In Another Life

Chapter 64: The assurance of the gods and goddesses

Section 64 The assurance of the godly man

Section 64

West Asia's guards are still dumbfounded waiting to come to pay their respects, only to see a group of people running a few steps, the hands do not know what to throw, all over the sky? One by one, they didn't even duck to look at the sky.

When you look clearly, one by one scared flashing flashing, dodging, even draw a knife are too late, Joseph Archmage look, hurriedly cast a magic shield to protect him and His Highness.

Some of the others were unable to dodge, and immediately six or seven guards were shot through the javelin, these warriors hate a throw, the power is really not small, if the accuracy is better, I'm afraid more dead.

The shouting sound, as if there is a hatred of wife, Siya also blinded, obviously is the merchant team of Lanka, this daylight without saying a word to kill? Is there still a king's law? Is there any justice? Even if they encounter bandits, they can't just kill people on sight, right?

Although he was a prince, he was also a knight, so he drew his sword and shouted, "Don't panic, form up and prepare to meet the enemy."

Archmage Joseph immediately cast an enchantment spell, a greenish light enveloped Siya's men and horses, and with a raise of his hand, two fireballs flew towards the warriors of the caravan.

The warriors and knights on Danny's side took a look at the situation and all froze at once. This cyan magic enchanted light and magic flame bomb, which they were very, very familiar with as court warriors and royal knights, was a skill that could only be cast by a blue card magician.

Sia's guards after the enchanting magic, each of them are in high spirits, fighting spirit, the desire to fight raised to the extreme anger to look ahead, but they are few, and did not take the initiative to attack, set up a defensive formation, ready to meet the battle.

"Who are you people, how dare you impersonate my blue card caravan, this is the territory of the new moon, so you are not afraid of retaliation from my blue card army." Sia said this means clearly, this is the Crescent Moon country, no matter what you are, when the time comes, if you can not find others, you will find the Crescent Moon to settle accounts, Joseph Archmage followed Sia.

The group of warriors and knights just did not see Siya and Joseph, the two of them at the back of the group, now see these two people appear, scared to throw down the weapons in their hands and fall to the ground, Prince Siya and Joseph Archmage they can have seen, especially Joseph that hawk nose, others want to impersonate are difficult.

"Your Highness, we are Lord Brown led a team to meet you, just now ~ ~ misunderstanding, pure misunderstanding." A small chief said while sweating.

The first time Sia heard that it was really his own people, his nose was almost crooked, Joseph Archmage gloomy old face, angry trembling voice shouted: "You damn things, how dare you assassinate His Highness, treason, to hang you all alive ~ ~" the group of warriors are drooping head, one of them are no longer the spirit of just now.

"Call Brown over to me." Sia didn't bother to bother talking to these people, and waited to settle the score with Brown.

"Your Highness, Lord Brown he~~ has died."

"What? Brown is dead?" Sia was shocked when she heard that.

At this time, Danny also trembled Wei Wei came over, just now he had been in the car to follow the battle, when he saw that the attacked was really His Royal Highness Prince Siya, almost did not head, this is a big crime to kill, also can not care about their own injuries, bear the pain of the injury to get out of the car, hard head walked over.

"My subordinate Danny, meet His Royal Highness the Prince, come to collect the crime." After saying this, he fell to his knees.

Sia took a look at Danny's body wrapped in wounds, and after looking at the group of listless warriors who fell to their knees, "What is going on here, is it that the army of the Crescent Moon Kingdom has engaged you?"

Danny hatred to tell the situation once again, the others and add oil and vinegar about the bald old and Li Tian and their two groups of despicable behavior, Siya listened to is burning with rage, fists clenched snapping sound, teeth are about to gnash, "Li Tian ~! I will not stop with you, people, organize the team for me, even if the chase to the sky, I will tell them to pay for their lives!"

At this time, Li Tian had already rendezvoused with his third sister, the divine stick, at the foot of Hump Mountain, the divine stick was foaming at the mouth bragging about his divine bravery, and when he saw Li Tian coming with his men and horses, he ran up with enthusiasm like fire.

"Days ~~ my lovely days, you know how heroic I was just now, twenty or thirty of them fought against me alone, and ended up being defeated by me, the brothers did not do anything, do not believe you ask Guo Jing."

Those witches of the Wiccan religion listened to feel to vomit, Guo Jing awkwardly coughed twice, did not answer, the god stick to be right, except that it is not a sparring match is a sparring match, one person and a group of people, but also a big victory and return.

"Not bad, not bad, it seems to be deep in my true tradition, continue to work hard." Li Tian can be aware of the two skills of the god stick, now in a good mood, and he joked with him.

Those two dozen flying birds listened to but a big sweat, oh my! If that bald head is from Li Tian learned cursing, then they the king of the forest can really be the king of cursing in a thousand years.

"Third sister, this time it's hard for you, the Wiccan elder, to come personally, I'm sorry." To the third sister of the Witch Cult, Li Tian was still more polite.

"Lord Li, I came to support by the order of the State Master, but do not want to clash with the people of Lanka head-on, as long as to ensure your safety, we even complete the task, must not be in the Crescent Moon to assassinate Cia, then our Crescent Moon country but will be very passive, so, a moment when the hands, as a last resort, we try not to show up, Lord Li Tian, have mercy on others. " After all, the third sister is speaking from the perspective of the new moon country, originally she was still worried about Li Tian's safety, but seeing that Li Tian also has a backhand, now her biggest hope is that nothing happens to the people of both Daan and Lanka, so as not to bring the new moon into the war.

Li Tian listened to understand the meaning of the third sister, that is to tell Li Tian also let West Asia a horse, do not drive to kill, also they do not want to appear, Li Tian said in his heart not to appear you guys come to what, this time I have to call you two countries to a deadlock.

Li Tian also did not speak, the god stick preemptively said: "Third sister, please do not worry, the god envoy as this visit to your country's ambassador, since childhood under the sun god's shine thrive, a righteousness, cynical, but also compassionate, kind-hearted, so long Dalian a foul mouth has never said, how can be good to kill it, as long as the West Asia they do not kill us, I absolutely I will not tell my people to do it, I will watch them, try not to tell my people to kill." The divine ambassador said with a righteous face, those who do not know think he has always been like this.

The third sister felt that the divine ambassador is the rightful ambassador of this visit, how to say is also the leader, and also the sun divine ambassador, in Daan's reputation is also witnessed, although she has seen the inferiority of the divine ambassador, but with the words of the divine ambassador for assurance, but still very comforting nodded, "Then thank the divine ambassador Lord, we also have the hardship."

Guo Jing next to the group of birds of prey after hearing this, a burst of chills, since childhood did not say a foul mouth? He also has the courage to say this, and not afraid of the sun god down to give him two slaps.

Li Tian listened, narrowed his eyes heart secretly smiled, this god stick with more and more tacit understanding, I'm afraid that the three sisters sold her do not know, these days believe in whose words can not believe in a god stick words.

Li Tian looked around the six clan brothers, his face overflowing with smiles, after two sneak attacks, according to his calculations, the West Asia's men and horses than his not much, even if the three sisters they did not come, but also have the ability to fight, it seems that this camel mountain is the burial place of West Asia.

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