Importunate Ghost King Husband



Luanyang didn't say what the exact number was, but from the look in his eyes, it was obvious that it wasn't a small number.

But why would such a thing come to me?

"This ball of meat already has its own thoughts. I probably want to find a perfect body for myself, but I never would have thought that I would meet you." I heard his voice, faintly smiling.

As for the attendants on the ground, they seemed to realize that they had made a mistake, and they immediately started shouting.

"Sir, sir, I was really just muddle-headed for a moment. Since I've cultivated for so many years, please let me go!" "If I can help in the future, I'll definitely help."

Help?" Luanyang laughed softly, as a mass of black Qi could actually be seen by me as a smile that was not a smile, "Then you should tell me the address of the thing you are accompanying. The reason why you can possess the body of the white slip isn't just because you have taken a fancy to her Yang constitution, right? for example, a familiar smell.

Luanyang didn't say anything, but I could feel the tension in the flesh on the ground. The originally tender flesh had turned brown, and I couldn't wait to roll myself up into a ball.

But since Luoyang said it, it was more or less confirmed.

Feng Ming took out his compass and I saw that the needle instantly changed. Originally, it was something that originated from heaven and earth, but it turned into some strange symbols. As for the thicker pointer, it was pointing straight at the ball of flesh without any hesitation.

"It's you. As expected, you're related to this matter. Hurry up and tell me everything you know." Feng Ming took out another piece of talisman paper and viciously said.

If I'm not wrong, this should be the fire that was used before and will ignite the meat.

Upon hearing that he might face an unimaginable punishment, the small ball of meat began to tremble. The disgusting thing from before had a strange and adorable feeling. This must be the legendary Chou Meng!

But if I could strengthen this taste a little bit more, I would feel a little better.

"What do you want? I don't want to go back, I'm scared! She will definitely eat me up. Women are really too scary. "

As the meatball whined, the ground actually started to get wet.

Luanyang instantly flew away, looking very disdainful as she waved in my direction.

I looked over to him hesitantly. In the end, I couldn't help but walk in front of him. At that instant, he turned into his human form.

"Didn't I tell you to come back before dark?" If you didn't come back in time, you probably wouldn't be able to stand and talk to me. "

I was so scared by his description that my skin stood on end, immediately revealing my thoughts. "I was wrong. I will definitely come back earlier next time, sir."

He laughed softly, as if he was pleased, and took me in his arms. Then, with his back to me, he lifted my clothes to reveal my back.

A gust of cold wind blew by, and I shrank back in fear. But very quickly, I was suppressed by Luoyang's hand. I could still faintly hear the movements of the phoenix cry.

It was as if the meatball was being tortured in private. The meatball's screams were very loud, and it was still going on and on. It was a pity that no one would pity it.

Luanyang's cold fingers lightly touched my skin, then he took a piece of rough paper and carefully wiped away the contents. Then I heard him say, "A little bit. It might hurt a little bit."

"Huh?" Before I could react, I suddenly felt pain in my spine, as though there were many thorns in it. Now that Luanyang was pulling the thorns out, the sound turned into a high-pitched scream. "Ah!"

Perhaps I was screaming too miserably, Luanyang's movements were getting faster and faster, but even so, after stopping, my face was already covered in sweat, and it even grazed onto his clothes.

When my clothes were pulled back, Luanyang picked me up again and kissed me lightly on the cheek, as if I were a reward or a compliment.

I really like this feeling. Even though his entire body is full of aggression and his cold lips are enough to make people afraid, but in reality, his lips are soft. When he kisses it, it's like a soft candy, gently moving on his face, making me forget about the pain on my back in an instant.

However, he did not last long as Feng Ming ran over in high spirits. He could not hide the smile on his face.

"Sir, that meat thing said that we will soon find the other parts of your body!"

Luanyang nodded her head calmly, without the slightest hint of awkwardness. On the other hand, I, as someone who was kissed, couldn't wait to be pulled into Luanyang's embrace, my face burning with terror.

"Sir, shall we start tomorrow? "If we were to bring the meatball with us, we might have to discuss it again. Even a female comrade would not like this sort of thing."

Feng Ming was rather secretive. He did not directly say that the lump of meat was too disgusting.

However, when I looked past Feng Ming's body, I saw a lump of meat in Ah Zi's hands, laughing. I didn't see anything wrong with it.

"Mm, I can handle it. Give it a piece of symbol paper first." Luanyang nodded, then took out a piece of spell paper.

Feng Ming excitedly asked, "Could it be that this is the talisman? Isn't it a bit of a waste to use it on this lump of paper?"

The symbol parchment was not yellow. Instead, it was a type of white color. There was nothing on it, but it gave off an extremely dangerous feeling, as if something was about to escape at any moment.

It didn't seem to be any different from the Hundred Ghost Nightmare Diagram.

"It can't be, the most adept at eating meat is to run. Otherwise, how could it escape from that thing with its strength?"

Feng Ming nodded his head as if he didn't quite understand the situation. He then took the spell paper and ran over. He must have been looking for Luanyang to tell him what to do.

I struggled for a while and wanted to get up, but Luanyang held me down and scolded me in a low voice, "Stop messing around, I have to find a carrier for the meat ball now."

As his words fell, his fingers also moved to my leg, stroking it time and time again.

I didn't move, but I knew to adjust my posture and watch the movements of his hands.

The jade in his hand now looked like a woman.

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