Importunate Ghost King Husband


This place was not considered remote at all, and the forest was quite a distance away. This woman's actions could be considered as brazen.

Ah Zi's temper was the worst. If he was unhappy, he would be unhappy. He immediately looked over with a displeased expression, he had thought that these people would be a little bit more restrained when they saw that there were outsiders.

Who knew that when they saw Ah Zi, they did not restrain themselves in the slightest. Instead, they shifted all their anger onto him.

Even though she was wearing the same set of uniforms as us, she still couldn't hide her curvaceous body, let alone her beautiful face.

The two women looked at Ah Zi from head to toe, and then opened their mouth, "Where did you come from, fox spirit? Do you want to do something like this?" Pui! You shameless thing! The sky isn't even dark, yet you dare to come out? Sooner or later, you will be stripped naked and hung at the entrance of the village. When the time comes, I'll let you have a good time. "

The tone of her words was very vicious, as if Ah Zi had already become someone who could marry anyone.

Even though Feng Ming was a man, he still felt infuriated. He took a step forward. After all, he was a big man. He scared the two women and made them retreat slightly. However, in the next moment, he started to wail and cry.

"Mother!" He was going to kill someone! An outsider coming to our village for a laugh is bullying the women inside! Someone! I don't want to live anymore! "

The two of them shouting at the same time was still very powerful. Furthermore, they didn't just talk about it, they also had more movements.

With a single glance, I knew that these two women were used to throwing a tantrum. Phoenix's Cry was no match for them.

He could only take out his cell phone and coldly said, "I've already recorded your actions just now. We were invited back by your village cadres. You won't be able to get any benefits if things get out of there."

The woman's expression changed as she obviously listened to my words. She gritted her teeth and said, "You are ruthless. If you can't come up with any tricks, I will kill all of you swindlers!"

The woman that followed after him was somewhat unwilling, but she chose to take a deep breath. She pulled the injured woman with her as she prepared to leave, while the youth behind her remained motionless.

Their actions were very crude. When they got closer, they could see the more obvious wounds on the woman's body. Fresh blood was slowly flowing out, looking somewhat horrifying.

However, others didn't think so. The most likely possibility was that they didn't believe it at all.

Seeing that the woman was about to be dragged away again, Ah Zi took a step forward and muttered something to himself. The woman in front of him did not seem to be able to take a step forward, as if she was blocked by an invisible wall.

A hint of anger appeared on Ah Zi's usually calm face, "Put her down and scram. Otherwise, don't even think about leaving this place."

The closed mountain village had already experienced many strange things. Now that it had personally experienced this, the look in its eyes when it looked at Ah Zi immediately turned into one of terror as it stuttered.

You, you are, you are a demon! "Ah!

The woman's voice did not continue. It was as if someone had suddenly grabbed her by the neck. Her eyes were looking up and her tongue was sticking out. She was completely unable to breathe, let alone howl.

Feng Ming slightly frowned. He took a step forward and reminded Wang Lin, "We've just arrived. We should be a bit more careful."

Right after she finished speaking, the woman started to breathe heavily, but she did not dare to speak. She only looked at Ah Zi in terror.

Ah Zi gave a cold humph and said, "It was just a little lesson to her, what are you so nervous for?"

Feng Ming retorted, "Sir said to keep a low profile, so do you want to go against Sir's words?"

The two of them immediately appeared to be in a deadlock. However, I felt that the way the two of them communicate was a little different. If it was a real conflict, it wouldn't matter at all.

The frightened woman stealthily turned around and looked at me with a contemptuous smile. There must be a reason why these backward villages are so poor.

But whatever the reason, it has nothing to do with us.

When the woman ran away, only the youth and the injured woman were left. Without holding back, they fell to the ground. The youth immediately went forward to support the woman.

However, that young woman clearly didn't want to accept his good intentions and was struggling with all her might. However, because she really didn't have any strength, she just maintained her condition.

The young man didn't get angry at this woman for not knowing what was good for her. Instead, he became even more worried.

Ah Zi stepped forward, and a blue flame instantly enveloped the woman's wound. He pursed his lips and said, "This is only temporarily so that you won't feel any pain. But if you want the wound to heal, you still have to go to the doctor."

Just now, Ah Zi had already shown that he was different, and now it was even more so.

The woman's originally numb face instantly became excited, looking at Ah Zi as if she saw the last straw, her hands desperately trying to grab onto something.

"Please, please! "Help me!"

She kept coughing, unable to control herself. She could only hear these words, but she didn't understand the specifics.

Seeing this, the youth hugged the woman painfully, as if he had made a huge decision.

He raised his head and looked at me. I just realized that he was actually the weakest child I had met at the entrance of the village. Even though his body was able to stand alone, he was still just a child.

"You must be good people!" "If you can, you can take Ah Fang with you when you leave. She wants to go home, it's all because of me that she can't go home."

The youth felt as if he had suffered a great deal of self-blame and pain. As he spoke, he cried loudly. He could no longer feel the joy and happiness from before.

"I know that it will be difficult for you all, but I know that the Village Encyclopedia values you very much. Especially that mister, you must have a way."

The woman in his embrace widened her eyes as she looked at him, as if she hadn't expected that the youth would actually help her.

The youth grinned, "I know you hate me, but survival is the most important thing. Ah Fang, you are the person I like the most."

The purest feelings of youth were placed in front of her, but it was a pity that she didn't have the ability to feel it. I saw that she was tightly pinching my flesh, as though reminding me of something.

Feng Ming obviously did not expect such a thing to happen. Just as he was about to ask a few more questions, he heard a group of people shouting at him.

"That jinx is a filthy thing! As long as it's burned to death! "

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