Importunate Ghost King Husband


At this moment, I suddenly felt as though I really didn't understand myself. I clearly knew that no matter what the situation was, there would definitely be that thing outside. Yet, I still couldn't help but hold onto the door handle.

Fear crept up on me, but more often than not it was involuntary.

I took in a deep breath and immediately opened the door before me. I subconsciously closed my eyes, but didn't expect that someone would appear behind me and grab my clothes to drag me away.

The sudden movement caused me to open my eyes wide, and I was able to clearly see what was outside the door.

Its tiny body just stood there, and its entire body was no longer clean. The bright red color gave it a strong sense of danger.

Gui Fang?

The door gradually closes behind me, and the person behind me lets go of my collar. When I turn around, I can see his face, but I had no idea when Ah Zi was in my room.

Facing my confusion, Ah Zi only made a silent gesture, before turning back into her original form. However, this time, she seemed very petite, only the size of a house cat.

Its body was extremely light and nimble, and with a single leap, it reached the rooftop. When it jumped down, it held something in its mouth.

The object looked extremely petite, but it could make an ear-piercing sound. Its teeth were also very sharp, and the color of the black and gray was not conspicuous at all.

If it wasn't for Ah Zi bringing it down, I might not have discovered such a thing.

Even though it was already bitten, it didn't seem convinced at all. It started to squeak and didn't seem to be afraid at all.

I don't think so. It was all out of my expectations.

However, it was obvious that Ah Zi felt very relieved. He placed the item on the ground, and in that instant, the item actually started running towards me. However, it was surrounded by blue flames on the way.

As long as he touched it, he would make a sharp sound. He could clearly feel the pain.

Ah Zi immediately turns into her human form, revealing her beautiful figure in front of me. I turn my eyes away uncomfortably. I don't even want to glance at a woman whose figure is better than mine.

Even though he already knew that there was no way to compare them, there would still be unfairness in his heart.

After putting on her clothes, Ah Zi gave a disdainful smile, "Aren't you very proud of yourself? Do you still dare to go over now? They all say that they want to bully the weak and fear the strong. Look at you, why do you have to go and do the most powerful things? "

Lil Thing glared at Ah Zi angrily, but it already understood that the thing in front of it was not that easy to deal with. It could only hug its tail in an aggrieved manner and let out a few miserable cries …

He originally thought that as long as he waited inside the room, there wouldn't be much of a problem. Who knew that there would suddenly be a loud noise that sounded like gunfire from outside.

Ah Zi's expression suddenly changed. His nose twitched as he took out a talisman from his body and placed it in my hand. He anxiously said, "You stay here. I will go out and take a look. When the fire is small, just light it up with the talisman."

After saying that, she swiftly left the area. I only had enough time to watch the door open before all that was left was me and Lil Thing on the ground.

I squatted down and carefully looked at the blue colored flame. I know my own size, so I wouldn't ignore its destructive power just because it was small.

Upon seeing Ah Zi leave, the little thing seemed to have understood something in that instant. It started to chirp and shout at me.

If he wasn't so ugly, I would have thought he was a little cute.

Unfortunately, he was too ugly.

Seeing that I didn't pay any attention to it, I immediately got angry. I simply listened and didn't have any intention of paying attention to it.

After a few minutes, it sat down on the ground as if it had given up.

I also felt that there was some meaning to this, but I didn't notice that the shadows around me had already begun to grow larger and had already bound me.

By the time I reacted, the little thing was already high up in the sky. Laughing gleefully, it climbed onto the roof and left.

The more I struggled, the more I was bound.

The shadow in front of his eyes slowly gathered together to form the appearance of a woman. This woman was dressed in ancient clothes and had a wooden hairpin on her head. Her appearance was exactly the same as the one in Luanyang's hand.

The woman lowered her eyes with a hint of aversion to the world.

"Your body is truly delightful. I will definitely obtain it."

She even stuck out her tongue, as if imagining the smell on me.

I carefully swallowed my saliva before releasing the talisman in my hand. The moment the talisman landed on the ground, it started to burn. The size of the flames couldn't be compared to the ones before.

The woman let out a blood-curdling scream and disappeared.

And the flames went out.

I moved my hands and feet that were tied up. The door was opened by someone from the outside. Ah Zi rushed in and saw that the floor was covered with talisman paper. He gritted his teeth and said, "It was her who escaped. It was all Phoenix's Cry!"

Ah Zi helped me up from the ground and said with a rare guilty conscience, "Tonight is our private operation. I hope that when Mister asks about it, you can help me. It's best not to say anything."

Lying in my warm bed, I felt a rare sense of security. My previous thought had already come true, but why didn't I discuss it with Luanyang?

"Mister is originally a proud son of heaven, so how could you possibly approve of our method? But if you try to force your way in, then both sides will suffer. That's why you came up with this plan. Moreover, Feng Ming is also injured."

I looked at them in astonishment and thought back to the sound that was similar to a gunshot from before. "It's the villagers?"

This was almost certain, even now in this backward village, they still needed this kind of dangerous mud gun.

Ah Zi knew that he could not hide it any longer, so he could only nod and say, "Mister has already passed on. The time that we have left now is not much." After she said this, she turned around and was about to leave.

Thinking of the peculiar Gui Fang from before, I wanted to ask a few more questions but I realised that I no longer had the chance.

However, how could I be such an obedient person? I directly lifted the blanket and followed her footsteps.

The moment I opened the door, the floor was filled with blood that had yet to dry up. The thick smell of blood made me realize that it was probably dog blood.

It wasn't the knowledge of human blood, so I let out a breath of relief.

At the same time, I saw a large circle of people surrounding the courtyard. From afar, I could see that Luanyang had her head lowered and her eyebrows furrowed, as if she had met with a troublesome problem.

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