In Another Life

Chapter 5: Meeting a beautiful woman again

Section 5 meet the beautiful person again

Section 5

Li Tian did not expect that the meeting with the two 'false gentry' again would be like this, with himself ugly pouting on a bar. My God as well as Our Lady, please give me Li Tian a crack in the ground and tell me to get into it, although I have never believed in you.

"You know each other?" Marquis Wang Ping looked at his two daughters in disbelief.

The eldest daughter blushed and was about to speak when the second daughter snatched, "Oh my! Father, do you know who he is? He is the great talent Li Tian who played the 'Divine Comedy' and wrote 'Xi Shi'. And also the great benefactor behind the good deeds of 'Yifangzhai', didn't you also mention the plaque to 'Yifangzhai'."

Marquis Wang Ping was astonished, this pouting guy in front of him, is the initiator of the good deed event? Wang Ping a little happy said: "So you kid is still a big charity? Well, good, very good, very good, someone, give a seat."

This old man can't be wrong medicine, just like this, can sit long ago, "Lord, I this?"

"Oh, ah, well, then lie down, this is my two daughters, the older one is called Ruyan, the younger one is called Ruyu." The marquis was really a little embarrassed.

"Father, who told you to give your daughter's name to others indiscriminately." Ruyu curled her little mouth in anger.

Ruyan, Ruyu, well, the name is good, and the person looks even better.

"Greetings to the two young ladies." Li Tian said politely.

"Met? When have you met?" Marquis Wang Ping looked at Li Tian in disbelief.

"Ah, this, well, no, I mean..." God, has this old man's head been kicked by a donkey.

"Father~ you, hey! Sir Li ignore him, my father is a military official, not too concerned about the etiquette set, please don't be offended." It was still Ruyan who was more considerate of people.

"Thank you, Miss, but the Lord Lord's face is majestic, and far from those civil officials. A country, although the text can rule the world, but without an army to hold it down, it simply will not work, the country's strength is absolutely inseparable from these generals. If we rely solely on the literati, no military generals, the country is richer, it is also for the enemy." The first few pats on the back, after getting acquainted with the daughter to seduce others.

As expected, Wang Ping, upon hearing Li Tian's words, slapped the table, "Good! Well said, deep in my opinion, I did not expect you to see the role of civil and military officials so thoroughly. I think you should not go to the examination of the bullshit literati, and enter my military camp. With your talent, first give you a hundred households to do."

Ah! Oh my God, with this IQ, no wonder he can't fight the civil officials.

"Father ~ you, how can such a decision, Li Gongzi is a literary talent, how can follow you to do, no, I do not agree."

"You a girl home, what do you know."

"I also do not agree, a literary genius, you actually asked people to go every day to lift the stone lock."

Ru Yan Ru Yu father and daughter three argued.

They do not agree? Who are they to me, Li Tian? Are they familiar with me? Are they interested in me? Well, according to my Li Tian's years of experience, this is a precursor to falling in love with someone.

"Hmm! Hmm! I say everyone calm down and listen to a word from Xiaomin."

Three people immediately turned their eyes to Li Tian who was lying on the bar, Ruyan and Ruyu blushed.

"Okay, you choose now, do you hang out with me, or go hang out with those sour and ungrateful literati."

Holy shit, this old guy must have done triads in his previous life, speaking out the whole thing is a boss tone.

"Lord, I think, as a general, the general, to know how to plan the strategy, in order to win a thousand miles away. Therefore, the literati is not useless, and it is the way to be both civil and military."

Marquis Wang Ping circled Li Tian three times, "You also know the art of war?"

This old guy, talk, talk, turn what the hell, and want to study on the ass? Li Tian that little military level, all in the movie books and magazines to find, before to really a military fan, "My Lord, the grass only know a little, only skin deep..."

"If you win, you will be released to the capital to participate in the Imperial examination. If you lose, you will obediently report to my camp, and you will be given four days to prepare, and your ass should be almost well by then."

Before Li Tian could finish, Marquis Wang Ping hurriedly set the matter down, it seems he also wanted to pull a military talent.

"Father, you're not bullying." Ruyu seemed very dissatisfied.

"It's settled, someone, send Duke Li back to rest." Without waiting for Li Tian to speak, he was carried back.

Lie on the big bed, Li Tian full of thoughts are what 'tunnel warfare' 'mine warfare', to see what modern military can be used today for the ancient.

The next morning, the doctor put on ointment for Li Tian. According to the authoritative doctor, Li Tian suffered are superficial injuries, the bones are fine, the wound has healed, waiting for the swelling to go down will be able to walk. Today is the last time on the medicine, later drink some internal on.

Wiped a butt of medicine, can only show the butt again to dry there.

Just listen to the room door 'creak ya' a ring. Hum! It seems that this group of voyeuristic maids have come to admire my son's ass again, grandmother, it's not like you haven't seen it.

"Come here, give this gentleman whack waist, live blood, I can walk sooner."

Listen to half a day no movement, Li Tian looked up, ah! Only to see Ruyan holding a few books in her hand, surprised to stand there. Hearing Li Tian's shout, shy face full of red, "I ~ ~ I am to send you a few books of war, I ~ put here." After saying that, Ruyan put down the book, turned around and ran out.

Just as Li Tian's surprised mouth had not yet closed, he heard someone outside talking, "Why is sister running so fast?" The sound of footsteps was getting closer and closer.

"Ah! Ruyu girl don't come in, don't come in." The sister looked at her sister then looked at her sister, no face.

"Humph, if you say don't enter I won't enter, this lady must enter. Ah! You!!! Me!!! You bad man, did not say earlier, damn bad man." Got! Another one got away.

You said it earlier? This is a personal privacy, I can say! When my Li Tian injury must be seen back, otherwise you can eat a big loss.

In the blink of an eye, three days have passed, finally able to walk around a little, the maids wait for Li Tian to change into new clothes. Of course, they looked at so many days of ass, a little tofu harassment is not too much. Bull head and horse face, this point can not be recorded in the account, the son said 'food sex also! . Li Tian could barely sit in the chair, looking for a fight came.

"You all go out, no orders not to come in."

"Yes, two ladies."

Looking at the two aggressive beauties, Li Tian really did not understand what they both wanted, it is difficult to want to rape ~~? ~~ Impossible, absolutely impossible. Li Tian absolutely does not believe that the sky can fall pie right on his head. The first thing you can do is to kill someone! , possible, very possible, this year the lord's daughter looked at a man's ass, if word got out ~~ ~ God, the consequences are serious.

"Li Tian" "bad egg" two people shouted at the same time, only Ruyan called the former, Ruyu called the latter.

"Well, that, whether you call Li Tian, or bad egg."

Ruyan glanced at her sister, "Li Tian, I can tell you, that day ~ ~ that day you can not say anything to anyone, or else ~."

"Hear me." Ruyu also followed.

"Oh, it's a nice day, what happened that day, I don't remember anything."

"Hmph, count on your good sense." Ruyu hands cha on the waist, chest up. Oh, at a young age, the chest grows so ~~ that what, the gods are above, I just think about it.

"And ~~ is that, well, after tomorrow, father will have to compete with you in military chess, do you really want to give up your future and follow him to learn to be a martial artist." Ruyan a little shy not dare to look at Li Tian. Well, still Ruyan is good to me Li Tian, just take her down first.

"Ugh! It's hard, I can't disobey the lord's words, after all, I am his subordinate, but I don't necessarily lose."

"Hmph, it's weird if you can win." Ruyu seemed to be very confident in her dad.

"Tonight I'm going to read by candlelight and study a bit hard the book of war, only~~"

"Just what?" Both of them asked in unison.

"It's just best if you two can help me out tonight." LOL! The dark plan to pick up girls began to play out.

"You think so." The sisters blurted out without even thinking about it. It is a bit difficult to go to a man's room in the middle of the night.

"Is it so hard for you guys to bear to see such a talented and promising young man like me being buried by the lord lord?"

"Then help you now." Ru Yan said.

"I was thinking of practicing the formation first in the evening, and you two will give me some pointers on the side. Say what formation your father loves to use and how to play, better go to your father's place now and feel something out."

"Hmph, anyway~ I'm not coming anyway. Sis! I'm leaving." Ruyu said, turned around and ran out.

"Sister, don't go, I~ I'm leaving too." Ruyu even gave Li Tian a glance as she was leaving.

A sinister smile crept onto Li Tian's face, he understood very well that Ruyan would definitely come at night.

The moon on the willow slightly head, people about dusk, the ancients are really too damn talented.

The time passed little by little, Li Tian was really a bit anxious. If not, then tonight's plan will have to be all in vain, beauty raising plan can only be postponed.

'Dang dang dang', three long-awaited knocks on the door, finally sounded.

Seeing Ruyan standing outside the door, there is really a feeling of wanting to embrace, "Miss Ruyan, please come in."

"I just came to tell you the situation, and then leave after finishing." Ruyan said with a red face.

Looking at Ruyan who walked into the house, this kind of lie without connotation, even a fool can hear it. Look at that cute little face, red like a small peach blossom, the little heart beating can be heard.

Li Tian held Ruyan's hand, "Ruyan, thank you, I Li Tian can have you such a confidante, this life is enough."

"Ah! You! ~You, who is your confidant." Ruyan was a bit alarmed and hurriedly pulled back her hand.

Li Tian also does not care, a turn, came to the desk, there is Li Tian prepared 'props', a pair of 'plum blossom three' picture. Li Tian reached out and picked it up, saying, "Miss Ruyan, to express my gratitude, this is from me to you."

Ruyan puzzled over, did not accept the painting, but softly recited the mentions on the painting.

"The plum blossoms break one's heart.

The two plum blossoms are a lot to think about.

The three plum blossoms are the wind and rain.

Deep in the clouds and smoke, the water is confused.

Ask what is love in this world.

I want people to live and die together."

Hey, look at the girl's expression, I know she looked silly.

"This is written by Mr. Li?" Ruyan looked at Li Tian in surprise.

"Ah! Well, in this world, who is it if not me." God, this is not a lie, even a lawsuit can not find this, right?

"Li Gongzi talented, the little woman thank you for giving me this painting." Said, very carefully folded up the painting.

"Then, it is my confidant."

Li Tian gently held Ruyan's jade hand again, Ruyan again slightly struggled twice, see Li Tian did not let go, even the neck is a little red. Li Tian obediently right arm a sweep, the Ruyan embraced in the arms.

"Ah! You!!! Gongzi~~ don't~ ah!"

Without saying a word, Li Tian kissed on top of Ruyan's jade lips. To this kind of love first open little girl, you do not get down early, only may have many love test waiting for you in the future.

A lingering, finally reluctantly left the jade lips of Ruyan, "Ruyan, you are now my person, I want to marry you."

"You ~ you let go of me first." Ruyan nervously and shyly hid her face in Li Tian's arms.

"Then you promise me first."

Ruyan faintly nodded her head. God, finally succeeded fifty percent, as long as the second step of the plan was completed, then it would be one hundred percent.

Li Tian let go of his hands, just left Li Tian's arms Ruyan, picked up the painting and ran to the door at once, whispered: "Sister is right, you are really a bad egg, I ~~ ignore you." After saying that, opened the door of the room and ran out.

"Ruyan, don't go, we haven't carried out the second step yet. Ouch, damn ass." Injury is still not healed, Li Tian can only take a duck step slowly chase to the courtyard, Ruyan's figure has long disappeared into the night.

Hey, let's go, anyway, almost, slow-boiled porridge more fragrant. A turn, a black shadow stood in front of Li Tian.

"OMG" fluttered scared Li Tian sat on the ground, a huge pain came from the buttocks, 'ah' a hard, Li Tian stood up again.

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