In Another Life

Chapter 60: You stop and I stop

Section 60 you stop and I stop

Section 60

Li Tian now realize the separation of the heartbreak and sadness, when the previous life as a liar, Li Tian rarely move true love, but also did not touch the real love, this life, since God gave him a chance, Li Tian would like to do a man, create a career, and his beloved to live a good life.

Situ Ying's melancholy eyes, so Li Tian could not bear to push her away from the arms, Situ Ying took out a silk scarf, wiped the tear marks on the corner of the eyes.

"Brother Tian, you go, Ying'er wait for you, anyway, as long as you die, Ying'er will also go with you." Situ Ying looked at Li Tian with deep emotion.

Li Tian took a deep breath and touched Situ Ying's hair, "Ying'er, do you have a zither here? I want to play a song for you before I leave."

Once Situ Ying heard this, a smile appeared on her face and she nodded, "Wait a moment, I'll ask someone to bring the zither over."

In a short while, a guqin was sent over, but the one who sent it was Yue'er, and when she saw Li Tian, her mouth whispered "dead pervert".

Li Tian opened the zither box, put the zither on the table, brushed his hands on the strings, brewed a bit of emotion, but saw Yue'er standing next to him angrily, how can not be quiet.

"Well, what, Yue'er, can you avoid it, just that look in your eyes, as if you want to kill a pig, how can I quietly play ah." Li Tian couldn't do anything about this super light bulb.

"Avoid what! You know how to play the piano too? Playing cotton is more like it." Yue'er said in a furious voice.

"Hey, fine, fine! You just stay here, I'll pretend you don't exist still, really convinced you." Li Tian finished, changed direction, no longer look at Yue'er, but the brain early Yue'er down on the ground, first that what, then that what, ruthlessly masturbate a little.

Li Tian smiled at Situ Ying, "Ying'er, this piece of music is specifically for you."

After saying that, Li Tian wandered his hands on the strings and sang slowly with the music.

It's hard to see each other and it's hard to say goodbye, the east wind has no power and a hundred flowers are left.

The spring silkworm to the end of the silk, the wax torch into ashes tears to dry.

The mirror at dawn but worried about the cloud temples change, night singing should feel the moonlight cold.

There is no more way to Peng Mountain, the green bird is diligent to visit.

In his previous life, Li Tian was singing this song in electronic music, I did not expect today to come to a self-playing and singing, it seems to work quite well, even the moon is listening to the fascination, not to mention Situ Ying.

"Ying'er, remember my words, wait for me to come back." After saying that, Li Tian walked out with a manly spirit.

"The dead pervert is really something." Yue'er whispered.

"When we see each other, it's hard to say goodbye!" Situ Ying looked at Li Tian's departing back, a line of hot tears flowed down.

Back to the inn, the people have been ready, the god stick saw the listless Li Tian, no good said: "Little Li Zi, all waiting for you, what did you do, look at you, is not the prostitute tired."

Li Tian fiercely rolled his eyes, ignoring the godly man, directly to Guo Jing asked: "West Asia they are not also on the road."

"Your Excellency, don't worry, they are all within our surveillance, I have mobilized the Six Clansmen from all over the Crescent Moon substations to closely monitor their movements and those of Lanka's side."

"Good! Good job, the old man is in a bad mood lately, so let's take this kid, get on the horse and start." After Li Tian finished, he directly got into the Godsend's car and a group of fifteen people left the inn.

At this time, Sia and the others had also left the Crescent Capital and were on their way back to Lanka, Archmage Joseph and Sia were sitting in a limousine, waiting for a report from their men.

"Your Royal Highness, Li Tian and the others have already moved, and it looks like they are taking the same route as us." A scouting horse came to report.

"Well, it seems to be similar to what I thought, they are going to convince the Wu Gang alliance, which is just right, to pass through a section of our land in Lanka." Archmage Joseph said.

"Hm, that's where they'll be buried, but I'd like to finish them off at the New Moon, and then blame the New Moon for this, and see how they can make an alliance."

"Well, that's a good idea from your highness, the palace knights who will meet us tomorrow will arrive, and with the existing personnel, we should be able to take them down." The Archmage said.

"Great, let's tell Li Tian to die in New Moon, then I'll see how New Moon will explain to Da An." Sia finished speaking and told the scouting horses to continue their surveillance.

Li Tian's men and horses left the New Moon capital and were running to Wu Gang country.

"My lord, we seem to be followed, there are several vehicles and horses, always adorned behind us." Guo Jing rode over and said.

"Oh, that must be the followers of this divine messenger, great God, look how pious they are." The god stick had an excited face.

"Stick ah, you go get a mirror and look at it, it must be a pig inside." Li Tian impatiently said, then said, "Guo Jing, first see the situation before talking, keep an eye on their movements, now there are too many people on this road, wait until tomorrow after the front metropolis, if there are still people following, exterminate them all."

"Understood." Guo Jing finished speaking and rode his horse towards the back.

Li Tian and West Asia's two groups of people, a way to watch each other, who are not walking fast, West Asia is afraid of Li Tian they change the route, in case the distance drawn too far, not good action, Li Tian is afraid and West Asia walking too close, to scare him away, the two sides are walking more and more slowly, each other squall on the strength, you do not fucking go I do not move.

"Damn, it seems wrong ah, this kid how not to move?" Li Tian perceived the perversity of Siasia.

With the flying birds of the flying bird clan to transmit the language, Li Tian they grasp the information fast and accurate, it can be said that the situation of West Asia as well.

"Guo Jing, tell the team to stop, let's discuss, I don't think something is right." Li Tian commanded.

The team stopped, and a group of people sat together and analyzed the current situation.

"That kid from West Asia is returning to his country and is walking so slowly, is there some kind of conspiracy?" Li Tian said.

"My lord, behind us, in those few cars, they must be following us, I suspect that Siasia and the others might have the same idea as us." Guo Jing said.

"Impossible, this is the territory of the Crescent Moon country, Sia they do not dare to make a move, besides they are only about twenty people now, if they dare to make a move with us, then it is simply a dead end." God stick also followed the analysis.

Li Tian took out the map, looked at it, said: "West Asia is not a fool, the old man with a hawk nose who came with him that day, should be clear about our strength, although only fifteen people, but against their twenty followers is not a problem, I think they must have reinforcements to meet, otherwise West Asia will not be so calm and easy to play relay race with us. "

"My lord, according to the news from our forward station, there is a large caravan of merchants on the Blue Card side heading this way, numbering no less than sixty people, but they don't do business in the capitals and are tall and strong, I suspect they are Blue Card warriors who are picking up Sia." One of the flying birds said.

"It seems that this kid from Sia also wants to finish us off at the new moon, Guo Jing, how many more people can we mobilize from the six clansmen's hands at each of our stations." Li Tian asked.

"Now can mobilize only about twenty people, all the flying bird race people." Guo Jing said.

"The manpower seems to be insufficient, and really underestimated this kid."

As soon as Li Tian finished, the god stick asked nervously, "Then what to do, why don't we go back, with your old friend in, she will always help us."

"Go back? To go back to your back, I can not afford to lose that person, his grandmother, this time we will play a good game with West Asia, to see who is shady who."

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