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Chapter 39 - Convergence of Forces

Section 39 Convergence of forces

Section 39

The mountain rain was coming to fill the building, the tree wanted to be quiet but the wind did not stop, the Qian family's action came faster than Li Tian imagined. Just less than two months after Li Tian returned to the tide capital, the gods and goddesses came from the capital with news. Qian Fu 800 miles expedited to the imperial court, the border is invaded by many countries, the total number of enemy troops about two million troops, urgent need of troops and horses to assist, otherwise the border is also dangerous, the Great An Kingdom will suffer the disaster of the death of the country.

Da'an had not gone through a war for many years, and upon hearing this news, the court was in chaos. In the capital, many ministers, under the compulsion of Qian Gui and Zhou Zhong, jointly submitted a petition, asking the court to send troops, concentrating the country's superior strength, and attacking foreign enemies.

His Majesty the emperor was also dumbfounded and did not know what to do. Finally, he listened to the ministers' advice and issued an imperial decree, which was the one that later made him regret.

Da'an Emperor ordered the country's provincial governors and above the garrison, all rushed to the front line of the border, at the command of the Grand Marshal, no mistake, disobeying the order, military justice.

The emperor was persuaded by Qian Gui, even the Praetorian Guard were sent to the front line, the entire capital was left with only five thousand soldiers and horses, all in the hands of Zhou Zhong.

Li Tian received the news, really a little surprised, but the matter to this point can not be rushed, immediately issued a few important orders.

First of all, he told the sub-station in Pingdu to inform Marquis Wang Ping to move as slowly as possible on the road and wait to rendezvous with him.

Then another person was sent to inform the gods and goddesses in the capital that they must keep an eye on the emperor's family. If anything happens, no matter what method is used, get the emperor and the crown prince out first. Even if it is kidnapping, bring back a live one.

Before leaving, another military and political conference was held. During Li Tian's military campaign, all political orders in Chao Du, only listen to the orders of the Governor's Office, and nothing else. Chaodu outside of whoever it is, are not allowed to mobilize a soldier or a soldier in Chaodu, even if it is a holy decree, it does not work.

The Governor's Office is jointly controlled by Huang Rong and the six clan chiefs, and this time Li Tian is openly leading 5,000 soldiers and horses, but in fact there are 60,000 well-trained six clan elite soldiers. Also ordered Huang Rong at home to hurry to equip new soldiers, back from Pingdu, the six foreign clans plus the people of Chao Du, a total expansion of 200,000 troops. After this less than two months of training, this group of six clansmen composed of the army, can definitely be considered well-trained. The Dwarves have been making weapons overnight, and it is estimated that they will be equipped in two months. And also training a group of nearly 200,000 militia, the implementation of the policy of hiding soldiers in the people, usually the people, pull out in times of war is the army.

All arrangements are in place before rushing to the front, not in a hurry to go to war, or mainly to intercept his old father-in-law halfway, do not tell him to busy to send death.

Before coming to the night, Ruyan and Ruyu to Li Tian is unusually affectionate, Li Tian also told the sisters about the Qian family to rebel. This kind of thing others do not believe, but Ruyan and Ruyu have no doubt, this is the two women trust in Li Tian, from the heart absolutely believe in their husbands.

The war means bloodshed, the two women leaned in Li Tian's arms, did not want to leave for a long time, and in the end, even took the initiative to offer to come together to serve in bed. In this era can say such words, Li Tian is really a bit touched, heart always feel sorry for the sisters, this away do not know when to return. If the Qian family really want a successful coup, it is possible that the two sisters will have to follow Li Tian to the mountains to fight guerrilla.

A night of lingering, the two women also let go of the heart Fei, doing their best to cater to Li Tian, no matter what he asked, the two women are also shy and silent acceptance. But Li Tian cool a, hate from # # # learned to use all over again, in the extreme excitement of the night, the next day, ushered in a sad parting.

The brigade was divided into five camps, each no more than twenty kilometers apart. Li Tian in the first camp, Guo Jing in the last camp pressure, Li Tian did not ride a horse, last night is too tired, can only lie in the car to rest.

After traveling for less than five days, he met with Wang Ping's soldiers and horses at a large river. Seeing that Wang Ping had arrived long ago and also settled down the camp, Li Tian came to Wang Ping's military tent and saw that Wang Ping looked a little lost.

These days Marquis Wang Ping has not slept well once, since he received the decree to send troops, he understood that what Li Tian said was right. It seems that the Qian family really want to start a mutiny, but Marquis Wang Ping really can not do anything about it, and now can not be submitted to the emperor, and there are not many soldiers in the hand to resist, I really do not know how to do, as many years of old minister heart is really sad.

Seeing Li Tian come in, Wang Ping sighed and asked the others to leave, and did not talk to Li Tian, Li Tian understood Wang Ping's mood at this time, but also did not persuade him, alone poured a glass of water.

Li Tian took a sip of water and asked, "Father-in-law, what are your thoughts on what will happen in the future."

"Can have any idea, can only take one step and see, now have military orders in the body, and can not not go." Wang Ping also knows that this go to the front, most of the time is a sheep into the tiger's mouth, some generals loyal to Da'an are most likely to go without return.

Li Tian really do not understand these dead-brained generals, knowing that it is death but still go, Li Tian said: "Father-in-law, others I can care, but you are Ruyan and Ruyu's father, my Li Tian's father-in-law, I can not watch to send death, it is not no other way."

Wang Ping heard, came to the spirit, interfaced and asked, "What is the solution? As long as I can keep Daan, I am willing to die."

Hey! To exchange your death for Da'an, I'm not willing to do so, "Father-in-law, now we can only use the method of delay. Other troops to the front line, see not as reported, there is a big army to commit, must have doubts in mind. So Qian Fu will have to take these people, and the capital side also has to do it, otherwise this play they can not play.

As long as we can ensure the safety of the emperor, once their rebellion is public, we will be good to do. Although the Qian family has a large army, but they do not allow the people's hearts, the people are not on their side, this battle will be fought."

Wang Ping looked at Li Tian and asked several questions, "How can you be sure that there are not many enemy troops at the border? And how can you be sure that there are problems on the capital side? Besides, how can you be sure of His Majesty the Emperor's safety?"

Li Tian had already gotten the news from Shadow'er that only two countries had allied with the Qian family, and only 200,000 troops were sent. This was the news that Shadow had reported over at one stop through Li Tian's branch of the General Chamber of Commerce in the Crescent Moon Kingdom, using the flying birds of the Flying Bird Race to transmit, and it was very reliable, but it was something that could not be said explicitly to Wang Ping.

Li Tian looked at Wang Ping, thought for a while and said, "Father-in-law, I can't give you an answer now, but please believe that I am absolutely right, if you want to believe me, give me all the military power to handle."

Wang Ping looked at Li Tian and realized now that this son-in-law of his was indeed different from the norm, doing things that were very unexpected. Nodded, and then shook his head and said, "Li Tian, I understand what you mean, but do you know how many troops Qian Fu has? Plus this time the country rushed over the army, he will certainly be collected into their own army, a full two million ah. How many I have here, less than 50,000 troops in four provinces, your tide is only 5,000 soldiers, even if you have recruited some in the past month or two, it will not be more than 20,000, we can win? Seventy thousand against two million regular army, don't give me that you can invite the Sun God down."

Hahahahaha, Li Tian burst out laughing and said, "Father-in-law, ah, I am not a three-year-old child, nor am I a fool, not yet foolish enough to jump into the fire myself. To tell you the truth, we are not seventy thousand, but five hundred thousand troops."

When Wang Ping heard this, he stood up in confusion, "What did you say? Half a million? Where did you get such a large army? Your Chao Du is just a province, where do you have so many people? Where did you get the equipment? To fight with an army with wooden sticks?"

No wonder Wang Ping did not believe it, the land under the jurisdiction of Chaodu used to be only a few tens of thousands of people, and in less than a year, a large number of refugees from outside the country flocked in, but only 700,000 people, how many people there are in the six foreign tribes, no one knows at all.

"Father-in-law, I wonder if Ruyan and Ruyu have told you that I am still the king of the forest, the leader of the six foreign races."

"That to said, a few mountainous peoples, how many people can there be?"

"How many people can there be? That's two million people, and good fighters who can fight hard, no less than 800,000. Now I have 60,000 elite soldiers with me, just divided into a few large battalions, all in the back. There are still nearly 400,000 well-trained troops at home, not to say a big word, the Dwarves have perhaps the largest collection of fine iron in Da'an, and it is not a problem to equip an army of two million."

When Wang Ping heard this, he froze on the spot in surprise.

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