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Chapter 43 - Li Tian's promotion

Section 43 Li Tian's promotion

Section 43

When Li Tian and Wang Ping's army arrived at the capital, the city was already in a state of panic and many people had already started to flee.

Originally, Li Tian and his men were able to arrive two days earlier, but on the way Li Tian engaged in several more attack and defense drills, which was a good opportunity for him to learn. The generals in Wang Ping's army were well read in military books, and their analysis and use of various battle situations were very good, so Li Tian really learned a lot about the use of military knowledge.

This time to the capital, His Majesty the emperor and all the civil and military ministers, even personally out to meet, but the Marquis Wang Ping excited a hand. For them, now Wang Ping is a life-saving straw, the survival of the Great An Kingdom depends on him.

With more than 100,000 troops, the hearts of the civil and military officials were a little more stable, and the crowd arrived at the Golden Palace. The emperor has not let go of Wang Ping's hand since he entered the palace, the affection, looking at the Li Tian straight hair.

The eyes of the crowd were focused on Marquis Wang Ping, to not much attention to Li Tian. However, there is a person who pays great attention to him, no need to ask, this person must be the Lord God Ambassador.

Two people followed behind and talked quietly about it.

"Li Tian, the old man almost died in the capital this time, suffered so much shock, you will more or less compensate my spiritual loss, and not much, just give a hundred thousand or eighty thousand. Also, you tell me honestly, how sure you are to hold the capital, no false fart, I want to hear the truth."

"# # # your wife, meet without asking me, you know to ask this, I do not care if I can hold, you love to ask who ask who go."

"You still have some fucking feelings, forget it! I'm not asking you to pay for the damage, you tell me how sure you are."

"I did not expect you really patriotic, so concerned about the capital, really do not see, rare, rare ah."

"Hard you # # # head, the old man's savings are in my God Ambassador Palace, if you can not keep me well early transfer, cheat that little money I am easy to do I."

Once I heard this, Li Tian immediately came to the spirit, ears are almost erected, smiling and pulling the hand of the god stick asked: "To tell you the truth, I do not guard a day, simply can not guard, the god messenger Lord, can tell me, how much property you actually have?"

The god stick looked at this face of Li Tian up close and found that Li Tian's face was really incomparable, disgusted and slammed away Li Tian's hand, and also wiped it twice on his body.

"You fucking don't hit the old man, a penny I will not give you."

"Stick ah, you are also the oldest, even if you want to marry a daughter-in-law, give birth to a small god, a small god girl piece or something, also can not use so much money, according to my observation, you this ya inventory is definitely not less than the treasury."

"Little Li Zi, you do not say me, I know all the financial income and expenditure of the tide, this year you earn less? I did not get a penny, you need so much money for what."

"The war does not need money, I am for the people of Da'an, and if the capital is lost, you will not be able to transport a penny out."

"Count on you, then I'll lend it to you first, five cents interest." The cleric understood very well that his large pile of property, without Li Tian's escort, really can not be transported out of the capital.

"##, you rob money ah you, you love to give it to whoever, I do not want."

"Four points of interest ~" the godly man looked at Li Tian did not respond, then said: "three points `"

See Li Tian still with reason not answer, the god stick a little anxious.

"Damn, you little Li Zi ruthless, two minutes, and then give me this stink face, I'd rather leave it all to the rebels, from now on we are cut off, I draw a villain every day to curse you, told you to give birth to a son without # # #."

Li Tian pointed his finger at the god stick, angry half a day before saying two words: "Deal."

When the two reached an agreement, only to find that others have long since entered the Golden Temple, the two of them are still standing outside the temple.

The crowd in the Golden Hall was still arguing fiercely, some said out of the city to take the initiative, some said closed the city to die, Wang Ping could not see Li Tian, his heart was anxious to die.

"Wang Aiqing, what do you think is good, I listen to you, and I have decided to appoint you as the Grand Marshal of the Protectorate, to lead the soldiers and horses of the former country, to resist the rebels." When His Majesty the Emperor spoke, others also quieted down and looked at Wang Ping.

"Thank you for your Majesty's grace, but it is difficult for me to take on this important responsibility, I would like to recommend someone and willingly be his second-in-command."

Oh, even the lone Marquis Wang Ping is willing to be his deputy? Who is this person? Everyone waited quietly and quietly for the following.

"This person is the Governor Li Tian who came with me."

The emperor heard, even Wang Ping also recommended Li Tian, and also willing to be his deputy, it is difficult that this Li Tian is really a miracle talent.

"Wang Aiqing, this is related to the survival of the country, you should think carefully." The emperor also wanted to tell Wang Ping to think about it.

"Your Majesty, do not worry, I have already thought it over, I have no suitable candidate other than him."

The emperor nodded helplessly and said, "Well then, I will seal Li Tian~~" The emperor and the ministers then realized that there was no Li Tian in the Golden Hall.

When they were wondering, two people, Li Tian and the divine ambassador, walked in with a four-sided step, whispering, and a lecherous smile on their faces from time to time, as if no one was watching.

Many ministers in the heart of that angry ah, even now is a national disaster, this Li Tian is also too ignorant of the king's law, right. They dare not say that he has a supreme position, but this little Li Tian, also dare to do so in the Golden Palace, immediately out of a few courtiers, he made some merciless accusations, Li Tian said a little baffled.

The emperor now also do not care about these courtesies, this is the time to use people, also do not care waved his hand, stop this group of courtiers attack.

"Li Tian ah, just now Wang Ping Aiqing recommended you to me, I also have great trust in you, you will be appointed as the Grand Marshal of the protection of the country, given the title of Earl, command of the army of Da'an, to fight against the rebels." The emperor this time to the money, title title is divided into dukes, marquis, earl, viscount, baron five levels, Li Tian crossed two levels at once, directly received the earldom, this is in the history of Da'an or the first time.

"I, Li Tian, thank Your Majesty, I am willing to throw my head and blood for my Da'an, bowing and dying." But in his heart, he said, that does not become a fool.

"Good, I did not misjudge you, worthy of being my Da'an's top scholar, so tell me, how should we defend the city now."

Li Tian thought for a moment, and then glanced at the ministers on both sides, and said, "Your Majesty, this is good, I have a plan to make my capital safe and sound."

The emperor and the ministers looked at Li Tian in amazement, not expecting that Li Tian was really capable of having such a plan.

The magician was reluctant and whispered next to him, "You fucking cheated me, the deal just now is null and void."

Li Tian gave him a blank look and then said, "Your Majesty, you know what weapon is the most powerful in this world."

The emperor looked at Li Tian incomprehensibly, "What kind of weapon?"

"Your Majesty, that is the mouthpiece of people, a good person can be said to be dead by the mouthpiece, a good official can be said to be corrupt by public opinion, the greatest wealth of my Da'an is not the army, but this group of civil ministers. For so many years, the military is nothing at all in our Da'an, and compared to the literati, is no status at all.

Therefore, I had a sudden whim, when the rebels come, call these civil ministers in the hall, on top of the city walls, to carry out a verbal attack, waving tears and painful words for three days, the sage day that can be used to him. By then, the rebels will be ashamed, either to find a stone to crash to death, or touch their necks to kill themselves, without spending a single soldier, can destroy the rebels, this is really the fortune of the great peace, the people's blessing ah."

The crowd could hear that this was Li Tian's retaliation for what had just happened, but it also spoke of the shortcomings of Da'an for so many years, the emphasis on the civil rather than the military was what made no one available now, and the civil officials all bowed their heads in embarrassment. Many military generals on Li Tian's view has changed, the heart rose Ran gratitude, so many years, someone to help them out.

The emperor also smiled bitterly and said with a sigh: "Li Tian ah, I also know that for so many years, the emphasis on literature and military, losing the balance of governance. Hey, I'm sorry for these generals."

The emperor's words, moved these generals to tears, kneeling on the ground and called my emperor's saintly wisdom.

The emperor waited for all the people to calm down and said to Li Tian: "Li Tian, talk is talk, but now is a crisis point, how do you see how to defend the city."

"Your Majesty, forgive me for daring to say my opinion, according to my opinion, what we have to do now is two words, that is ~~ abandon the city, to put it bluntly is to escape, and desperately to escape."

Li Tian's words stirred up a thousand waves, escape? And desperate to escape?

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