In Another Life

Chapter 71 - Trapped in the Hope Autumn Pool

Section 71 Trapped in Wangqiu Lake

Section Seventy-One

The name of the man tree shadow, Geng Biao heard, knew bad, originally he still wanted to fight on a game before withdrawing, but the name of the ghost military division is too loud, and sinister, in the continent two # # dangerous characters, one is Li Tian a is the ghost military division, Li Tian because of the victory of a small number of gas sickness of the famous general Zhang Chengliang, in the tide all rounded up the Qian Zhou army and got the name, the ghost military division Yang Sheng is in the late defeat of the Qian family rebels to turn the tide of battle, the great An The name was given to the powerful attack of Da'an that was invisibly defeated, in which the underhanded moves were constantly.

Geng Biao no longer hesitates, he is very self-aware, we can not afford to mess with you, then hide, or call Li Tian, the Lord himself, two Yin people meet together, see who Yin over who, led the troops to turn around and withdraw.

The ghost military division Yang Sheng also did not order the chase, his face is still the same smile, since Li Tian out of the capital of Da'an, he got the news, in order to catch Li Tian the big fish, he has prepared a lot of work, Yang Sheng brought posing as grain soldiers, but are carefully selected manpower, the most reassuring to him is that there are three thousand green forest experts into the Qian family guard, Qian Fu brothers before the rebellion to recruit this group of gangsters around The bandits, trained to form an elite force, rarely used, easily do not leave his side, this is the first time to send this group of people, it seems that the ghost military division this time is determined to win.

"My lord, it's not good, we've been trapped, it's not grain soldiers at all, but ambush troops led by the ghost army division, there are more than 20,000 people." Geng Biao led the men and horses ran back to Li Tian reported.

"Ghost military division Yang Sheng? It's him personally?" When Li Tian heard it, he thought there was something very wrong in it.

"Report, my lord, there are two large groups of rebels on the left and right, running this way." A flying bird clan came to report.

Damn, fell for this kid, "The army listened to the order, quickly retreat to Wangqiu Lake, stationed there and build a defense." Li Tian gave an order, 10,000 troops quickly retreated to Wangqiu Lake.

The terrain here is dangerous, only one side of the road up the mountain, behind the cliff wall, although not high, but also can not be attacked from there.

When they came to Wangqiu Lake, Li Tian ordered to abandon the horse on the mountain. In the mountain, the Dwarves immediately cut down the trees and built the defense, which is a natural barrier for the six tribesmen.

In fact, Li Tian can continue to retreat, but he heard that the ghost army division here, inwardly very want to fight, anyway, Li Tian's information as long as the flying birds of the flying bird race to transmit, do not need to personally transmit, with this advantage, Li Tian also want to lure the ghost army division Yang Sheng here, and wait for the arrival of reinforcements from Daan, to a pincer attack, capture the ghost army division alive, that is a great joy.

It seems that Yang Sheng also figured out Li Tian's idea, know Li Tian will not run far, just like two chess players, meet a rival, want to play a game, two people began to intellectual competition.

Li Tian just finished setting up the manpower, the ghost military division Yang Sheng led people to Wangqiu Lake, not long, the more people gathered, but no less than 200,000 troops, the whole mountain surrounded.

Seeing so many people, Li Tianzhen a bit regretful, originally within twenty miles he sent scouts to reconnoiter, and further away are the flying birds of the flying bird race reconnaissance, it seems that this flying bird far land reconnaissance also has a bad side, they do not know the number.

"How far is the nearest of our troops from here." Li Tian asked the staff officer.

"Report to the Lord, the nearest one day to come, but the number of people is too small, only 20,000 people, the new army training camp to tens of thousands of people, but all are novices, and then far away there is a 200,000 Chao Du six clan army, is rushing to the border, but the fastest to three days to get here." The staff officer gave Li Tian a detailed report of the garrison situation.

Now Da'an's various armies have flying bird clan manpower stationed in them, which is convenient for news transmission, Li Tian listened to the report and analyzed the situation, although the ghost army division's men and horses are many, but this Wangqiu Tan is easy to defend and difficult to attack, only one side can go up the mountain, more people can't make it, persisting for three days should not be a problem.

"Quickly pass the order, order the 200,000 troops rushing to the border, quickly come to Wangqiu Tan support, no mistakes."

The mountain was surrounded by the Qian family rebels, rows of neat military formation swords and guns, but the ghost army division Yang Sheng did not order the attack on the mountain, although the nearest to Li Tian's first defense is only twenty meters away, but only infantry attack, horses simply can not be used.

"I am your and His Majesty the Emperor's personally appointed military division Yang Sheng, please come and answer Marshal Li Tian." The ghost military commander stood in front of the formation, with many others around him holding shields, and said to the mountain.

Before Li Tian could say anything, the divine rod preempted him by saying, "Qian Fu calls himself the emperor, without the blessing of this divine messenger, this emperor of his is nothing."

"Oh, this is the honorable Lord God-Emperor, right?" The ghost warlord also didn't care about the words of the divine envoy.

"Hey, hey, recognized, Ranya, it is exactly me, although I have never met you, but I have heard of your infamous name, so what, is your health okay, nothing happened at home, right?" The god stick heard others praise him as the honorable god ambassador, the heart is also non-satisfied.

Li Tian quietly said to a Centaur, "Later when I talk to him, take a chance and find a few people to shoot this bastard." Upon hearing this, the Centaur nodded and quietly retreated.

"I am Li Tian, the Marshal of Da'an Protectorate, I have heard of the great name of the Ghost Warlord for a long time, but I only got to meet him today, nice to meet you." Li Tian said as he stuck out half his head behind the defensive attack.

"I have also heard of the marshal's great name for a long time, today I have the honor to meet you, how about if you can join my Guihe Dynasty, this military division will guarantee you as the grand marshal of my Guihe and hereditary marquis title." The ghost warlord also revealed half his head behind the shield and said.

"Oh, thank you, Lord Warlord, this is a very good proposal, then give me two days to think about it and tell me to think it over."

"Hey, two days is too long, just two hours, then this officer in to answer with you." The ghost warlord said with a smirk.

"Okay, then two hours, when I think it over, I'll send someone to call you, if you can't wait, come up and have a couple of drinks, I'll send someone to catch a few mountain chickens, get a barbecue or something."

"Marshal Li is too polite, if you are tired of staying in the mountains, come down and have a look around, I will prepare hand-caught mutton and good horse milk wine waiting for you."

"Then it's a deal, see you in a bit."

"I'll see you in a bit, I'll see you soon, I really want to drink with Lord Li, to have a friend like you, this life is enough."

"I also admire you for a long time, I hate to meet you."

The two parties listened to a bad chill, look at this frame to both of them a handful of incense, on the spot can kowtow to worship.

"Don't bother, there's still this divine ambassador, how do you not give me what official." The gods said to climb up the defensive wall made of trees.

"Pull down, no one wants you." Li Tian pulled the god stick back with a tug.

"Damn it than, that kid must know that this divine ambassador's official position is too big and he is not capable of making promises." The God Stick was very unconvinced in his heart.

At this time, a Centaur archer ran over, "My lord, just now their shields were very tightly defended, and in the gaps they could only shoot to wound, not to kill with a single blow, so we didn't even do it."

"Well, very good, wait a moment I take the words to provoke him a little, as long as there is a chance, shoot him to death, shoot not to die or to wound, it seems that this kid is also fine enough." Li Tian finished speaking, the Centauri led the order and went.

"Li Zi, I'll take care of provoking him later, see if I don't scold him and drop him head first to the ground to die." The God Stick was still holding a grudge for not giving him the promise just now.

Li Tian nodded, looked at the God Stick very seriously and said, "Stick ah, are you afraid?"

"Afraid! Of course I'm afraid, to be honest just now I saw so many of them, I almost peed my pants." The god stick is very honest.

"Stick, you go down and surrender, you are the god messenger, they will not do anything to you, seriously, can you top three days, I am not sure, as a brother, I will not blame you, if I die in this battle, think of burning incense for me every year." Li Tian said very seriously to the god stick.

The god stick took a look at Li Tian, half a day before saying: "Li Zi, I live so big not much friends, I know I am not capable, people are also very wealthy, but since I met you guys, we have fought so many times, cursed so many times, born to die several times, I take you as a true friend, the only friend, if you ask me to surrender, watch you get killed, I would rather We die together as brothers, I am very afraid of death, but with you, this guy, death is not very lonely, enough." The god stick has never been so serious, very serious, said.

Li Tian did not expect the usually big-hearted God Stick still has this feeling, a little teary-eyed, patted the God Stick, "Good, we brothers and they battle, it is not certain who died."

The people on the mountain are concentrating on the mountain, no one dares to relax their vigilance, facing 200,000 enemy troops, this group of six clansmen are very calm, without a trace of panic.

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