Importunate Ghost King Husband


Originally, I thought Luoyang came here because he trusted me. Who knew that he would actually ask another question.

"What did you see?"


I opened my mouth and looked at Luoyang who was standing in front of me. "I saw that this room was completely drowned in peach blossoms. I even dreamt that Lady Liu called me Jian Jia!"

After finishing my words, I nervously looked at Luoyang, afraid that he would think that I was spouting nonsense. After all, I only saw the memories of other people.

Ah Zi also looks at me like I'm lying.

"I didn't expect you to have this kind of talent. It's just a pity that you're a bit older."

Unexpectedly, Luanyang suddenly smiled, then looked at me with a face full of pity, as though he was looking at a good piece of jade. However, because someone drew a line on it, it didn't look good.

I looked at Luoyang blankly, not knowing what he meant.

It's a pity that Luoyang doesn't like to explain people, directly holding my hand.

He actually took out a ring from my finger out of thin air. This ring was the ring that I saw in my dreams. The light from the gem was extremely dazzling.

"You are mine. How can you wear someone else's thing?"

After saying that, he squeezed the ring, causing it to shatter and fall onto the ground, disappearing without a trace.

I looked at the ground. The peach blossoms started to wither, but it was only a small part of the ground.

Ah Zi said unwillingly, "This woman killed one of our people, just for this reason, I will not let her off!"

I've heard of people from the fox race. They hold a deep grudge, as long as they offend a fox, it's equivalent to going against the entire fox race.

"You, who the hell are you? You guys are not masters at all!"

Liu Fei's face was filled with fear. She was scared to death, but she still didn't dare to leave by herself.

This kind of man might be looked down upon the most, but he was the one who could speak the most flowery words!

The situation instantly became chaotic. As Liu stood there questioning, Madam Liu returned to her previous state. Ah Zi wanted Lady Liu's life.

But Luoyang and I did not get what we wanted.

The love curse on my body belongs to Ah Zi's third aunt. Although it can be broken, it can only be solved by the person who casted it. However, after coming to the Liu family, I only witnessed the tragedy of another fox.

In the end, he still could not figure out who had cast the spell.

However, Luanyang didn't feel disheartened at all, instead, her lips curved up as she said happily, "Little fox, I remember that you, the foxes, have such a principle. As long as you can get the core of a fox, you can solve it right?"

Ah Zi looked at Luoyang in shock, and asked vigilantly, "Luanyang, what are you trying to do? I won't willingly save this woman, not to mention something as important as the Core! "

The surrounding air instantly turned solemn, and black gases gradually began to appear around Luanyang. That gases were Luanyang's killing intent.

"Are you sure you don't want to give it to me?"

Luanyang laughed softly, but it sent shivers down one's spine.

I couldn't help but tremble on the sofa, but I felt that Ah Zi would be even more afraid than me.

There was nothing more frightening than being threatened like this!

"What exactly do you want? Do you really want to go against us foxes? "

Ah Zi stuttered as he spoke, his eyes already betraying her.

Seeing Luanyang's serious look, I also thought that he was trying to use Ah Zi to undo my love curse. Although I didn't want to die, I never thought that I would need Ah Zi's life to undo it.

What's more, he wanted her to be willing?

Just as I was about to step in and stop Luoyang, a sudden gust of wind blew in, accompanied by countless petals of peach blossoms. A refreshing fragrance wafted into the air, causing people to involuntarily suck in a breath.

Luanyang, however, turned around and stood in front of me. She even covered my nose and mouth with her sleeve.

Seeing nothing, Liu Station and the servants fainted on the spot.

Mrs. Liu, who was originally struggling, suddenly stopped and whispered, "Jian Jia."

The peach blossoms gradually took the shape of a human in front of my eyes. The peach blossoms scattered, leaving behind a man wearing a white shirt standing there.

Although he was a man, his beauty and charm were on par with Ah Zi. He had a unique aura about him that made him seem even more beautiful than a peach blossom.

Unfortunately, when such a beautiful man smiled, the dimples on his cheeks instantly became cute and honest.

"Jian Jia, are you Luanyang from Mount Shu?"

The moment he opened his mouth, an incomparably clear voice rang out. It was as clean and pure as the waters of a mountain spring.

Luanyang's face was now extremely cold. He gave a slight snort, as if he had admitted his identity.

No one dared to protest with such an arrogant appearance. Strength was the only thing that mattered.

What Jian Jia had was good looks on his clothes, but unfortunately, his personality was not one bit like a fox. There were faint traces of worry in his eyes, and his speech was also very warm.

"I never thought that before I turned into ashes, I would be able to see the people of my Fox Clan and Mount Shu. Jian Jia truly felt honored to have met such a genius, one that only appears once in a thousand years!"

Hearing his words, Ah Zi's face reddened, but he was extremely angry, "You actually knew you were a fox? You should know the rules of the fox tribe, why did you spare her life?"

Jian Jia froze for a second, and then smiled, "I'm afraid sister has never experienced the love of the human world, we foxes have always been infatuated with each other. Although she has fallen for me, I can't bear it, if you want to blame someone, you can only blame yourself for not finding the right person!"

"You! You are the shame of us foxes! Do you think we foxes will let her go? Just a mere human, but you're getting bolder and bolder! "

Ah Zi scolded him as if he had not met his expectations. It was as if he wanted nothing more than to step forward and help himself.

Unfortunately, he didn't want to go forward. He could only speak quickly.

Luanyang actually had more people than her, and she had no intention of beating around the bush.

"Is your core still there? I'll do something for you, you give me the Core! "

I was stunned for a moment, not expecting Luoyang to say that. I raised my head and looked at Jian Jia worriedly. Maybe it's because of his memory, I could feel his pain.

The feeling of love and not being able to, the feeling of betrayal, to the point of being chopped into pieces and on the verge of death.

Jian Jia smiled brightly, "Actually, Taoist Master Lu didn't say that, and I am willing to do that for her. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't even have this bit of time. But since Taoist Master Lu said that, I do have a request."

"I want to live forever. I don't want her to be haunted by demons."

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