In Another Life

Chapter 1: Offending the ghosts

The first section offends the ghosts

The first section

[This story is purely fictional, please do not imitate]

The six paths of reincarnation, all sentient beings. No matter how rich or poor you are in life, after death, you still can't avoid the Yama Temple. The new life of the poor and rich depends on how much merit and virtue before birth, is to go to heaven or hell, the yin and yang book is clearly written.

In the gloomy Hall of Hell, on both sides stood the big ghosts. A furious Lord Destiny Ghost King, holding the Yin-Yang Book in his hand, looked at the 8268th Yin spirit kneeling in the hall.

Ma has, born in the earth ball star

Emotional liar in his life occupation

The evil karma created: cheat money cheat sex cheat feelings led many women to commit suicide due to emotions, the top ten evil karma accounted for six.

He also likes to use the reputation of the Queen Mother to cheat people and ruin the reputation of the immortals. This time, the Queen Mother specially asked the Heavenly Fairy to send a message over and asked the Ghost King to give a heavy sentence.

After reading the information, the main life ghost king was angry and slapped the imperial case in front of him, "You should go to the frying pan, look at what you did in life, is to go to skinning hell, are considered cheap you."

Ma has knelt in the temple, the body of the shackles heavy pressure on top of the spirit body, scared mixed body shiver. He was so angry, not just cheat some money, as a liar is easy. In order to make a living, even the old and ugly woman feelings also cheat.

The ghost king coldly stared at Ma has, "However, your merit book, also recorded a you once donated money in Fengdu Ghost City. Yan Luo ghost emperor remember you have this merit, so, this time extra grace, do not have to go to the eighteen hells. But you have to be reborn in the animal path to eliminate your bad karma. You will be a pig for nine lives, six lives as a dog, and then reincarnated as a human."

When Ma heard this, he remembered that a few years ago, he went on a trip to Three Gorges. When he was in Fengdu to see the ghost town, he put a hundred yuan into the merit box in order to show his noble kindness in front of a female president. I did not expect this to become his greatest merit, but the thought of becoming a pig and dog, but also to be killed and eaten by the fate of the heart is also sad to smack their own two mouths, why not put more than two hundred dollars.

"Bull head and horse face listen to the order, take to the six reincarnation mirror, reincarnation go."

The bull-headed horse face like carrying a chicken grabbed the horse has the spirit body, dragged on to the temple outside, along the way constantly listen to the two sides of the ghosts cry. Arrived at the mirror of the Sixth Path of Reincarnation.

A strange ugly granny sitting there, in front of a bowl full of bowls of tea.

Ma has looked at this granny, strange looking at her tea in front of her? Life on earth, before killing the head heard to drink a cup of strong wine, is that the nether trough hell before reincarnation is given a bowl of 'dragon well tea'?

"See Granny Meng."

'Granny Meng'? Oh my God! This can't be the legendary 'Meng Po Po soup', right? What if I drink it and I don't know anything? What can I do? Is this the end of my life of wisdom?

The bull's head began to turn the six reincarnation mirror, a seven rainbow light flashed in front of the mirror, the reincarnation mirror slowly turn.

"Why is it so troublesome? Directly thrown into the reincarnation lake is not finished, why do you have to enter the mirror of reincarnation? I also need to use the incarnation talisman to turn away the physical body and spiritual awareness, how troublesome." Granny Meng asked with dissatisfaction.

"Granny doesn't know, the Queen Mother has brought a message to punish this kid properly. So into the reincarnation mirror, so that his fate can be accurately arranged. The first life as a pig, the end of life to receive eighteen stabbing, screaming for three hours to break." Horse Face explained.

"Hmph, it seems that this kid offended that woman Queen Mother. Count him unlucky, that woman is small-minded, think back in the day, I and she together to pursue the Jade Emperor. Hmph, she succeeded in retaliation against the old body, disfiguring my face, the old body in a fit of anger to run here to sell 'forgetting water'. Speaking of her on the angry, leaving a bowl of soup, you call him to drink, I have to go somewhere else to feed the soup to go, do not forget to go to his body spirit, or generate a pig-faced person, may be another whole out of the eight rings. Said, a turn and disappeared into the air.

Ma has listened to the cold sweat, what is this matter! Is not the reputation of the Queen Mother made a few small oaths, cheating a few women to promise their bodies, why with me a small person to get over ah.

"Two big brothers, look at you two are born jade tree, different. Can you see if you can arrange a better fate for me? Now we are popular pet pig, can you also ask me to be a pet pig, the best is the owner of the unique love of that kind." The horse already showed a horseshit smile.

"Put your farts, for those things you did on earth, it's good that you were not told to go to hell. When the reincarnation mirror stops, that's the beginning of your new life, that's what happens to liars, hahahaha." The bull's head finished, and the horse's face laughed out loud.

Ma has the smile disappeared, malevolent look at the two ghosts. Said, anyway is dead, look at them both that gloating bear, while I still understand, first scolded on a said, open mouth curses: "Damn a than, you two look, look at your father was in a bad mood, to give birth to this look, no face to see people, to run to this shit place as ghosts, I am a pig also want to scold you two a hundred times a day. "

"Wow, you dare to scold this big ghosts, looking for a fight is not." After saying that, the horse face went is a few big mouth.

Although it is a spiritual body, the horse has also been smoked dizzy, but the mouth tough has been non-stop cursing. Anyway, to become a pig, not scolded white not scolded, killed me also scolded, as long as the fight does not die, but also scolded.

The cow head angry flying up a foot, kicked the horse has been on the butt. Ma has the spirit body was kicked up, straight to the reincarnation mirror. 'Whoosh', only to see a flash of golden light, the horse has the figure disappeared in the reincarnation mirror that has not yet stopped.

Bull-headed horse face grunting in anger at the disappearing figure, hands cha waist, still there fuming with anger. Slowly, the horse face of anger disappeared, replaced by a face of shocked expression, "Brother Niu, he did not drink Mengpo soup!"

"Brother Ma, I also did not use the incarnation talisman to turn away his physical body spirit awareness."

"Brother Niu, what's even worse is that he didn't reincarnate into the animal path, look at that reincarnation mirror just stopped, he just entered the human society of the other dimension."

Horse face grabbed his two horse ears, bull head grabbed his two bull horns, scared two people mixed body trembling, "Brother bull, do you think the ghost king will nail us both to the bronze pillar and roast them to eat."

"Brother Ma, if the Ghost King knows, he will have to skin us both and make them into drums, what can we do?" The cow head's words are tinged with crying.

Horse Face looked around, not a single ghost, boldly said: "Why not, let's give him a change? Anyway, the main life ghost king will ascend to the heavenly realm in a thousand years to become a great god."

Bull head also looked around, nodded fiercely, "Good, anyway, you know this, I know, no other ghosts know."

With the strong support of the bull's head, Horse Face drew the iron pen from behind him and flipped through the book of life and death to find the column for Horse Already.

"The horse has been reincarnated into a pig life cycle for one year."

Horse Face added four 'zeros' viciously after the word one, and then let out a long breath.

"No ah horse face, this if you ask the judge to check, which has lived on a thousand years of pigs, ah, must do us both a crime of dereliction of duty."

"Then what to do." Horse face of a horse face really want to cry.

"One does not do, two does not rest, destroy the corpse."

Horse face also glowed fiercely, 'swish' and opened the book of life and death, a wave of the iron pen. The book of life and death, from now on there is no horse has been this person, bull head kicked over the Meng Po soup, a yellow smoke in the air scattered. After clearing everything, bull head and horse face with a ghost in mind to go back to the order.

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