Importunate Ghost King Husband


No one had expected the accident to happen so suddenly. Fortunately, the tricycle was the bigger type. Otherwise, the force from earlier would have easily overturned the tricycle.

The car then stopped. The middle-aged man began to tremble as if he had seen something terrifying. The driver wasn't that much better off.

"What's wrong with Old Li, did I hit something dirty or someone else!?" I want to hit someone. " The driver was also a simple and honest man, yet he said those words.

Old Li could not help but shiver and berate, "You fool, what are you afraid of!? Isn't there a master here? You're going to be sent to a hospital after bumping into someone, do you not want to raise a big child? "

The words that he had wanted to say to bolster his courage had accidentally stabbed onto Er Pi Zi's sore spot. His eyes were filled with tears, as if he was trying his best to hold them in.

"How could I not want to raise a child? I was just afraid that the child would be raised by a child!"

Both of them looked very pitiful, but none of them dared to step forward. In the end, it was Ah Zi who found the courage to walk forward and carefully looked at the things on the ground.

There was a ray of light, and Ah Zi's shadow seemed to have been pulled a long time, as though it was going to merge with the fog. She didn't hesitate to look to the left, and the instant she turned around, I saw her shadow turn white.

I subconsciously covered my mouth. When I looked over, it was normal black. It was as though I was imagining things at that instant.

Ah Zi quickly turned around with a black object in his hand. The black object gave out a small sound of 'shred', appearing somewhat pitiful.

"Sir, it's just some creatures from the mountains. What do you think?"

Luanyang took a glance at it, then shook his head. Within a second, the thing in Ah Zi's hands was thrown back, without any hesitation at all.

When Old Li and Er Pi saw how amazing Ah Zi was, they instantly became more flattering. They were so close to inserting two incense sticks worth of incense into the bowl.

Feng Ming snorted coldly as he muttered to himself, "If I were to go, I would definitely be able to find him faster."

No one said what that thing was. Everyone knew what it was, and the tips of Ah Zi's fingers were a faint black color.

He didn't know how long he had been bumping for, but he could vaguely see fireworks. The car could only carry the guests at the village entrance. The only thing left was to slowly walk in.

Old Li had obviously thought of this question a long time ago, so he called for someone to help him carry the stuff. As a result, he didn't expect to see more than ten teenagers when he got off the car.

Their faces were filled with curiosity, as well as traces of numbness.

"Aiya, didn't you just say three people would do? With so many people, let me say it first. Not everyone will get a reward if they come! "

One of the shortest youth walked over. He seemed to be in his best condition. He smiled and said, "There's no need. I just want to help. Besides, isn't it a bit unsafe recently?"

Old Li sighed, obviously agreeing with him. He knew this was the best way.

He turned to Luanyang and gave her another flattering smile.

"Master, I'm sorry, that's the condition here, but you can order people around as you wish. I can guarantee that no one will dare to say anything, so please help us!"

Luanyang nodded and said softly, "It doesn't matter. Since we've already arrived, we won't leave empty-handed."

He had originally come here to find something of his own, but now he had turned into a great master who helped the people. This was probably the greatest convenience of his identity!

It was said that at that time, the villagers were too poor, so they dug many caves in the mountain just so they could continue living. Later, when the conditions were good, they would build a house, but those caves were still preserved gradually.

I remember when I was in college, one of my old friends visited the tourist area, but it wasn't as good as I thought it would be, and I never mentioned it again.

Now I have come.

The houses that came along the road were all very shabby. There was an old man sitting at the door, silently smoking a cigarette made from grass leaves. He looked at us with an unfriendly expression, but no one came forward to say anything.

It was probably because of what happened in the village that it became a compromise. I also knew that these backward places don't like outsiders coming to them.

Although this house looks better than the ones outside, it's not as good as the ones in the city. There are only three rooms.

It has to be said that poverty really makes people fall behind, whether it's the environment or the behavior of a person.

Feng Ming took this opportunity to say that he needed to investigate thoroughly. Originally, he wanted to take Gui Fang with him, but she acted like a mouse returning to a cat's nest, turning into a piece of jade and hiding beside Luoyang, unwilling to go out.

With no other choice, it would have to be the three of us leaving together.

Before we went out, Luanyang told us again what she had told us. We were not impatient at all.

There is naturally a lot of water in the area of the mountains. A thick fog suddenly falls down and brings a lot of water. We didn't go far, but found a river instead.

The river wasn't very wide, but it could be considered the source of life. Feng Ming casually sat on the ground, admiring the beautiful scenery.

With a touch of nostalgia, he said, "Actually, this place is quite similar to Mount Shu. It's just that the plates on Mount Shu are not as black as this place."

I paused for a moment. It was impossible for me to imagine what Mount Shu looked like, but my heart yearned for such a place.

Unknowingly, the three of them had all sat together, preparing to admire the heaven and earth.

However, not long after he sat down, he heard the sounds of quarrelling coming from somewhere not far away. Furthermore, it was getting closer and closer.

Although it was said that the quarrel was just a one-sided insult, the three of us didn't really understand those country bumpkins that were mixed together. Even so, we could feel the malice behind them.

When he turned around to look, he saw two women pushing another woman and then punching the ground. The other young man was still standing there numbly.

"You jinx, hurry up and get pregnant. Otherwise, laozi will kill you. Don't you know that we spent money on it? You little bastard!"

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