death, with death is not to scare us."

"Well said, I was born a great earth god ambassador, smiling that ~~ what cold, so death is also glorious. Li Tian, thank you for such a high opinion of this divine messenger, just by your words, the money you owe me, I ~ then reduce half." The divine messenger was very excited to shake Li Tian's hand.

Li Tian almost did not sit on the ground, "ah, this ~ that what, you guys chat first, I will be busy first." Li Tian a bad chill, bumped into a dead money you have no cure, this guy is falling sick on money.

Once Li Tian left, Yang Sheng ran faster than he did. He now sees the gods and goddesses enough, since then also fallen ill, see bald want to beat a.

This day the ghost army division did not polite again, all the army formation take turns to attack. Each attack of 10,000 people, another 5,000 archers to cooperate, this primitive fatigue tactics by the ghost army division to the fullest.

The battle was so disastrous that Li Tian abandoned the first line of defense before noon, and the men were extremely fatigued. At first, they were able to hold out without many casualties, but by the afternoon. Li Tian's troops finally in fatigue # # # now a large number of casualties, coupled with the lack of food, from the morning on the food control, the amount of physical exertion of personnel is very huge. The second defense was also forced to abandon, well the higher up, the more difficult the mountain road, the smaller the attack surface of the personnel, only to hold off the crazy attack of the ghost army division.

A difficult and difficult day finally passed, and after one day, the ghost army division was very satisfied with the results of the day. In addition to the first defense dead and wounded, later also caused a large number of casualties to Li Tian. Ghost army division's men and horses in the battle casualties of nearly 20,000 people, but Li Tian's men and horses also casualties of more than 5,000 people, offensive and defensive combat one to four is still a very normal figure. But the ghost army division knew that he used ordinary soldiers, while Li Tian's are the elite soldiers, so that the battle, should be considered a big victory for the ghost army division.

After two days of fighting, Li Tian's men were still left with more than 3,000 men. What worries him most is that these two days because of the battle, plus the siege of 200,000 troops, the birds of Wangqiu Lake are scared of one left. And the outside world lost contact, and do not know if their reinforcements can arrive tomorrow, look at this situation, I'm afraid that even tomorrow noon will not survive.

Li Tian did not call people to build defenses again, everyone was tired of sitting on the ground to rest, some leaned on the trees and fell asleep, many injured personnel in the treatment of wounds.

Looking at this group of brothers of the six tribes, Li Tian could not help but whisper: "Brothers, follow me Li Tian, I am sorry to everyone. If it wasn't for me, you would still be living freely in the great forest of Chao Du, and those brothers wouldn't have died in battle, I'm sorry to everyone."

These people who were resting, hearing Li Tian's words, all stood up, Li Tian stopped them, "I know what everyone wants to say, all don't need to say, I understand in my heart. Tonight, everyone eat a full meal, eat all you can, if our reinforcements do not come tomorrow, that is God's will, there is nothing we can do. If we can get out alive, I must exterminate the Qian family rebels and avenge the death of our brothers in Wangqiu Lake this time.

Tonight, except for the personnel on sentry duty, all take a good rest, tomorrow we will fight them well, even if we die, we will pull a few more to the back."

This dinner, Li Tian handed out all that could be eaten, without further control. Tomorrow a day of fighting, some people do not know if they can still eat the next meal, first eat enough to say.

"Li Tian, you see how long we can last tomorrow." The divine rod came next to Li Tian and asked in a whisper.

"Ai~ I underestimated the ghost military division, to say that commanding the battle, he is much better than me. If he had been like this on the first day, I'm afraid we would have been finished long ago and would not have been able to wait for reinforcements. Now we can only see what the heavens have in store, hopefully our people will arrive early." Li Tian is now also very helpless.

The next day at dawn, the ghost army division without saying a word launched a fierce attack. The six tribesmen also tenaciously resisted, again and again to disrupt the enemy's offensive. Until noon, Li Tian did not see the shadow of reinforcements, now less than a thousand people of the six tribes can fight, if not strong and unyielding will in support of them, I am afraid that would have fallen. Li Tian understood that they could still hold out for at most two hours.

The ghost warlord suddenly ordered the flag to wave, and all the people withdrew. Yang Sheng came to the front of the mountain with a smile on his face and shouted to the top of the mountain: "Li Tian, listen, since yesterday I received the news that your reinforcements are on their way here. Although I don't know how you delivered the news, but I have mobilized a lot of soldiers and horses, on the road to all the troops along the way to intercept, it is estimated that they will be able to reach here tonight at the earliest, huh, I'm afraid you can't last that time, give you another chance, surrender!"

The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment, the people on the mountain heard this news, like falling into the ice cave, the whole person is cold.

"Damn than, I do not want to be a eunuch to eat aphrodisiacs, forcing the old man to jump from the cliff wall."

Li Tian took a look at the god stick, stretched out the big female finger and said "stick ah, good, like a man, it seems that your money I can not pay back."

"Hey! I don't want it, I'll give it all to you, you can't spend it anyway."

"Good, with your words, I will not tell us all to die here, come on people ~ ~"

Li Tian knew there was no point in resisting any longer and gave an order that frustrated the ghost military commander greatly.

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