Importunate Ghost King Husband


A cloud of black smoke hung around me, clutching my wrist.

I was a little flustered. It took me a while to recognize that the person in front of me was Luanyang. He had taken human form, and there was a trace of coldness on his face.

Looking at his appearance, I shuddered for no reason and winced in fear. However, I felt a great pain in my neck, as if someone was tightly grabbing onto me. Then, I started to cough.

A pair of ice-cold hands continuously relaxed behind my back.

By the time he stopped, his eyes were filled with tears. It was similar to the blurry world he was in.

"I'm sorry, I didn't expect your empathy to be so serious."

I looked up in disbelief. Luanyang was apologizing to me, admitting her negligence.

Perhaps it was because my eyes were too open, but Luanyang's eyes actually flickered, then he coldly snorted and said, "I already warned you, and I was just next to you, why didn't you come find me?"

I looked at my surroundings in astonishment. I realised that I had never left my bedside, so everything was just a figment of my imagination.

But that hatred was so deep that even if I wanted to close my eyes, I would be able to feel those unwilling eyes. I didn't think that the other party would actually place his emotions by my side and kill me.

If Luanyang had not appeared, would I have been alone in this room, strangling myself to death?

Luanyang saw me looking at him and responded to my thoughts. "Yes, among those who died, there were those who committed suicide."

When talking about suicide, Luoyang's tone was clear. If it was just a simple suicide, then there was no problem. The main reason was that the way he killed himself was too unique, so people began to feel afraid.

Luanyang saw that I was fine and wanted to stand up, but I grabbed onto the corner of his shirt. I looked at him with pleading eyes, "Don't go, okay? I'm still scared. "

Faced with my plea, Luanyang looked at me in silence, which made me feel overwhelmed, as if I was looking at a disobedient child.

I bit my lower lip and was about to release the corner of my shirt when I felt a familiar breath close to me, leaving a light kiss on my forehead.

Her gentle voice comforted me. "It's fine. I won't go out. I'll be at the entrance."

Who knew that I would want that scary woman the moment I heard the door?

Luanyang then more compassionately comforted me, that gentle appearance, is indeed a big difference from normal.

After being treated so carefully by him, I felt my heart start to pound uncontrollably, spitting on myself.

I can be so excited by such a small tenderness.

To fall in love with an impossible person, one had to be extremely careful in everything, because one would be afraid that after the other party found out, they would even lose the opportunity to be taken advantage of.

I took the initiative to urge Luanyang to go out. Luanyang might have some doubts, but she didn't refuse. I think people outside are still waiting for him.

The door that he had been talking to gradually opened.

I was looking at the empty room with some fear and was about to do something when I saw Phoenix's voice tiptoeing in.

Just as I was about to open my mouth to call for help, I saw him toss out something. A cold sensation covers my mouth, preventing me from making any sound.

Seeing that it was Feng Ming, I didn't feel any sense of danger, so I naturally cooperated with him.

After Feng Ming came in, he immediately heaved a sigh of relief and took the thing in my mouth off. Before he could open his mouth, the thing in his hand started to protest.

"You actually treated me like this! They simply do not know how to cherish them! "

I lowered my head to clearly see what was on my lips just now. It was actually Gui Fang, who was placed into the Jade Lady Statue. Thinking of its original form from before, I almost vomited.

Feng Ming waved his hand nonchalantly. "You are only our captive now. It is good to raise you!"

"You crude barbarian, why am I so unlucky? It's all because of this special woman's system. If it wasn't for you seducing me, how would I have appeared?"

Gui Fang had a shrewish look on her face with her hands on her hips. Her image was completely different from that of the Jade Lady. What was even more unbearable was that she still had her coarse voice.

It gave me a slight headache.

When Feng Ming saw this, he immediately grabbed onto Gui Fang tightly and warned, "We came here secretly. If you were to shout and yell, you would be dead."

Hearing that, a look of fear appeared in Gui Fang's eyes and she obediently pretended to be dead in Feng Ming's hands.

"What is it? Tell me quickly. Mister said that he will be back very soon."

I stared at the phoenix cry, feeling sure that what he was about to say must have had something to do with what had happened to me last night.

Feng Ming immediately turned serious and asked, "Just what happened to you yesterday? Sir won't let us ask, but I want to help Mister."

I smiled bitterly. To be honest, I didn't really want to recall what happened yesterday. That kind of hatred made it easy for people to lose their rationality.

However, if it can help Luanyang find his body more quickly, I'm willing to do it.

I explained in detail how I heard the voice and how I fell into a nightmare after opening the door. After saying that, I subconsciously clutched my neck in fear.

After an entire night, it was already red and swollen to the point that it looked very conspicuous on the neck.

Feng Ming muttered to himself for a moment before letting out a sigh. "I didn't expect that you would be this good at empathy. You are indeed a person that suits our line of work!"

After saying that, he turned around to leave, but then he suddenly turned around, "If Ah Zi comes over to ask, then you should say it in a more vague way. We are competing!"

Seeing the look on his face as though he was lying, I felt that it was a little funny. It was just a matter of the two kids winning, so I could only nod my head in agreement.

Not long after Feng Ming left, Luanyang came back from outside. With a unique humidity, he asked, "Feng Ming came over?"

My face froze. "How did you know it was Feng Ming?"

Luanyang chuckled, but didn't answer my question. Instead, he put his hand between my eyebrows, and it felt as if his fingers were pulling away a faint chill.

I raised my head anxiously and saw that his surroundings were shrouded in a baleful aura. At his feet, there were faint white marks.

"What is this?"

This isn't anything I've ever seen before.

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