In Another Life

Chapter 14 Rebuilding the Home

Section XIV Rebuilding Homes

Section Fourteen

Seriously, seeing the scene in front of him, not only he wanted to leave, even Li Tian wanted to leave, this is also called a city?

The crumbling walls, only a meter or so high, the city is a desolate. Seeing Li Tian's large forces, three or two people came out to see the fun. But one by one, all yellow and thin, wearing even more rags, reminiscent of refugee camps. But most of those seen were old people and women and children, and did not see young men.

Into the city, under the attention of the crowd, came to the former government offices. My God, the whole on a beggar gang headquarters, hailed out a large number of men, women and children, a stench filled the air.

"You damn guy don't say tell me to stay with them at night, my God, forgive me, where is the beauty here, I called this damn idiot to cheat." The godfather impatiently said in the car.

Li Tian also did not have time to pay attention to him, immediately ordered, all the officers and merchants, first a big sweep. The entire governor's office from inside to outside thoroughly cleaned up, and sent someone to find a person who can ask questions about the situation. And notify all the people in the city, tomorrow to come to the front of the house to receive food.

Looking at this dilapidated governor's house, everywhere is in disrepair, it seems that everything has to start from scratch. Fortunately, Li Tian predicted the difficulties long ago, brought a lot of things and food, now the biggest difficulty is the lack of artisans.

After cleaning, the governor's house is a bit like, Li Tian called a captain of the merchant team, put all the supplies together, and sent a team of men and horses specifically to look after. Other soldiers are all in order, the duty of the duty, the guard of the guard, but also sent out scouts scouting horses, to look around the situation, in case of unpredictable.

After everything was ready, Li dared to lie down on a temporary bed and took a nap.

The temporary governor's house door was full of people standing there, all old people and children, waiting for food to be given out.

A few soldiers set up five marching cauldrons, boiling rice porridge. Craftsmen also began to busy, carpenters to cut trees, masons in and mud, and a few ran outside the city to build a brick kiln, Li Tian found an old man, to understand the situation.

Here used to be just 20,000 people, surrounded by the mountains, there are six major foreigners, and two groups of mountain bandits. In general you do not provoke the foreigners, they will not take the initiative to come, but the two mountain bandits can be different, they kidnapped the city's strong men to the mountains as bandits, leaving some old people and children alone, less than 10,000 people. This is the border of the three countries, and there is a large natural mountain forest as a barrier, so the officials and soldiers can not do anything to take them.

Li Tian asked about the previous governors again, the old man looked at Li Tian and asked with a sigh, "Please, my lord, how many days can you stay?"

Li Tian looked at him incomprehensibly, "I am the governor here, how many days?"

When the old man heard this, tears flowed down his face, "My lord, you do not know, the previous ones came and took a look at the situation here, they did not intend to stay long. So burned everywhere to kill and rob money, most of them invited the foreigners, they all have some strange skills, so they either went crazy or died, but that is all self-made sins ah."

Li Tian understood, come are some guys who want to rob some money and leave, look like they did a lot of bad things to die here.

After a few days of busy, the governor's house is generally a kind. Li Tian told Zhang Qianzhong to be in charge of all the soldiers, but also arranged for the gods to go to the group of soldiers to bless, but also a heart comfort, and sent scouts to keep a close eye on the situation in the mountains.

Old Gao of the caravan became Li Tian's housekeeper, busy inside and out. The people in the city were gathered together by Li Tian, and were fed and housed. Each person was given a piece of fabric and a few pounds of cotton thread, so that the women who can make clothes, to make one for each man, woman and child, he paid. The old houses were all knocked down, and the craftsmen brought in began to work hard, and many old men and women with good physical strength also joined in the construction.

Whenever it's time to eat, the cleric will pretend to come out and say a few words. It was as if he was giving everyone food to eat, but the people really respect the gods as God.

So busy for more than a month, finally a small improvement. Rows of simple housing is quite strong, the people are also divided into housing according to the population, those who can work to participate in the work, together, the crops first planted. During this period, a number of ran to the mountains as bandits also secretly came back to see a few times, Li Tian ordered the sentries on guard, all released, and through them also spied a lot of news.

The six foreign clans in the mountains have also moved, see the city busy, just over a month's time, a stinky broken city, the construction of a bit of a look, the old man and children also put on new clothes.

The six major foreign tribes sent representatives to negotiate, Li Tian used grain in exchange for their large amounts of animal skins and iron ore. There are also some precious lingzhi and ginseng from the mountains, which are sold at big prices outside.

The first batch of merchants returned fully loaded, Li Tian left Lao Gao, officially as the governor's housekeeper.

Merchants to tide all although Li Tian does not collect taxes, but food must be controlled, never allow traders to sell food privately, must go through the official government. In this way, the six races in the mountains are all in Li Tian's hands, and the initiative is on his side.

The god stick also from his followers, selected a number of capable people, the function of the government offices are slowly running.

When the foreigners in the mountains saw that Li Tian had a lot of food to exchange, they sent someone to come and said that the six clan leaders wanted to discuss with Li Tian. Li Tian and the god stick discussed, to open this breakthrough, it seems that the only way to go personally.

As a result, the god stick heard, scared said nothing to go, "you kid is sick ah, call them to come on the end, those foreigners, a bad will kill you, anyway, I am not going. You also do not go, if you want to go, do not forget to tear up my pledge before you die, his grandmother, I do not want to tell others know."

There is no choice but to ask the gods and goddesses to watch the family, Li Tian with a few personal soldiers, followed the two representatives of the bear people, into the mountains.

The mountain road is nine turns and eighteen turns, if no one leads the way, it is really hard to find. The bear tribe's patriarch Siman is more than fifty years old, but strong like a bull. Bears are physically tall, is a natural berserker, Siman's a warm bear hug, Li Tian almost even yesterday's meal are spit out.

During this time, Li Tian also through the people of the city, to understand the general situation of the six foreign races.

The six foreign races, in fact, are human, but with a special innate powers, and the clan never intermarried with the outside world, so it seems very mysterious.

The six alien races are the bear people, lizard people, flying birds, dwarves, centaurs and insects.

Bears are characterized by their fighting madness, immense strength, and are natural fighters.

Lizards they are born killers, the body can change color according to different situations.

The flying bird race is not that they can fly, but they have a special skill, that is, they can emit a kind of bird language, using flying birds to serve them.

Dwarf people they are born short, but the strength can not be small, mining skills are very powerful, so their people live underground, and a skill is to build weapons.

Centaurs their two powers one is running, one is shooting arrows.

Insect clan is a very special clan, they often with poisonous insects as a companion.

Bear clan chief Siman politely let Li Tian to the big fortress where he lived, there were five people sitting inside, no need to ask, it seems that these are the chiefs of the other five foreign clans.

"Lord Governor, we feel that you are not quite the same as the previous ones, so we want to talk to you." Seaman said politely.

"If you are the same as those other ones, you will also be dead." The insect clan leader said in a grim voice.

"Our mountain clansmen are not afraid of those official soldiers of Da'an." The Dwarf clan also spoke up.

"The spies sent by the imperial court all died at the hands of my clan." The Lizard Clan said.

"No one can escape the eyes of flying birds." Needless to say, this one must be from the flying bird clan.

"What's more, no one can escape in front of the Centaur clan."

When they all finished, Li Tian said slowly, "Everyone looking for me, it won't be just to talk about this, right? I am the governor of Tide Capital, I am not threatened by anyone, I don't care where you live and what race you are, you are all my people."

Li Tian said very nonchalantly, and the faces of the six clan leaders turned very unpleasant.

A bright red blood spider slowly crawled onto Li Tian's feet.

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