In Another Life

Chapter 6: Acceptance of Ruyu

Section 6 Acceptance as Jade

Section 6

Seeing the shadow behind him, Li Tian's sweat hair stood up, it will not be the bull head horse horse face to catch me back to hell. This time I did not lie, this is my true feelings.

"Humph! You bad egg, what did you do to sister just now."

"Oh my! It's Ruyu, you know people can scare people to death." Knowing that it was not a ghost, Li Tian let out a long breath.

"No nonsense, quickly say, what did you just do." Although in the courtyard can not see Ruyu's expression, but from the words Li Tian also heard the second young lady's anger.

"No~ didn't do anything." Li Tian's heart was really a little weak.

"Hmph, I saw it all."

"My drops of heaven! What do you think you're doing running to me in the middle of the night when a girl is not sleeping."

"I ~ ~ I originally wanted to tell your father's situation, I did not expect to see you to sister ~ you play rascal."

I dizzy, this society even 'play rogue' such terms have appeared, this is who has nothing better to invent.

"Ruyu girl, I that is not ~~ play that what, I am sincere."

"You bad egg, see if I don't tell dad, tell him to open your ass again." After saying that, Ruyu turned around to go.

Jesus, Li Tian grabbed Ruyu, "Listen to me"

"You let go, I do not listen."

My God! I'm done if you leave. One does not do two, Li Tian all of a sudden held Ruyu tightly in his arms, only and just hugged Ruyan mood is completely two concepts.

"You bad egg, let go of me, or I shouted, come ~ ~"

Ruyu's 'man' word has not yet shouted out, it was Li Tian's big mouth to block, this is what happened ah, just after a deep kiss sister, and then roughly kissed his sister.

I don't know how long it took, Li Tian felt that the Ruyu in his arms was not struggling, before slowly leaving her jade lips.

"Oooooo~~" a small cry issued from Ruyu's mouth.

"You bad egg, woooo~ not only did you bully your sister, you also bullied me, woo~ see if I don't tell daddy~ woo~" Ruyu said with a pearly voice.

God, if her brainless father knew that Li Tian had done this to her two precious daughters, he would have killed me Li Tian. This is his territory, not even the opportunity to complain, even if not kill me Li Tian, but also may make me Li Tian whole eunuch.

"Ruyu, listen to me, you see ~ that what, you and your sister have been kissed by me, in case if word gets out, your family's reputation can be finished, you see is not ~ ~" seems to work, the cry is gone, the nobleman is afraid of the reputation.

"You just ~~ kissed me, that ~~ will I ~~ be pregnant." Ru Yu asked in a small but nervous voice.

My earth god! It seems that this society really needs to popularize sex education for teenagers, the knowledge is too poor.

"Well, that, technically speaking, definitely won't get pregnant. If you want to get pregnant, then you have to do the second step, and I won't go into it. Here's the deal, as long as you don't tell anyone, mention any condition I promise you." I hope this girl will not ask me Li Tiantian to seize a star in the sky, down to the sea to catch a thousand-year-old king.

Ruyu did not speak, Li Tian quietly waiting, but still hold her tightly, really afraid of a let go, this girl ran to her father to sue. On Li Tian now this duck step, can not catch up with Ruyu.

Ruyu thought about it and said with determination: "Well, this is what you said, no backtracking."

"Okay, you say it." As long as you have the conditions, there is no fear that you will sue again.

"I want you to marry me." Ruyu's big eyes were extra bright in the night.

"Ah, you!!!? This can not be, I promised to marry your sister, can not talk does not count, then she will be very sad." Grandmother, I thought to myself, if I marry Ruyu, Ruyan in a fit of anger and then go to sue, will die just as badly.

"I didn't say not to ask you to marry your sister, who didn't rule out marrying two sisters." Ruyu whispered.

The great Sun God, ah, this is the first time to sincerely pat you on the back. Yes, this society does not provide for monogamy, this is who promulgated the marriage law, too damn talented.

"That ~~ hey, I'll, is not I'm not bad, you have long looked at me." The pie finally hit me Li Tian's head.

"Beautiful you." Ruyu whispered.

"Your sister's side, or ~ um ~ that, better you say, I'm afraid that in case ...... "God, is not a little too mean.

"There is another condition." Ru Yu then said.

Look, I knew this girl would not let go so easily. Li Tian Yi gritted his teeth and said, "Say it, as long as I can accept, absolutely no problem."

"You have to teach me to learn to play the 'Divine Comedy'."

Li Tian let out a long breath, "I thought what a big deal. No problem, it's all on me."

"Then you still do not let go, not enough hug, my arms are strangled numb." The voice of Ruyu is small like a mosquito, this time although no light can not see Ruyu's face, but I'm sure it is red.

Let go of Ruyu, Li Tian also stretched a lazy back, it seems that continuous hugging is really a physical job.

"Ruyu sister, you see is not together into the house, study the second step, teach you how to have a body pregnant."

"Go to hell."

"Oi yell! Don't kick my ass."

Today is not stepping on dog shit, otherwise how to take such great luck, which is equivalent to buy a gold necklace also pick up a diamond ring for nothing.

All things being well, then we must seriously prepare for the problem of chess with the future father-in-law. As the old saying goes, the proverbial gun doesn't light up, so we can't ask people to underestimate our son-in-law-to-be, it's a matter of face, we have to lose even though we lose!

The military chess hall, sitting a lot of soldiers, anyway, Li Tian also can not understand their positions high and low. It seems that all the famous generals in Pingdu have arrived, and Marquis Wang Ping is sitting in the middle.

"Li Tian, I just want to tell you to see what it means to be in the battlefield. You must do well in my army in the future, don't call others to laugh, but I think highly of you." Marquis Wang Ping smiled and looked at Li Tian and said.

Li Tian heard the Marquis Wang Ping as if he had already eaten him, hurriedly asked a question.

"That ~~ Lord Lord, I wonder if what you said still counts."

The marquis was stunned, "What still counts?"

"It's that if I win, I will be released to the capital." Li Tian said cautiously.

Hahahahaha~~ a burst of laughter from the generals in the room, the marquis were laughing with tears. With great difficulty to stop laughing, Wang Ping said, "Good boy, as long as you win, I will not only let you go, but also send you a hundred taels of silver for your entourage."

"Thank you, Lord Lord, I also know that it is impossible to win you, but in case I win, can you promise me a small request." Li Tian began to dig a hole for Wang Ping. Whether his two daughters could become Li Tian's wives depended on this battle.

"Hahahahaha, if you win, I will promise you, but I don't know what you want?" This old fox was not stupid at all and wanted to set Li Tian's words.

Li Tian's eyes stared deadly at his matching sword with a very misty-eyed look, and said on his lips, "Of course it's your most beloved treasure, and it's been with you for many years."

Seeing Li Tian's eyes, the marquis laughed, "You have good eyesight, this is my most beloved treasure, just afraid you can't take it away."

He did not know that the treasure Li Tian said was his two daughters, and thought that Li Tian really saw his broken knife.

This time, the projection is very simple, is the offensive and defensive projection. Attacking army 20,000 people, defending army 5,000 people, attacking and defending casualty ratio is four to one. It's fair to say that if you attack strongly against a strong defender, the end result will be the death of both armies. Only the ratios of military types and equipment are different, and both sides are supplied for three days. In other words, if the battle cannot be ended in three days, it depends on who can find a way not to starve to death first.

The ratios of the defenders' armies are

Two thousand light cavalry, two thousand five hundred infantry, five hundred archers, including twenty scouts. In addition, there were fifty stone throwing vehicles, with an effective distance of 300 to 500 meters, plus 100 meters on the walls, and ten barrels of burning oil.

The attacking army ratios were

Four thousand heavy cavalry, eleven thousand infantry, four thousand light cavalry, and one thousand archers. There were one hundred scouts, one hundred stone throwing carts with an effective distance of three hundred to five hundred meters, and two hundred stirrup ladders.

After looking at the equipment of both sides, the marquis graciously asked Li Tian to choose first, and Li Tian did not hesitate to pick the side of defending the city.

Marquis Wang Ping smiled and said, "Young man, don't call me too disappointed."

"It is a privilege in three lives to be able to push with the lord lord, but I still have your treasure in mind, so I will certainly not die too ugly, after you, my lord."

Marquis Wang Ping nodded and walked into his command.

Li Tian also walked into his command and sat there dumbfounded. Although after a night of bad luck, he still knew very little about the use of troops in this society. I can only rely on the movies of my previous life plus what I know from books and magazines to fight this battle. If you win, everyone is happy, if you lose, then the big deal is to follow Wang Ping for a few days.

The staff of the rehearsal gave an order, the attack and defense of both sides officially kicked off, and all the personnel of the command immediately entered the state of war.

Li Tian immediately ordered, "All scouts listen to the order, no news of enemy troops can be spared within 50 miles outside the city, light cavalry stationed at 500 meters inside the city waiting for orders, infantry and archers all standby on the city wall." Since the stone throwing carts took up too much space on the city walls, Li Tian again ordered all the stone throwing carts to be withdrawn. Watching his orders go out one by one, Li Tian really felt like a great general.

Not long after, the scouts came to report that the enemy army was camped five miles outside the city.

Outside the city, the attacking side of the military formation lined up, Marquis Wang Ping saw Li Tian's layout on the city walls, and then look at the shifting figures behind the city chop. Sighed and shook his head, "Hey, amateurs are amateurs, first give you some awesome, and then end the battle tomorrow. Too early to eat you, I'm too humiliated in front of that group of men, and gave them a half day of bragging."

Men, prepare to attack the city! The stone throwers advanced to two hundred meters below the city, targeting the top of the walls, and fired three rounds. One thousand archers, advance to forty meters below the city for full speed bow and arrow shooting, and six thousand infantry, attack the city with full force.

A round of one hundred stone throwers is three rounds, three rounds is nine rounds. Nine hundred boulders fell from the sky, and on the spot, the Ministry of Maneuvers ruled that the officers and soldiers on the walls of Li Tian died two hundred people and seriously injured seventy people, and withdrew from the battle sequence.

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