In Another Life

Chapter 52: Shadow is my person

Section 52 Shadow is my person

Section fifty-two

The magician also did not expect this bandit is a woman, or a nice young woman, if a male can still whip two, but now it seems that the magician really can not lay hands on, awkwardly glanced at Li Tian.

Li Tian simply ignored him, who told him to rush to interrogate, but also shamelessly said that the trial of a small bandit is not under the circumstances.

"Cough cough", the divine rod cleared his throat and said to the female bandit: "Girl, you'd better tell us honestly, why are you always looking for trouble with us, whose mastermind."

The female bandit was nudged and thrown to the ground hard, looking at the godly stick maliciously, not saying a word.

God stick a little helpless, and do not know how to ask, also put down his face to Li Tian and Guo Jing for advice, very angry said: "You do not say it, right, see, that guy." Said a hand pointed to Li Tian, then said, "He is a nymphomaniac, and then do not say the words told him to strip your clothes naked."

But Li Tian bad, fortunately there is no outsider in, if this in the eyes of the people of Da'an, the great Lord God's Messenger said, do not know really think he is a nymphomaniac, Guo Jing also can not help but a little want to laugh.

The woman looked at the divine messenger, mouth also do not know what to read, eyes on the divine messenger a glare, the divine messenger only feel a little leg weakness, head dizzy, a butt sitting on the ground.

Li Tian looked at the situation, as if to understand what, healthy steps up, looked at the woman and asked: "You are a witch?"

The woman thought Li Tian really wanted to do something to her, although she could not move, but her face pale, panicked, said, "If you dare to touch me, I will curse you to the devil."

Hi! This is really big water washed away the temple of the dragon king, only then did Li Tian understand that the encounters along the way, it turned out that it was all this group of witches who were causing the trouble, in the new moon country also only they witches can use the official power.

"Guo Jing, unlock his acupuncture points and release her."

"Release her? No, just let go when you say so." The magus got up from the ground in a mess.

"She is a sorcerer."

As soon as Li Tian said, the two men immediately understood and Guo Jing went forward to unlock the acupuncture points on the woman.

"You can go now, tell the person who masterminded you not to come after me again, or she will definitely regret it." Li Tian finished, and arranged for his men to bring a horse over to this female witch.

The sorceress looked at a few people very strangely, not understanding what they were up to.

The god stick thought about the treatment he received along the way and felt very angry in his heart and said to Li Tian, "No, they have screwed us so many times along the way, so we have to ask them to compensate for the damage."

Li Tian also felt that the cleric had a point, if we didn't get this straightened out, we didn't know how many hurdles were waiting behind us, and said to the sorceress, "Tell your head that we are waiting here, your state master is my friend, tell your head to send a car to take us to the New Moon capital."

"Why should I believe you." The witch's tone was still very cold, and it seemed that she still held a grudge against Li Tian and the others.

"You can ask your head to ask the State Master, just say that Brother Tian came to see her at the New Moon." Li Tian knew from Situ Ying that they were able to perform a witchcraft among the witches that could use paper cranes to quickly transmit messages.

The sorceress gave Li Tian a look, not knowing if he really knew the State Master, "If you dare to lie to me, you are guaranteed to die a horrible death." After saying that, beat his horse and went out of the woods.

Understand the reason, Li Tian also put down his heart, the six clans of manpower called to the woods, "brothers to catch a few game, first some barbecue and so on, do not need to be so nervous, will be fine."

"I say little Li Zi, you say that your old friend, can you give you face, she will not come to deny it." The cleric asked Li Tian while lighting the fire.

"What old flame, do not say so ambiguous, she is only my sister, will certainly listen to me, will never betray, this I can be very sure." Li Tian said confidently.

That's true, Situ Ying and he signed a master-servant contract, want to betray, then only a dead end.

"My God, don't say so confident, women's hearts three changes a day, wife before marriage are called sister, you kid which point is better than me, how to find a few are all beautiful, even to me a forget, that more than 30,000 silver I don't want, you see how." The god stick hehe smiled.

"Roll, less hit my idea, careful I castrate you."

"Damn, not interesting enough, when we get to the new moon capital, I'll give your old flame to ask for money, husband's debt and wife's repayment, it's only right."

Li Tian's group of men and horses were eating barbecue in the woods, waiting for the arrival of the sorcerer, he knew very well in his heart that this group of sorcerers would definitely come.

A flying bird clan looked at the sky, "My lord, there is a group of wagons driving towards here."

As expected, from the time the sorceresses were let go, it was less than a few hours before and after, seven or eight carriages arrived in the woods, and a woman in her thirties shouted loudly into the woods, "By order of the State Master of the New Moon Kingdom, we have come to welcome Prince Li of the Great An Kingdom to the capital."

It seemed that Situ Ying also did not reveal Li Tian's identity, so this group of people just referred to each other as Gongzi.

This time, even the six clansmen did not need to ride horses, a few people a car, all sitting comfortably in the carriage.

There are people in the court, this seems to work everywhere, the journey is unimpeded, at each stop there is still someone to receive, along the way is looking at the scenery, listening to the introduction of local customs, surrounded by many beautiful wizards accompanied, very happy.

In a few days, came to the capital of the new moon, the carriage directly into the name of the witch religion of a high-grade inn.

The next morning, Li Gen went to pay a visit to Situ Ying, originally wanted to go last night, after all, his current identity is a businessman, some things still have to pay attention to the impact.

As the new moon state master, Situ Ying has its own separate palace, Li Tian outside the palace, with spiritual power to see Situ Ying, looking at her blue eyes, delicate face, Li Tian heart a burst of excitement, now Li Tian eyes only Situ Ying, simply do not care about the existence of other people.

Situ Ying also seems to feel Li Tian, eyes on the palace door, with her, Li Tian in her mind, has a strange feeling.

"Shadow sister" once into the hall, Li Tian called out, ran over and naturally put Situ Ying in his arms.

Situ Ying did not expect Li Tian directly to a hug, suddenly shy face red, "Brother Tian, quickly let go, the temple and guests."

Li Tian just did not care about that set, laughed cheerfully twice and let go of his hands.

"Your Excellency, please show some respect." An angry roar rang out behind Li Tian.

Li Tian turned around and saw a young man in a knight's costume, standing there angrily.

"Who are you?" Li Tian asked strangely.

"I am the Prince of West Asia of the Blue Card Country, may I ask who your Excellency is."

Once he heard that it was the prince of the Blue Card Country, Li Tian to was very polite, "I am honored to know Your Highness, I am a merchant of Daan, my name is Li Tian."

"Humph! A merchant! Don't you think what you just did insulted Miss Situ's status, there is no need for inferior people here, please go out." Prince Sia looked angry.

Fuck, give you some sunshine and you're splendid, really fucking don't know what's good for you, Li Tian was just about to speak, Situ Ying to snatch a step ahead, "Your Highness Prince, this is the New Moon Country, not Lanka, please pay attention to your identity, he~~ is my cousin."

As soon as he heard Situ Ying speak for him, Li Tian looked at Sia angrily, but did not fight back again.

Sia also looked at Li Tian angrily, then said to Situ Ying: "Miss Situ, I'm sorry, please forgive my recklessness, I am sincerely here to propose this time, and His Majesty the Crescent Moon King also agreed, why are you still hesitant to agree, is the future queen of Lanka, still not worthy of your status."

Li Tian understood as soon as he heard it, so this kid came to propose to Ying'er, damn it, with the old man in, you stand aside.

"No, Ying'er absolutely can't marry you."

Li Tian's words fell, Siya and Situ Ying were taken aback, these days Situ Ying has been troubled by this matter, but Lanka borders the new moon, such as categorical refusal, I'm afraid it will affect the relationship between the two countries, so it has not been able to down a ruthless direct refusal, would like to find a polite excuse, but Li Tian said this what does it mean?

"You inferior merchant, although you are Miss Situ's cousin, but here there is no right for you to speak." When Siya heard Li Tian obstruct his good deed, he wanted to tear Li Tian apart.

Damn than, dare to talk about Laozi like this, Li Tian weather stood forward, "Ying'er is my person, Laozi has long been engaged to her, you kid step aside."

Situ Ying froze for a moment, Siya a listen, angry look at Li Tian, swish pulled out the body of the sword, Li Tian thought to make a move, startled, all over the body also did not touch the weapon, in addition to the sleeve of the knife.

"I want to duel with you, tomorrow afternoon, see you on the tournament ground." Cia finished, put the saber # # # scabbard, looked at the still dazed Situ Ying glance, walked out.

"Fear you a bird, who does not go who is a son of a bitch."

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