In Another Life

Chapter 4: Examinations suffer

Section IV of the examination room suffering

Chapter Four

Marquis Wang Ping was a general on horseback, and in this society where literature was valued over martial arts, it was rare to have a fief with a martial general. There are four provinces in the fiefdom, and there are more than three million people, most of the people are asking to learn literature, and there are very few who practice martial arts. The people were unfamiliar with the word 'war', as if it was far away from them. The current emperor also seems to be a bland person, and has little desire to expand the country's territory.

Such a big event as the science examination is a good thing for the lords of other fiefdoms. But for Marquis Wang Ping, it did not care. He even resented it a bit because the military generals were often oppressed by the civil officials. Anyway, there was no need for him to worry about it, everything was unified under the Great Anchor State to send personnel to supervise the exams. The exam questions are also unified test questions, at the end of the day he just needs to put his own big seal on the top ten nomination letters, even if it's done.

Li Tian entered the examination room with the crowd, looking east and west along the way to see if they could find the two bold girls, maybe they really dare to risk their lives to test a female scholar. Also from time to time and people who know him greeting, it seems a little fame is also good. Until the end, also did not see the two fake male figure, a feeling of loss floating on Li Tian's heart.

Full of thoughts of the two beauties, Li Tian was interrupted by a chicken beating voice, "All students listen, by the holy decree of the Emperor of Da'an, Da'an students Enke unified subject examination now begins. Now I announce the rules of the examination room ......" Oh my God, I Li Tian actually saw the legendary eunuch? I really want to strip him naked to study. Of course, only academic research, I do not have a bad hobby.

The first time! No matter what, as long as it is the first time are a little nervous. Li Tian took a deep breath, calmed his thoughts, and slowly opened the examination questions.

I'm a god, this is also called a test question? Li Tian's eyes are about to stare out. There is only one line on the top, the exam paper reads 'God, the emperor, the country is too rich in people'.

Grandmother, Li Tian thought it was a test of poetry or something, but also can plagiarize. This is good, will not even use. It seems to remember that Wu Zetian wrote a poem in praise of Buddha Rulai, 'the supreme and profound and subtle law, a hundred million kalpas difficult to encounter, I now see and hear to be held, wish to understand the true meaning of the Buddha', I do not know if the memory is correct. I don't know if I remember it correctly, but using it to flatter the sun god? It is not the right number. Besides, there is a connection with the emperor and the country's people, the person who asked this question must be sick. I'm sorry! It seems that not to mention the top ten, not to count down is good. Anyway, we now have money, it is not possible to do business, become a wealthy rich man in the world is also good.

Thinking of this, Li Tian raised his hand, "Please ask the examiner, can I turn in my paper now."

"What? You've finished answering the questions? Impossible, this is just handing down the papers ah?"

The students heard the voice and all looked at Li Tian in amazement.

"No, that what, I turn in a blank paper." Li Tian said with embarrassment.

"Sun God, did I hear correctly, you are going to hand in a white paper." The examiner's mouth was open and his jaw was about to drop, the scholars were a roar of laughter.

"Shame, absolute shame, this is a shame in the history of our Daan. I'm going to request His Majesty the emperor to inform the whole country, and to put your family in the history books as well, to become the negative teaching material of history. What do you call, say, my patience is limited, you ......"

"Stop! Jesus, I'll write, I'll write." The sun fucking, to hell with it. It's just a blank paper, look at his anger, to be really angry on the spot a good thing, but also will not say that I was murdered court officials, not to me again Li Tian clicked.

Shit, it's just a little pat on the back of the Sun God, plus a personal worship of the Emperor. What the hell, I don't believe it, I have to shoot you to death.

In Li Tian's memory, this is the first time he so calmly handed in the paper, can put the three aspects of the ass to the, Li Tian thought of a song that was once quite popular. Slightly change the words, enough to shoot the Sun God to death.

The sea sails by the helmsman.

Everything grows by the sun god!

The rain nourishes the seedlings strong.


....... .......

The country is rich and strong by the light of His Majesty the Emperor.

The emperor is the sun that never sets in the country.

If you want to say patting the horse's back, I have to pat you to death. The examiner came over, looked at Li Tian's back with contempt, picked up the examination paper and briefly scanned it. Hmph! Better than a white paper, just a few lines, when finished reading the contents of Li Tian's examination paper, 'fluttered' and fainted on the ground.

"Lord examiner, Lord examiner." .

"Someone, quickly chase that kid back and escort him to the big jail first." The other examiners were scared and at a loss for words.

Hey! Unfortunate year, unfortunate year, ah, it is difficult to say that it is on the legs of the horse? Or is there something taboo in Daan? Sitting in the cold cell, Li Tian heart really regret. I should have known to turn in a blank answer sheet, is not the national notification, the family in the history books as a negative teaching material! Good or bad is also considered to leave a name in 'history'. This is the end, may also be confined to the army and sent. It can not be the death penalty, right, I have not heard who is patting on the back to die. Is Li Tian to be the first to eat crabs? Depressed, very depressed.

Just when Li Tian was depressed, even the Marquis Wang Ping was alarmed. The examiner was fainted by the student on the spot, this is really a big deal. This time, the examiner was Grand Maester Liu Dong, the red man beside the emperor.

"The first thing is to give me a heavy beating of thirty boards. The first thing you need to do is to ask the famous doctor of my lord's house, his grandmother, don't have an accident on my turf, otherwise the group of civil officials will not unite to play me." The Marquis of Wang Ping casually yelled, two men immediately went to find the unlucky man who was on the horse's leg.

The two executioners also do not know if they have eaten any tonic pills, the ruthless attack, as if seeing eight lifelong enemies. Also specifically pulled Li Tian to the examination room execution, to kill a 'shock' hundred, "I drop a mother ah, do not fight, ah ... I want to complain, ah .... Do not fight, I changed, ah! Ah .... No longer dare to shoot the horse's ass, ow!!!" All typed out the sound of a wolf's cry.

The poor scholars, trembling hands are afraid to easily put down the pen, for fear of becoming the next Li Tian, up to thirty percent of pissing their pants on the spot.

After the famous doctor of the Duke's house and massage and acupuncture, the poor Lord of the examination finally woke up. The Marquis Wang Ping also breathed a sigh of relief, finally the Lord of the examination did not have any major incidents.

"Quickly, wait for the ink and pencil, I want to write a statement to His Majesty." The newly awake examiner said in a trembling voice.

"You? I say, Liu, this small matter is not necessary to submit, the emperor his old man is very busy." Wang Ping's face was a bit ugly, he was very disgusted with civil officials moving to submit.

"No, no, I've been studying literature since I was young, and I've been reading history books hard. I never thought I'd see such an incisive article in my lifetime. Talent is rare, talent is rare, and I want to give a special recommendation to my emperor personally. Someone, go and invite that scholar to the post house where I am staying and give him a good reception, talent is rare, talent is rare."

"Ah! This this~~ I think it's better to invite to my lord's residence first. When Lord Liu is busy with the examination, after grading the examination papers, then come to my mansion and we will have a drink together. My territory's people actually have such a talent, this marquis is very happy, hehehe, very happy." After saying a wink, one of his men ran like flying to the examination hall. Marquis Wang Ping did not want to tell Grand Master Liu to know that the genius in his heart was being beaten up and crying like a ghost.

Li Tian ran from hell to heaven all of a sudden, just now he was beaten up and cried out, but in a flash he became a guest of honor at the Jennings Palace. Lying on the luxurious big bed, the famous doctors made n treatment plan for Li Tian's ass after meeting Zhen, smearing medicine on Li Tian's ass. The servants served food and drink, and there were maids knocking on the legs and back. The doctors said that this would speed up the flow of blood and the injury would heal faster. The huge contrast really put Li Tian baffled, are wondering if the bull's head and horse face in the strange, just in front of many maid ring bare an ass, really not used to.

The natural herbs seem to be really useful, less than three days, the buttocks injury even knotted the yoke, barely can wear pants. Finally can not bare buttocks, these three days always feel the group of maids look at the buttocks of strange eyes, look at the heart of Li Tian straight hair, I do not know if they have a voyeuristic fetish.

"Father, what do you call your daughter to come?"

Marquis Wang Ping looked at his baby daughter, his hand lying in his beard, his eyes full of love.

"Good daughter, today daddy called you and sister to come, just to ask you two to have a family feast together. This time daddy busy, a long time did not eat with you guys, see if my baby girl is beautiful again, hahahaha."

"What happy event, look at daddy smiling so happily." While talking, another flower-like girl walked in.

"Sister, father is going to have dinner with us today, and said he will find you an in-law, hehehe."

"If you talk nonsense again, see if I don't beat you."

Marquis Wang Ping watched the two daughters fight and just smiled and didn't say anything. Since the death of the Marquess ten years ago, the Marquis has not renewed his marriage and is very fond of his two daughters. The eldest daughter is only sixteen this year, and the second daughter is more than a year younger, less than fifteen.

"Someone, go get that unlucky man to come over here too and have a meal together." Marquis Wang Ping commanded.

"Master, that talented man is not yet healed, I'm afraid he can't walk around yet, you see?" A butler hurriedly said.

"Can't walk won't ask someone to carry him over, how stupid." Wang Ping was a military general, but he didn't think about the etiquette of the literati.

The steward wanted to say something, but shook his head helplessly and still obediently walked out.

"Talented son? Father, what talented person?" The eldest daughter asked.

"I don't know what kind of bullshit genius, I heard that he had knocked out university scholar Liu in the examination hall, and I got angry and beat him up thirty times. It turned out that the great scholar Liu woke up and realized that he was stunned by that kid's literary talent, what the hell is going on. Your father I for their own face, first catch him to the Lord's House to heal his injuries. Otherwise, the group of bullshit civil officials know, and say I bully the literati. In any case, he is also a citizen of my territory, counted for my face to win the honor, thought it is better to see a face." Marquis Wang Ping full of concern to tell the passage.

"Grand Master Liu was stunned by his talent?" Missy said in surprise.

"Hahahahaha, what an unlucky guy, for no reason he was beaten thirty big boards by his old man, I really want to see what kind of unlucky guy." Second Miss laughed back and forth.

In a short while, the unlucky guy she was talking about was carried over. But not with a sedan chair, but with a long case carried over. Li Tian was lying on the case, pouting.

"I am saluting the lord, I am injured, so I cannot give full salute, please forgive me." Li Tian did not raise his head, lying on the satin quilt covered case, although the shape is a bit ugly, the mouth is decent.

"Ahem! No blame, this marquis originally wanted to invite you, a great talent, to have a family feast, just ...... just ...... I think it's better to forget it, let's eat together after your injury is healed." The marquis said awkwardly.

It's no wonder that you can't pout on the bar and talk with the marquis family while eating. I heard before that this lord is a good person, this time it is just right to visit, "Little people thank the lord lord." Li Tian finished sneaking a look up and looked at the lord. Well, not bad, but a bit of prestige.

"Ah, it's you!!!" Two shrieks came from the side.

Hearing the shouts, Li Tian realized that there were two beautiful and pretty people standing next to the lord lord.

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