In Another Life

Chapter 34 - The Mysterious Woman

Section 34 Mysterious Woman

Thirty-fourth section

Since it has been publicized, there is nothing I can do, I can only speak kindly to persuade, now can not offend this godly man, he will really be angry to quit, I can not find another godly man to, first Ruyan and Ruyu sent away, a moment this godly man launched a crazy, may say what, can not call them two hear.

"My Lord God, your cultivation, that must be honorable and humiliating, how this little mistake, let you so angry, sit down first, someone, on the pot of good tea."

The god stick can be really angry, the subordinates and the family just left, pointed at Li Tian and cursed: "You fucking don't give me this, you don't go out to hear, outside what they say about me, grandmother don't know which guy, even drew a picture book of me and what flower girl, dare to insult my sun god envoy, I will find him out, find a rope tied to his male root, every day to give him ten pounds of I'm going to find him, find a rope to tie his male root, and give him ten pounds of pills and two pounds of aphrodisiacs every day.

# # #, this he can even think out, the Ten Manchurian Torture is just like this, fortunately, the two of us in this room, if called Ruyu that curious girl heard, may take me as an experiment.

"Stick ah, look at you angry, the gods and ambassadors are also human ah, can not have a good pursuit? Can't someone have a crush? This shows that people love and expect you, want to tell you to quickly find a wife, so that you can give birth to a small god stick down, continue to carry forward the spirit and nerves of God."

The god stick looked at Li Tian with contempt, "You kid can't say something human, and not afraid that God split you, even if I look for, can't find her like that."

God, this god stick still dislike people, Li Tian said: "What is wrong with people, is not in the 'Yifang Zhai', but they are a clean official, did not receive customers, since ancient times, how many gods and ambassadors, in pursuit of love, wrote a moving story." Li Tian made up nonsense, never play a draft.

"Ah shucks! Is there? How come I don't know?"

"Ah! Yes, there is, listen to me~~."

Then Li Tian gave the divine messenger what Prince Charming, oh no, it is the story of the white horse divine messenger, the story of Snow White and the seven divine messengers, the story of Pan Jinlian and Simon divine messenger, straight to tell the dry mouth before the divine messenger to stabilize.

"How these gods and messengers are not recorded in the book of God? That Snow White even looked for seven? Seven gods and ambassadors? You are not afraid to force the generations of gods to come to life to find you trouble." The gods and goddesses are not stupid and know that Li Tian is making up stories, but it is new to him to listen.

"Ah! These are some foreign god messengers, maybe not the sun god messenger, maybe the moon god messenger, star god messenger or something, anyway, there is such a thing, you go back now to memorize your speech, this meeting can all depend on you, remember, take the path of the god messenger, tell others to go to hell."

Hey! You gods to dream away, maybe this guy really want to find a woman, give birth to what a small gods down.

In a few days, the business conference was officially held, this is a big event that has moved the world, the rich and powerful of the provinces of the Great An Country basically rushed over, plus the six surrounding countries also sent representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, the scene is really a sensation, a variety of luxury carriages outside the venue full, in the ticket office where there is a long line.

Li Tian out of the marquis's house, also did not take a car, and Guo Jing two people walked to the venue.

Two people just to the street to walk a few steps, then listened to a shout: "People in front of the way, do not block the road."

I saw a strange carriage rushed over, Guo Jing look bad, without saying a word rushed up, hands grabbed the reins of the horse, a sinking Dantian gas, shouted "stop", the carriage inertia with Guo Jing rushed more than a meter away before stopping, the horse's head is very close to Li Tian, if not Guo Jing, I'm afraid to be knocked over.

The big man driving the carriage took a look at someone pulling the car to a halt, angry shouted: "Looking for death ah you." Swish is a horse whip.

Guo Jing saw that this person is not only unreasonable, but also dare to hit people, reach out and grab the whip, a vertical flying up a kick on the past.

The man driving the carriage did not expect Guo Jing to be so agile, was caught off guard and was kicked off at once.

The big man stood up from the ground, pulled out a round moon scimitar from behind, just about to make a move, heard someone in the car called out: "Stop."

Li Tian heard, but it was a woman's voice, but also shouted Guo Jing to stop.

A car curtain, out of a 16 or 17-year-old handsome little girl, said to the big man: "Sticky Chi, no nonsense." The big man seems to listen to this girl's words, immediately put away the scimitar.

The little girl then said to Guo Jing, "Sorry, we were wrong just now, please get out of the way."

Guo Jing also a little angry, said to the little girl: "You say get out of the way, what if you just hit someone."

Before the little girl could say anything, another woman came out and said, "This strong man, I'm sorry, we have to rush to the conference, please excuse us."

"Miss, why are you out." The little girl said to the woman who spoke.

As soon as Li Tian looked at the woman who spoke, there was an indescribable feeling, wearing a blue robe, with a hat on her head and a veil, giving a mysterious aura.

Guo Jing was just about to theorize when Li Tian called out, "Since you're here for the conference, forget it, but be careful on the way, there are many people here, if you bump into someone, it won't be easy to say."

The blue-robed woman looked at Li Tian and nodded slightly, "Thank you for the reminder, goodbye."

At this time, I do not know how, the woman's veil as if blown by the wind, upward, revealing the true face of the mountain, Li Tian looked dumbfounded, can only use four words to describe this woman, that is, 'stunning heavenly fragrance'.

Delicate features, white complexion, sad eyes, let people look very compassionate, the most strange she was a pair of sky blue eyes.

Li Tian dumbly looked at the woman, only to feel that her blue eyes infected the earth, everything around the blue blue, giving a mood that wants to put body and soul into it, Li Tian has never had such a feeling, the mind also confused up, feel that there is a kind of power to enter his body.

From Li Tian's heart flashed a spiritual light, straight to his hundred will, the illusion in front of him disappeared instantly, Li Tian looked at the woman again, the veil also fell, turned into the carriage, the big man also did not speak, got into the car, a flip of the whip, the car and rushed forward.

Guo Jing looked at the dumbfounded Li Tian still standing there, Li Tian shook his head, what happened to him? Just now there was a hallucination, is not the past few days too tired?

The mysterious woman inside the carriage, at this time also hand over the chest, gasping for breath said: "Yue'er, I did not expect that there are really a lot of experts in Da'an, just now the person who stopped the carriage actually kicked the Golden Palace warrior off the carriage in one move, the most strange is the person next to him, I just used soul searching, but he broke, not only did not search his memory, but also almost seriously injured, send the secret messenger If I can't use it, I must not let him live in the world."

The maid named Yue'er was shocked to hear this, "What? Even you were almost injured, there is still such a powerful character here? I will immediately ask someone to check it out and see what the origin is."

After saying this, he took out a small paper crane from his pocket and read something in his mouth, the small paper crane actually flew up and slowly flew out of the car and disappeared in the air.

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