In Another Life

Chapter 53: Trouble before the duel

Section 53 Troubles before the duel

Section fifty-three

Li Tian just a moment of anger, agreed to a duel with Prince Siasia, did not even think about the consequences, Situ Ying wanted to stop has come too late, Siasia with anger to leave the State Master Hall.

"Brother Tian, you ~ you are too reckless, how can you say that I am your person, if Siasia goes around saying things, what can I do." Situ Ying looked at Li Tian with a bit of difficulty.

Li Tian heard this for a moment really bad answer, just now just a stopgap measure, he did not think about the consequences.

"Ying'er, I was just a moment of anger, see you a little embarrassed, so I said this, you do not mind."

"Alas~~ Brother Tian, you shouldn't have agreed to duel with him, Siya's martial skills are more powerful than the Golden Temple warriors, you definitely can't beat him, and this person is narrow-minded, when the time comes, I'm afraid you will suffer a big loss." Situ Ying was indeed very worried.

Hearing this, Li Tian to be a little difficult, did not expect that little white face is still so powerful, and thought he was a soft-earned rice.

"Shadow, you are a sorcerer, can you tell this kid to duel with me, hands and feet numb, vomit or something, do you think it's okay?" Li Tian looked at Situ Ying for help.

"Brother Tian, that won't work, that would cause a break between the two countries, I can't do that, besides there are magicians around Siya, a glance will show that it's me who's doing the magic."

A magician? God, how did even that pop up.

"Shadow, is a magician very powerful?" Li Tian really wanted to know if the so-called magician was as he imagined, able to call the wind and rain.

"In this continent, a few hundred years ago, Daan is revered martial arts, the new moon has witch religion, blue card has magicians, and it is not easy to say who is strong and who is weak, magicians and wizards are mostly based on spiritual attacks, but to run into a martial artist with high internal strength, I'm afraid it is difficult to implement."

After listening to Shadow's introduction, Li Tian to put down his heart, spiritual attacks are not very useful to him.

"By the way, aren't you fighting with the Qian family in Da'an, why did you come to the New Moon?" Shadow just remembered to ask Li Tian the reason for coming to New Moon.

"Shadow, there is a little trouble, Qian Fu sent people to borrow troops with the six countries, I am here specifically to cause havoc, now the two armies are holding each other, if we let them have their way, I am afraid that the army of Da'an does not have much chance of winning." Li Tian to did not hide, told the original story of the matter.

"I also received news that Qian Fu was going to send someone, but until now there is no sign of them, I suspect they may have gone to other countries to borrow troops first."

"Now I can not care so much, can only come one by one, because here you are, so first run the new moon, of course, mainly want to meet you." Li Tian this is true, although there are two beautiful women at home, but the heart still think about the shadow, the common problem of men, the home is not as good as the outside.

Situ Ying heard this, the heart felt very warm, in fact, she did not know, since the two have the existence of the contract, she slowly Li Tian as a relative, the soul of the implication, the easiest way to make the servant's side dependent on the master's side, at first Situ Ying to do not feel anything, but with the passage of time, she thought more and more in her mind is surprisingly Li Tian's figure.

Looking at Li Tian kept looking at her, Situ Ying was a little embarrassed and hurriedly spread the words away, "Brother Tian, you'd better think about what to do tomorrow, if you don't go to the duel, I will send someone to tell Sia."

"No, since I promised, I have to go tomorrow no matter what, I can't be a son of a bitch! I'll go back and talk to my brothers first and see what countermeasures I have."

Saying goodbye to Situ Ying, Li Tian went back to the inn and hurried to find Guo Jing and the divine rod to discuss countermeasures.

The three people thought about it, but there is no good way, a fair duel, others can not help, Li Tian and do not know martial arts, in addition to a strong body, a scoundrel's okay, if and after formal training of warriors, it does not work, Li Tian also does not know other skills, the god stick is taught him some scattered incense ash, kicked down the yin of these tricks, I am afraid that against a real martial artist, not even a little use The actual martial artist, I'm afraid, is not even a little bit useful.

"Little Li Zi, you are lucky, it is best to write your will before you duel, of course, your family assets I will help you to manage, you can rest assured." The godly man's expression was actually still sad.

"You hurry up and die aside, or I'll beat you up first." Li Tian was depressed to death, did not expect to agree to a duel, but actually put himself to the gun, he is now Siaya's love rival, when the boy even if not to get Li Tian to death, I'm afraid to give him a disfigurement, and then beat a half body paralysis or something.

The day passed in a flash, Li Tian could not wait to ask God to stop the time, the night he did not come up with a solution, anxious eyes red.

The Prince of West Asia of Lanka, but sent people to make a big announcement, for love, a time, the new moon country capital of the large and small noblemen know the news, calm life boiled up, the beauty of the new moon state teacher has long made these people coveted three feet, but fear the power of the state teacher and witchcraft, no one dares to go looking for trouble, this is good, always noble state teacher Situ Ying even and a businessman and hook up, can put this group of people Excited bad, despicable ideas are endless.

Li Tian took the divine rod and Guo Jing, distracted walking in the street, the three people just came out of the secret branch of the Chao Du Chamber of Commerce, to there just to understand the current situation of the new moon, and some of the upper echelon of power, ready to pull in a group of corrupt officials before negotiating with the king of the new moon.

The three men saw a large group of people gathered not far ahead, all scrambling to buy something? The godly stick love hilarious character immediately pulled two people forward to watch, it turned out to be Li Tian and Siasia's duel gambling, only to see a few lines of slogans written on it.

Daan adulterer crossed the knife to take love.

Prince Lanka fights for love.

To whom does the beauty of the country belong?

All in the duel today.

The odds on the betting board were 1 to 1.5, and Li Tian's odds were 1 to 10.

Damn, how did I become a treacherous businessman who took away love? He obviously stole my woman! One to ten? The company's main goal was to get the company to the next level.

"God stick, do you think I can win?" Li Tian asked the god stick.

"That still need to ask, certainly you win, I am very optimistic about you yell!" The god stick said very seriously.

"Then what are you waiting for, go buy ah, I have to tell the casino to pay for crying, help me buy 50,000, bet on me to win." Li Tian took out a large amount of silver ticket.

"Hey, hey, that what, you'd better buy less." The god stick was embarrassed to look at Li Tian, that expression could be seen at a glance, he did not look at Li Tian at all.

"Damn, don't believe it is." Li Tian clenched his fist and looked at the god stick.

"Believe! Definitely believe, you are so despicable, do not believe you believe who." The god stick squeezed into the crowd and bought Li Tian 50,000 for him to win, but he secretly bought 30,000 for Siasia to win.

In the afternoon, the tournament arena was crowded with people, it seems that everyone wanted to get a glimpse of this treacherous businessman's dignity.

"Little Li Zi, after being a friend for so long, I can't help but think of you, for your personal safety, in fact, I have long thought of a way out, just didn't give you, take it, this is my bag of good ideas for you." Said, the god stick handed Li Tian a 'bag', only this bag is a little big, Li Tian how to look like a sack.

"Stick, thank you, or you are enough friends." Li Tian and the god stick hugged fiercely, then right shoulder against a large wooden stick, left hand carrying a sack, head held high into the dueling arena.

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