Importunate Ghost King Husband


My blood!

I tentatively extended my bloodied hand towards the direction of the ghost. As expected, the ghost retreated a step.

My blood immediately overflowed and revived. Endless vitality was ignited in the darkness. I forced myself to stand up and waved my hand to continuously spill blood on the body of the ghost.

When the blood splattered onto the body of the ghost, it howled in agony as though it had been scalded. I continued splattering the blood in a triumphant manner, preventing the blood from flowing freely.

This time, it was my turn to take the lead. The monster was forced into a corner and was trembling in fear.

But I suddenly realized that the blood in my hand was drying up. It was not going to work if I kept going like this. My blood would always run dry.

Once there was no blood defense, the demon would definitely take advantage of the situation and enter!

What should I do now? I tried to frighten the ghost, my mind racing, but I couldn't think of anything.

Right now, the whole elevator was affected by the strange magnetic field around the ghost's body, causing all the buttons to fail. It was impossible for them to escape.

Under the highly strained state of my mind, I seemed to hear some scattered sounds. I tried my best to prick up my ears and the scattered sounds converged together — — Blood Drawing Talismans!

That's right, talisman drawing can suppress ghost aura. Since this ghost is afraid of my blood, then my blood-drawing talisman will definitely be able to suppress its aura!

I excitedly bit off my middle finger and raised my hand in the air. Suddenly, I was stunned – I don't know how to draw talismans!

Seeing the blood congealing on his middle finger, the ghost was ready to strike again.

My hand started moving uncontrollably, and my middle finger felt as if it was being squeezed. Blood kept flowing out from my fingertips.

My hand seemed to have consciously drawn a few seals in the direction of the elevator door. Then, a rune suddenly materialized in front of the elevator door and golden light scattered in all directions.

The originally dark elevator suddenly lit up and resumed operation.

Ding. The elevator doors slowly opened. I looked like a hungry traveler who was walking in the desert and was looking at an oasis as I ran out crazily … The elevator door slowly closed behind them, and a shrill scream filled the entire corridor.

After hurriedly returning home and closing the door, the sound was finally isolated by me outside the corridor.

The apartment was dark and dark. I reached for the switch on the wall.

However, the palm suddenly grabbed him. How cold!

With a sudden tug, I felt the world spinning around me as my entire body was pressed against the cold wall.

A heavy, cold body pressed down on me, immobilizing me.


A cold and soft lips covered me, swallowing all my screams. "Hmm …"

I couldn't cry out and could only punch and kick the thug's back, but he didn't seem to be conscious of it.

Concentrate on my lips to rub and suck, wantonly plunder the few air in my mouth.

My mind jolted. Could this be the rumored pervert? What kind of evil did I do? I finally got rid of a hair-eating ghost, and now I've encountered a pervert!

The sex fiend's attacks became more and more fierce. I was confused by his kiss and gradually lost my strength.

The palm that was hitting the pervert hit the wall with great force, causing a heart-wrenching pain from the abrasion.

I suddenly felt a lot more awake. No!

I can't just sit there and let a pervert take advantage of me!

Since the hair eater was afraid of my blood, the lewd one was no exception.

I steeled my heart and clenched my teeth as I scratched the skin on my palm.

The scabbed wound split open again, and blood poured out.

The strong smell of blood stimulated me, and I became even more excited as I used even more strength to smash my blood-stained palm against that pervert's back … However, the pervert didn't react at all. It stood there like a towering mountain, unmoving.

He was still moving between my lips, attacking the city.

How could my blood have no effect on him? Or was the dose not high enough? I scratched into my palm again, and my body quivered as if I'd just cut off a piece of flesh.

I don't care about that anymore, I once again smashed my bleeding palm onto that pervert's body … The pervert finally reacted, but he only paused.

Her lips parted for a moment, and in the next moment, she kissed him even more imprudently.

The smell of fresh blood made his movements even more ruthless. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain on my lips. This pervert actually bit through my lips!

A salty and bloody taste spread from my mouth. The pervert caught my lips and greedily sucked my blood.

I was so numb from his kiss that I couldn't feel the pain anymore.

Am I going to be killed by this pervert here today? My consciousness drifted away bit by bit, and the body that was pressing down on me felt like a block of ice that got colder and colder. It was as if I had fallen into an icy cavern … So cold... I was in a trance, but out of the corner of my eye I saw the moon peeking out from the clouds, growing larger bit by bit … The pale moonlight illuminated the entire night as though it was daytime!

The body that was pressing down on me spasmed for a moment before it started to tremble violently.

His arms were clutching me, his nails digging into my flesh.

An intense pain spread from his arm to his brain. The pervert suddenly howled in pain and fell backwards while hugging me … I only felt the world spinning before I was pressed down to the ground by that heavy body. My back felt heavy and cold on the hard floor!

I was in so much pain that my tears came out, and the strength that was imprisoning my arms was suddenly released.

The power that was suppressing me suddenly slanted to the side and the pervert curled up, violently trembling under the moonlight … I took the opportunity to push him away and crawled up, enduring the pain in my knees. I lifted my foot to leave, but the pervert grabbed my ankle.

"Don't go …"

This voice was very familiar … I couldn't help but turn my head to look. That pervert was violently shaking and twitching under the moonlight. His body was so illusory that it looked transparent. The moonlight penetrated through his body and reflected on the ground, leaving behind a bright radiance … I couldn't open my eyes because of the blinding moonlight. In the dim light, I seemed to see a lot of red earthworms like threads moving in the light!

A black cloud moved over, covering half of the moon.

The light on the pervert's body dimmed, and I could finally see his face. The pervert's face was deathly white, like a block of ice, and it emitted a cold aura.

Even so, it was still difficult to conceal the extraordinary temperament of the sex fiend. His eyebrows were sharp and his eyes were bright, and his nose was straight!

Even though he was roaring on the ground like a wild beast, his body was still filled with an irresistible aura. A single sentence was enough to make me unable to move a single step.

The strength that was grabbing my ankle suddenly loosened. I lowered my head and bumped into a pair of pitch-black eyes.

I felt my heart tighten, as if I were being held, like a wave on a precipice.

My mind went blank, and I turned to run.

However, he was stopped by the person behind him, "Stop!"

The voice seemed to possess some sort of magic, bewitching me.


Let's go!

I kept urging myself, only to find that my body was out of control...

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