In Another Life

Chapter 70: We also play horror

Section 70 we also play horror

Section 70

The empress instructed one of Wang Ping's family members to lead the way, and that family member did not dare disobey the empress.

"Empress ~~ Your Majesty, this is not good, you see ~~ he is very sick ah ~ hey ~~ fifty taels are gone again." The clergyman's mouth didn't stop all the way, and seeing that he had arrived at Li Tian's door, he was anxious and out of ideas.

Li Tian is eating in the house full of sweat, he had thought, with the ability of the godly stick, cheat a queen absolutely no problem, so very assured Mizzi eating, mouth also sang the song of the previous life: "Hot sister hot ~ ~ hot sister hot, hot out of the sweat I also hot ~ ~ ~"

The Queen Mother listened to this mid-air singing, not at all a patient can be issued, know Li Tian is hiding from her, angry also do not call people to inform, is going to push the door and enter.

"Wait!" Godly stick hurried to stop the Empress.

"What! Divine Envoy Zun Xian does not want to call the mourning family to go in to visit?" The empress looked at the divine staff coldly.

"Not that meaning, I want to say that Lord Li Tian is ~ ~ pooping, well ~ that, you also heard, he ~ ~ pull no more pull, are pulling out a sweat ~ ~ still pulling, hey, poor Lord Li Tian day and night toil, only to cause the intestines and stomach is not good, are suffocated for several days, Your Majesty you go in at this time, I'm afraid it is not very convenient." The godly stick looked sad and desperate.

"You ~ ~ ~ hum, I see how long he can hide, let's go." The Empress, no matter what she said, had to take into account her status.

Seeing the empress walking away, the god stick just put down his heart, this 50 taels earned is not easy, a turn, into the house.

Li Tian in the house also heard the words of the Empress, saw the god stick came in, angry, said: "You damn near led that old witch in, to the door before stopping, Laozi obviously eating you said I shit, fifty taels is gone, not a penny."

"Empress, Li Tian finished pulling, you can come back~~"


In fact, these days Li Tian is not idle, the emperor was assassinated, Li Tian to not make some noise out, the heart also feel a bit of a nest, he ordered Guo Jing led fifty six clans of good hands, dressed as all kinds of civilian traders, infiltrated the capital city occupied by the Qian Fu rebels, is the day to set fires, kill at night, see officials, regardless of size, can kill, has been destroyed to the Qian Fu's lair, is to call them up and down the chaos, the Everyone is in danger, according to Li Tian's words, you ghost military division want to play assassination with me, then let you know what is terrorism.

The next morning, Li Tian appeared in the courtyard above, to the courtiers and the prince reported the front line of the war, because the war is tight, he as the marshal, to immediately set off to the first line of the camp, personally commanded the battle, finished, and did not wait for the ministers and the prince have any reflection, without saying a word, in the crowd are in a daze, turned around and walked out of the courtyard, the god stick wanted to say a few words, see Li Tian gone, brewing half a day of feelings Also useless, he also hurried to follow out.

Outside the city gate, Li Tian brought 10,000 six clans of elite soldiers, which was equipped with a few leading soldiers under Wang Ping standard, said to his father-in-law Wang Ping who came to see him off: "Father-in-law, after I leave, you will hand over the city defense military power to the Empress, and then lead our men to Pingdu to open a second front, I'm afraid there will be a palace infighting here soon, we'd better stay as far away as possible, don't care who Who sits in the kingdom, don't get involved, I'll go to the border first, clear out the Qian family army there, also prevent the invasion of the six countries, when we attack at both ends, call the ghost military division busy, after all, we have a huge advantage in communication."

Wang Ping nodded, as an old general, he was not confused about this court struggle, and also long wanted to leave this place of right and wrong.

Li Tian ran to the border with 10,000 men and horses, and of course, there was a godly man who clung to him like cowries. Seeing Li Tian's army leaving, a carrier pigeon took off from an inconspicuous place inside the city gate.

Along the way Li Tian kept giving orders, telling all 400,000 elite troops of the six clans to assemble at the border, and all other troops to rush to Pingdu, ready to concentrate their forces on both sides and go to war with the Qian family.

After walking for less than three days, Li Tian's team came to a place called Wangqiu Lake, from here to the west, basically began to enter the plains, Wangqiu Lake is a small mountain, the scenery is indeed very beautiful, trees are thick, the mountain spring is clear, from top to bottom formed a small waterfall, the mountain to not very high, but the terrain is very dangerous, Li Tian finished watching, said with a sigh, "the mountain is not high, there are immortals is the spirit, and so on When I have time in the future, I want to build a villa here, summer to come here to summer fishing, tea and wine, really a good place."

"Make a tree? This guy is sick, still not enough trees." The god stick did not feel the beauty of Li Tian said, on this broken place a person did not, alone a small mountain, he did not want to come.

After passing the Wangqiu Lake, did not walk 20 miles, listened to the scout horse to report, "Lord marshal, fifteen miles ahead, there is an enemy supply camp, their numbers are not large, the appearance of about seven or eight thousand people, but a lot of carts and horses, there are nearly three hundred large carts and a lot of horses, looks like a convoy to transport food and supplies."

Li Tian heard, his heart secretly happy, three hundred carts is what concept, that is to supply two hundred thousand army of food and grass, this if he robbed, the Qian family rebels are afraid that must be anxious crazy, and moreover there are those horses, ready-made military supplies, seven or eight thousand logistics soldiers pressure to send, for Li Tian with ten thousand six clans of elite soldiers, it does not matter at all.

"Brothers, ready-made meat is delivered to the mouth, sorry God if you don't eat it, all of you cheer up, kill this group of people for me." Li Tian gave an order and was about to lead his men to rob the camp.

"Your Excellency, there are only seven to eight thousand enemy soldiers, but after all, the sword is merciless in battle, please wait here, I will only bring four thousand men to take the camp." The one who spoke was a standard-bearer named Geng Biao, now Guo Jing was not by Li Tian's side, there was also a divine messenger, in case something happened, they could not afford it.

Li Tian thought for a moment and nodded, "Good, you will take five thousand men and horses to go, quick battle." Li Tian knew how powerful this group of elite soldiers were, and also wanted to tell them to practice more on group battles and fight with less to win more.

The team quickly ran towards the camp of the judging army, they were not afraid of the rebels escaping, so many vehicles, Geng Biao's men were all light cavalry, they couldn't run at all.

A dozen miles to the cavalry, in the blink of an eye, surrounded by plains, not even a place to hide, a long way to see Geng Biao's men and horses brought up the dust, the rebels also outside the camp in formation ready to fight.

Geng Biao waved his hand to stop his men and horses, and looked at the rebels who were ready to fight, not to mention that the team was quite neat and tidy, and the personnel were calm, without the slightest sign of panic, and seemed to be a well-trained team.

But Geng Biao did not care, he believed that his side of the people against the 7,000 to 8,000 people, absolutely no problem.

"If you surrender now, I will let you live, but if you fight, I will never leave you alive." Geng Biao shouted to the other side.

At this time, in the enemy's ranks came out a man of about thirty years old, no weapons in his hands, no battle robes on his body, with a somewhat evil smile on his face, another person looked very uncomfortable in his heart, he looked at Geng Biao's team and said in a very gloomy voice: "How is it that Li Tian only sent this point of your people here? Hey hey, simply do not know how to live and die, too lazy to give you the trouble." After saying that, only to see him waving his hand, three hundred big car is not grain and grass, hula a car of the puffy cloth lifted, each car down at least thirty people, the army tent also rushed out a lot of people, now the rebel team is more than 20,000 people.

Geng Biao took a look and knew that his people had been fooled, but his heart was not very anxious, after all, even if they could not defeat, they could still retreat and join forces with Li Tian, with the fighting strength of the six tribesmen, it should not be a problem to eat these 20,000 people.

"I am Geng Biao, the Senator General leader, I do not know which one is leading the troops ahead, report your name, this general does not kill nameless people." Geng Biao understood very well that even before he had to withdraw, he had to know who was leading the troops.

"Oops, look at my memory, I forgot to tell you who I am, my name is Yang Sheng, but you all call me ~~ Ghost ~~ Army ~~ Master!"

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