In Another Life

Chapter 11: The Godly Stick Appears

Section XI God's Stick Appears

Section eleven

God, did I hear right, I can't believe I was told to become a godly man! I just got engaged to two beautiful women, and I was beaten up by his dad. This is good, not even met the emperor, and then ran into the monk. There is no professional ethics, this is not a pry line, I do not want to become a monk.

The divine messenger is still smiling there, but Li Tian how to look at him is a face that owes a beating. Anger from the heart, evil to the side of the bile, one does not do two, the big deal, the old man once again the end of the world, run to another country, anyway, do not have to do the passport.

"How about it, child of God, why don't you quickly salute your master, that is, this divine ambassador." The divine ambassador was still there, self-absorbed.

"I say, this big brother of God's ambassador, you are not older than me by a few years, and I, on the other hand, have a lot of things to do. So, can't join your organization anymore, still want to live a normal life." Li Tian looked at the God Envoy with unblinking eyes.

This God Envoy, who was still intoxicated with himself, was surprised and almost fell headlong to the ground, "What? You dare to disobey God's order, you call me big brother? You you~~."

"Well, don't pretend to be elegant with me, in the past, we were peers, it's not easy for you to be a godly messenger, from now on, we don't offend each other, okay?" Looking at this foolish impostor, Li Tian really did not want to blow his self-confidence.

"God, forgive me, he turned out to be a devil in hell. Wait, I'll petition His Majesty to tell you to be a pauper forever, no, tell you to become a eunuch." The god ambassador's face was a little distorted with anger.

"Damn it, dare to intimidate me, it's too vicious. I call you intimidate, I call you eunuch, I call you ......" Li Tian a violent beating, fortunately, no one around, Lord Liu thought the god envoy had some confidential important matters, so the people were removed.

"Ah! ~~ God, ~~ my sun god ah ~~ this god ambassador and you fight." Originally still screaming miserably, the divine messenger went crazy, grabbed Li Tian's hair, legs clamped, tripping the unsuspecting Li Tian to the ground at once, and the two rolled into a ball.

"Damn than, you dare to play dirty, see if I do not beat you to death a godsend." Said Li Tian also went to grab, but a touch of his bald head, only to remember that in this regard he took a big advantage, grabbed the hair to grab the ear. Oh my God, how like two shrews in the tear wife frame.

Previously, Li Tian also fought, plus this half year to cut wood and water, the body bones are also considered tough. But at this moment Li Tian knew that the world's most tired shrews tearing wives frame, not long, the two people are tired of panting, but who do not let go.

"You let go of me."

"You let go first"

"Damn it than"

"You son of a bitch"

The # # #, finally forced this godly man to be anxious, began to curse at each other. From the sky to the ground, and from animals to plants, the two people cursing is astonishing, and surprisingly cursed a tie.

Two faces splattered with spittle, a hands grabbing hair, a hands grabbing ears.

"Kid, you have guts, no one in Daan dares to do this to me, I really admire you."

"You godly man, every day in front of people pretending to be moral, did not expect to scold people than the old man."

"Each other, you are not bad, you kid first let go, I will not find you trouble."

"Shit, who are you fooling, I believe in the words of the gods, I tell you, today not to solve the matter, I die to pull you, anyway, bare feet are not afraid of wearing shoes."

"# # # than, what do you want."

"Give me a guarantee."

"Okay, I swear on the name of God~~"

"Stop, I don't believe that guy, another way." Not to give to come to some real, Lee genius will not fall for it.

"You grandmother, in the end want to call me what." The godfather is really anxious, where he has suffered this kind of aggression.

"Write a pledge to never mention this again, and no retaliation."

"Damn, better than a monkey, write it, but you also do not say anything about today, or I will not let you go."

"Okay, I shouted one, two, three together to let go."

Both sat on the ground, Li Tian's scalp was scratched hot and painful, the god stick's ears were also Li Tian seized both ears hanging shoulders, a large circle.

The god stick looked at Li Tian maliciously, teeth gnashing.

"What to look at, there are pens and paper on the table, write to go, just now I did not care, told you to grab the hair, do not write we will fight again, but this time, there you look good." Said, Li Tian sleeve of the knife swish to the hand, and smoothly played a few knife flower.

This really scared the god stick, "you you you still want to kill me."

"Hey, I do not kill you, just in your face carved 'beast' two words, see you still have the face to go out in the future when the god stick." For this kind of face-loving godly man, this is more ruthless than killing him.

"Damn, write it, but you are not allowed to show it to anyone. Otherwise, I will never write even if I'm finished."

"Don't worry, this is my amulet, how can I tell another person in this world to see it, then I'm not dead, from now on we are dependent on each other."

God stick also understood that as long as he did not look for Li Tian's business, Li Tian did not dare to take it out. After all, even if he is finished, the emperor will kill Li Tian to save face to silence.

"After reading the guarantee written by the god stick in his hand, and also told him to press his handprint and add the private seal he carried with him, Li Tian only smiled at him reassuringly.

"Smile a fart, look at me like this, and this body of clothing, how to walk out."

"Cut, say you stupid you really stupid, ask your people to send you a body clothes, and then ask Lord Liu's men to carry a tray of bath water. Let's wash and change clothes in this house before going out, don't tell me you don't know how to panic."

After saying that, regardless of whether the god stick agrees or not, he shouted at the door, "Someone, the god envoy has orders."

The god stick pointed at Li Tian with a trembling finger and said two words "shameless".

Lord Liu's men heard the shout and immediately went to the door, but did not dare to come in: "Dear Lord God's Envoy, please give your order."

The god stick cleared his throat and said with a sacred face to the door, "The great Sun God, just now sent down a divine metaphor, this child of God, Li Tian, will be blessed with the supreme blessing to wash his sinful heart. Go and bring a bathing basin full of water, and ask my servant to bring a brand-new set of divine robes. Then go and get a new suit for this sinful child, too, and I will turn on the light of God to remove his previous sins. Go, children of God, Alaska."

My mother ah, worthy of the high level of the gods, the realm is so high, even bullshit is not away from the mouth of God, in front of him, Li Tian deeply regressed in his own level.

Not long after, four big men carrying a large bath tub came in, the godservant also brought in two bodies of clothes. Several people did not even raise their heads, respectfully retreated out, and smoothly closed the door. Li Tian peeked through the door to see, even Lord Liu was excited to stand outside the door, yes, this is the blessing of the Sun God, not many people can enjoy.

"Gods, why did you become the supreme gods so young, tell me, I also learn a hand, exchange experience." Now two people are a grasshopper on a rope, or first talk about the heart than called good, each other to pull in some feelings. Besides, now the two people are naked in a barrel, it is really frank and honest.

"I'm warning you, no more calling me a godsend."

"Okay, okay, no calling when someone is around, okay, say it."

"That was a long, long time ago ......"

"Stop, I don't want to hear Arabian stories, let's have some dry ones."

"# # #," the godly man cursed, then said, "The previous godly messenger was my master, and he passed it on to me when he died."

"Done, that's it?"

"Damn, are you finished, I'm hungry." The divine rod was dissatisfied and said.

"It's not easy, look at me." After saying that, he shouted to the door, "Someone, Lord God's Messenger is casting a spell and needs to be fed, please send in some wine and food."

The god stick was cooperative and read aloud, "O great Sun God, although you are incomparably benevolent, please accept the most sincere offerings from your servant, Alaska."

There was a rush outside the door, and by this time Lord Liu was no longer there, and there were subordinates and followers of the God Stick listening to the marquis outside the door exclusively.

Li Tian and the divine rod looked at each other for a moment, while extending the big mother finger, said in unison: "admire."

Hey, I did not expect a bare ass and a godly man in the capital, naked and drinking a little wine, this world is really crazy.

Long story short, sent away the sacrosanct Lord God's ambassador, Grand Maester Liu arranged for Li Tian to live in the Liu House, waiting for His Majesty's edict to face the saints.

Grand Maester Liu is busy every day and can't see anyone, Li Tian still read more books to understand this crazy society. Otherwise see his majesty in case of error, small life is likely to be unprotected, accompanied by the king as accompanied by the tiger ah.

Not yet a few days of peace, was interrupted by an eunuch's sissy voice, "By the holy decree of His Majesty the Emperor of Da'an, declare the talented son of Pingdu, Li Tian, to enter the hall to face the saint, Chin this."

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