In Another Life

Chapter 429 - The Third Way

Section 429 The Third Way

Section 429

The divine rod was dumbfounded at once, seeing this ten thousand lightning flashes, which he thought just stabbed the golden tripod, before it started cutting into this state.

Li Tian did not have time to think more, he had to compete with the lightning for time. This aperture area is so small, a few people simply can not withstand so many waves of lightning attacks. A few rounds down, not be cleaved to the soul to fly into oblivion is strange.

Green Shirt and Green Willow also appeared in the ultimate fighting state, waving golden wings, issued a golden blade, to meet the first wave of lightning attacks. The first wave of lightning was actually mostly blocked by the Green Shirt and Green Willow, and the remainder was all caught by the Green Shirt and Green Willow's large body. The aperture around the Golden Cauldron began to shake unsteadily. Above the golden tripod, an energy column also scattered down.

Li Tian felt the dense fog around him, is rolling this way. Once the aperture disappears, it is estimated that even the instantaneous movement can not be used, several people except Li Tian, I am afraid that all will be trapped in the sea of life and death.

"Everyone let go of their spiritual sense, do not resist." Li Tian said, unfolding his powerful spiritual sense, wrapping the green-shirt green willow and the divine rod. Before the second wave of even more violent lightning attack wave arrived, Li Tian and the others' figures disappeared next to the Golden Cauldron.

Outside the Sea of Life and Destruction, several old monsters were still waiting anxiously. Today is already the thirtieth day, if Li Tian and others do not come out, several of their old monsters really do not know what to do. Jun Emperor understood that this Sea of Life and Destruction only in the Golden Tripod Aperture, there is no danger. If Li Tian and others have not entered the aperture now, Jun Emperor is difficult to imagine what will become of their body. Without the body, no matter how strong Li Tian's spiritual sense is, it will not last more than two hours.

The heavenless old monster was anxiously going back and forth, asking Jun Di from time to time what kind of danger there was inside. Jun Emperor gave a brief account of the three passes, and also told several old monsters that an energy pillar would be formed over the Golden Cauldron that could send cultivators entering the Sea of Life and Destruction directly to the Sea of Life and Destruction. But he didn't expect that the godly man of wealth would destroy the golden censer with his immortal sword, causing the scattering of the energy pillar. Li Tian was using a different way, barely leaving the Sea of Birth and Destruction.

A golden light appeared in front of several old monsters, and Li Tian and the others appeared in front of several old monsters in a mess. Several old monsters were flabbergasted, Li Tian and the divine rod to the indifferent, but the flashing golden light of the green-shirted green willow made several old monsters astonished. Under the attention of the green-shirted green willow, several old monsters who were top emperors actually felt a slight chill.

Several old monsters looked at each other, although they did not know what changes had happened to Green Shirt Green Willow, but they were the ones who understood in their hearts that the current Green Shirt Green Willow was no longer something that several of them could resist.

"Li Tian, congratulations, you have finally achieved your heart's desire." Jun Emperor looked at Li Tian and the others with emotion, he understood very well how much courage and perseverance was needed to break through this Sea of Life and Destruction. Jun Emperor had thought that by entering the second level, it was estimated that Li Tian and the others would retreat back. What was even harder to imagine was that even a guy like the God Stick could come back safely.

Li Tian calmly looked at several old monsters, from the beginning when they met in the 'Chaos Grand Formation', to now after so many ups and downs, unknowingly more than one hundred and thirty years had passed. It's a good thing that the time in the four realms is much faster than the time in the human realm, otherwise back in the tide capital, it is estimated that there is not even an acquaintance that he knows, and he and the divine stick may only be characters among the legends.

"A few seniors, Li Tian came to the Four Realms, thanks to the seniors to take care of. Now that several of my missions have been successfully completed, it's time to say goodbye to everyone. To be honest, after so many years of hardships, I really miss everyone. But there is no banquet under heaven, but I will come back to visit a few seniors if I have the chance."

Although Li Tian said calmly, but inwardly is unusually excited. When I was a liar in my previous life, I had no family, no friends, and never knew what it meant to be touched. I did not expect a serendipitous rebirth, Li Tian can experience what is true love, what is dedication. Sometimes, Li Tian really thanked God, kind of told Li Tian really learned how to be a man.

The god stick heard Li Tian's words, eyes tearful looking at several old monsters. These old monsters, are friends who once shared the pain and suffering, although nominally the god stick are called their master, but inwardly, the god stick has always treated several old monsters as family.

"A few masters, Li Tian this guy said, make my heart also a little sour. If you have time, you will go to Chao Du to see us, then I will ask my wife Gui Hua to cook some good dishes for you. If you want to live there, I god stick guarantee one person a big mansion. Other than that, you disciples just have a lot of money. Not I say big words, in my Chao Du's territory, who dares to bully you guys just mention the big name of my god-ambassador, it's weird not to scare him to death."

The heavenless old monster very lovingly touched the bald head of the divine ambassador, "brat, when the time comes, do not forget the master ah."

Ghost Emperor and others did not speak, they do not know what to say now. Although everyone did not know how many years of cultivation, but Li Tian and the divine stick, and brought back their lost emotions.

Li Tian looked at Green Shirt and Green Willow, for these two magical beasts with whom he had a contract, Li Tian never saw them as magical beasts, but only as his brother and sister.

"Green Shirt, Green Willow, in the Sea of Life and Destruction, you will already be able to release the contract by yourselves. Among the four realms, no one will be able to restrain you in the future. However, don't forget that there are still these seniors, if they have any difficulties, please promise me that you will help them." Li Tian looked at Green Shirt and Green Willow, he really couldn't let go of these two magical beast friends.

With a flash of golden light, the green-shirted green willow transformed into a man and a woman. The male was majestic and the female was valiant. On the forehead of the green-shirted green willow, three strange patterns also appeared.

"Li Tian, Green Shirt and I have long decided to follow you to the Human Realm. In the past, the two of us were just a pair of low intelligence magical beasts, and we didn't know when we became a tonic in other people's cultivation. It was you who created a new life for the two of us, so wherever you go, Green Shirt and I will follow." Green Willow's voice was not loud, but it was firm. Qing Shirt calmly glanced at everyone and nodded solemnly.

"Green shirt, or you are enough buddy, you two do not worry, to my place, food and accommodation I all inclusive." The god stick looked at the green shirt green willow excitedly, his heart was wondering if it was a little less to charge fifty taels of gold at a time if the green shirt green willow turned into a big bird and took people flying.

Li Tian patted the green shirt's shoulder, "You two have decided?"

Li Tian's words were also full of expectation. Green Shirt and Green Willow just smiled slightly and nodded.

The Ghost Emperor looked at the Demon Emperor, and then looked at the Jun Emperor and the Black Devil Emperor, and the three old monsters also nodded at the Ghost Emperor.

Only then did the Demon Emperor say to Li Tian: "Li Tian, since you have decided to return to the Human Realm, we will no longer hold back. However, there are two ways to go back to the human realm. One is to take the path of reincarnation from the ghost world, in that case, you will lose all your magical power. The second way is for us four old guys to break open the space again and send you back. A few of us old guys have also thought about it, we are also destined to meet each other, so we will break open the space again and send you back."

The god stick looked at Li Tian and asked the ghost emperor strangely, "I say, ghost emperor, I remember you said that to break open the space, only the four top spiritual awareness energy bodies without the original body can do it? Now don't you have two tenths of the original body? How can you still break open space?"

"Haha, the brat has a good memory." The demon emperor laughed loudly and then said, "We old guys have long thought, this body is useless to keep, after sending you away, and then find a place to cultivate again. It's just three thousand years, for cultivators, it will pass in the blink of an eye."

Li Tian looked at the old guys, his heart flowed with an inexpressible feeling of emotion. Li Tian understood that it was easy to talk about this matter, but for cultivators, to have this two tenths of the original body was enough to protect themselves in the four realms. Losing this point of the essence, they could not even deal with the primary demon emperor.

"Several seniors, Li Tian is very grateful for your generosity. However, to return to the Human Realm, there is a shortcut to take other than the two methods mentioned by Senior Ghost Emperor." Li Tian looked at the several old monsters and said softly.

"There is still a shortcut to take?" When the people heard this, they were all a bit strange.

The divine rod thought that Li Tian was not moved out of his mind? The two of them came to the Four Realms together, and although Li Tian would turn into a big tree, the God Stick also knew that the Ghost Emperor's words must be authoritative when it came to how to return to the Human Realm.

Several old monsters even feel a little confused, they are all venerable in the four realms, even they do not know things, how could Li Tian know? This is not a question of cultivation, perhaps Li Tian has some chance coincidence to reach some unknown realm. But on the issue of returning to the human realm, several old monsters thought about it and did not find out a third way.

And the ghost emperor did not tell them to take the reincarnation path, there is also a big reason. The human world is not as centralized as the four realms. In the Reincarnation Path, there are 84,000 human worlds of all sizes, and if they are not careful, Li Tian and the others are likely to enter another human world. That's why several old monsters had no choice but to help Li Tian by breaking their original bodies.

Looking at everyone wondering, Li Tian thought for a moment and said, "Several seniors, the way to return to the human world, there is actually a very simple and easy way."

The god stick saw Li Tian stop again, anxious to go up to Li Tian to give a provocative leg, "You kid ink what, have a fart quickly."

Seeing that the people are a little anxious, Li Tian then smiled and said.

"The easiest way to return to the human world, that is to take the four worlds in the sky river!"

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