Importunate Ghost King Husband


At this time, the sky slowly started to brighten. A beam of light shone through the sky, and those souls instantly turned into ashes, disappearing from where they stood.

The wall disappeared without a trace.

The locust tree slowly split open and a woman dressed in red walked out. A hairpin was stuck in her hair.

Not only did the woman appear herself, she was holding onto a jade figure, and upon seeing Luoyang, the jade figure immediately started to shout loudly, "Sir, sir, save me! This crazy woman is going to pinch me to death! "

As if she was dissatisfied with Gui Fang's words, the woman let out a bitter laugh and used her fingers to break the little finger of the Jade Dweller. Her voice was clear and eerie.

"Have you forgotten who raised you? Do you want to be turned into ashes?"

Gui Fang immediately cried out in pain. Her ghostly wails and wolf howls had no intention of diminishing in the slightest.

"You crazy woman, is that something I can choose? You know you're the dead one! When the sun shines, you will be completely dead! "

Although the words that Gui Fang said were extremely heartless, I felt that there was a faint unwillingness and worry hidden within.

The woman chuckled, "It's just death. I've already died eight hundred years ago. I've lived enough for so many years. You people can be considered sensible people, especially that woman over there."

She held out her slender hand and pointed it at me.

"You are the second person to be able to feel their pain. I originally thought that I was someone who had already felt the hardships of the human world, but I never thought that I would be so insignificant."

The moment she said it, I couldn't help but think about how, that night, I would be tied up like an animal, with no dignity, no freedom, and no so-called rights.

Gradually, I felt as though I was being pulled in, tears unceasingly flowing down my face.

A pair of large hands wiped away my tears. "These are none of your business."

After waking up from my dream, I snapped out of my daze and looked at the woman in front of me with lingering fear.

Seeing this, the woman sneered.

"It's only thirty years ago. You still want to give me the competition from eight hundred years ago?" The disdainful look was very ostentatious.

Unfortunately, in the next moment, he was slapped by Gui Fang.

"Ha! You are truly shameless to mock someone. Do you know who the things that you are hiding are? This is the one from thirty years ago. "

The woman's expression changed and she continued to break Gui Fang's other hand.

"You crazy woman, let go of me!"

Then, the other side scolded him, "Shut up, you're really going to cause me trouble! You really know how to find time. If I die, wouldn't this be taken back by you? "

"Originally, I thought that I had stolen it, but who would have thought that there would be a day that this owner would come knocking on my door. Tell me, how much hatred do you have with those people!?" Put the bones everywhere. "

Luoyang's face darkened, and a murderous look burst out of his eyes, "What if it's none of your business?"

The woman laughed out loud. She threw Gui Fang out and smashed her into pieces. She patted her hands nonchalantly and walked into the sunlight.

As soon as the sunlight fell on him, his body started to turn transparent.

She arrogantly smiled and said, "If you want it, then go find it yourself!"

Luanyang released me and instantly went over. However, she was only able to place the talisman on the body of the woman before it was too late. The woman was still reduced to ashes, leaving behind only the wooden hairpin.

Worried, I walked up to the hairpin on the floor and picked it up. I discovered that even though it was similar to the hairpin from before, there were clearly some small patterns that were different.

"What should we do?" I looked worriedly at Luoyang. Originally, I had come here in time to look for my body, but now, I had lost my only hope.

Luanyang's expression was somewhat unsightly, but she still picked up the wooden hairpin and walked straight in front of the teenager, Avi.

At this time, the sky was already bright, and the fog that had been covering the area for a long time finally dispersed. Under the scorching heat and bright light, it brought a sense of holiness.

"You know what I want?"

Ah Wei looked at the wooden hairpin in disappointment. He hesitated for a long time before taking the hairpin and standing up.

His voice was exceptionally heavy, "Although I don't know what you two are, but if you're looking for me, I know where I'm from."

After dawn, the transparent figure beside him was no longer visible.

Luoyang left Ah Zi here to watch Feng Ming and Old Li, so she took me and began to follow behind the teenager, Ah Wei.

He did not know if it was because of the sunlight, but after walking in the mountains for less than half an hour, Luanyang's aura started to become chaotic, and even disappeared in the end.

A breathless person just walked like that.

Avi, who was at the front, didn't notice it, but I, who was watching Luanyang, naturally saw it in an instant.

Initially, he wanted to remind the other party of this matter, but thinking of the dazzling sunlight, he felt that there was nothing he could do. Furthermore, with the experience of this young man, he should be able to accept anything!

The mountain road was not easy to walk on. There were several times when Luanyang would turn around and grab me tightly. On the other hand, Avi seemed very familiar with the road.

It was only when they were halfway up the mountain that they saw a very hidden classmate. Upon entering the room, they could smell the damp and faint smell of decay.

"You guys be careful, it's easier to slip inside."

He had originally thought that the interior would be littered with corpses. Unexpectedly, it was just a push of the straw. It looked relatively clean, and the one lying on top of it was the woman from before.

The moment he got closer, he could see that she was not in a good condition. Her entire body was burning red and her breathing was heavy. It was as if she had been burning for some time.

Upon seeing this, A-Wei was on the verge of tears again.

"All of you, save Big Sister! I was the one who secretly hid Big Sister. Otherwise, Big Sister would have definitely died. "

I looked pitifully at the woman and couldn't help but say, "If we leave, we will definitely help send her to the hospital. She will definitely be fine. Her medical standards are still very high."

After saying that, I wanted to ask for Luanyang's opinion but he just walked straight into the cave. I hastily followed him.

The deeper they went, the colder it became and the stronger the smell of decay became.

Luanyang acted as if he didn't feel anything, and continued walking forward.

There was no way forward until he reached a bottomless abyss. If he was not careful, his body would be smashed into smithereens.

"Afraid?" Luanyang suddenly asked, stopping me by my shoulder.

I looked at him doubtfully, but before I could turn around, he immediately took a step forward. The fear of losing weight caused me to have no choice but to tightly hug the person beside me.

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