Importunate Ghost King Husband


The woman's smile had an unmistakable quality to it, and her seductive eyes had no intention of leaving Luanyang.

When this woman came out, the face of the Liu family's head immediately darkened. Her eyes looked like they were about to devour someone, and she started shouting at the servants beside her.

"What's going on with all of you!?" How did the Madam come out? "

The woman who had been standing beside us suddenly felt her legs go soft and her face go pale, but she didn't have the slightest intention of trying to explain. She probably knew that explaining would only bring about more blame.

Luanyang laughed out loud. He didn't waver in front of the woman's sight, instead comforting her, "Nothing, I think your wife can't wait any longer!"

He said with great difficulty, "I knew it couldn't be hidden from you, Mister. This is a lowly house, you don't even know what happened a week ago, how did you become like this. Although I have kept people at home several times, but she was always able to get out on her own, this is something that people can't help but think about."

Even if he was locked inside the door, he would still be able to get out. Even if he didn't believe in the strange powers of theology, he still had to believe in them.

My gaze couldn't help but fall on that woman. To be able to hook away a man like Liu Fei, she must be a good-looking woman. However, my heart isn't a good one.

"Sir? Do you have a wife and children in your family? I like gentlemen like you. Do you teach people? " His daughter continued to ask, unwilling to be left alone. She didn't even put this husband in her eyes at all.

Behind me, Ah Zi also drew in a breath of cold air, "As a fox spirit, I really want to learn from this elder sister!"

I almost couldn't hold back a laugh, but then I wanted to see Liu in that state, so I could only bear with it and not say anything.

Luanyang laughed gently, revealing a gentle smile. His expression was as warm as jade. He followed the woman's words and said, "I know a little, I wonder if Madam would like to have a look?"

This time, not only me, everyone in the living room widened their eyes, especially Liu Yan. For a moment, his expression almost went out of control.

Later on, it would be said that he was angry, but it was exactly the same. He was wearing a green hat and did not dare to show an expression like he did not dare to do anything to the place.

When the woman heard that, her face was filled with joy. That coquettishness was almost unconcealable, and her eyes were filled with the desire for Luanyang.

No, to be more accurate, it should be the desire for a man. Could it be that ever since we entered, we haven't seen a single man, other than Liu.

It was obvious that this woman was unable to move her legs when she saw the man!

Liu Fei stuttered, "Mister, what are you trying to do?"

Luoyang answered innocently, "Aren't we going to treat him? "Rest assured Mr. Liu, how could I be the kind of person you think I am? My assistant will definitely go up with me."

That look made people feel that their thoughts were too dirty.

It was the same with Liu Ting. He closed his mouth and a look of regret appeared on his face.

However, Madam Liu who was standing at the staircase could not wait at all. She did not wait until Luanyang had ascended to the top of the stairs, and instead voluntarily descended. It was unknown why her legs moved so quickly.

It was on the second floor a second ago, but suddenly, the fragrance of peach blossoms rushed over. When he opened his eyes, this woman was already standing beside Luanyang.

Smelling the scent on Luanyang's body, a look of satisfaction appeared on his face.

"Sir, the Spring Festival Gala is worth a thousand gold. Let's not waste any time." She put her white wrist on Luoyang's shoulder.

I don't know if it was my imagination, but in that instant, I saw a sallow yellow look on her white arm, as though she was malnourished.

But by the time I wanted to take a good look at it, the arm had returned to its former state.

The woman's body was already hanging on Luanyang's body. She ignored me, who was standing in front of her. However, she looked at Ah Zi with a fierce look.

It was as if his prey was being watched by his own kind.

Being ignored like this gave me a moment of depression, but then wanted us to solve the problem, Luoyang should not be in front of other people's husbands.

Just as he was thinking this, he heard Luoyang say, "A thousand gold. Madam, do you want to get ten thousand gold from me?"

The flirtation was real, not like the things I used on me.

Then, as if the few of us didn't even exist, the two of them disappeared from the hall after a few instants.

Liu Fei's expression changed greatly, "Where is he? Where did he go? Where did you take my wife! "

Ah Zi smiled contemptuously, "Mister, it's not like you don't know that your wife has nowhere to bring her."

Where else could he go in this place? It was the woman's bedroom, preparing to swallow his prey whole.

Immediately, Liu Fei reacted and turned around to run up the stairs. Ah Zi and I naturally wouldn't leave either. It was just that in the instant we went upstairs, I could actually smell an even stronger smell of peach blossoms.

The scent seemed to be guiding me. When I looked down at my feet, I didn't know when my feet were covered with peach blossoms. It was as though I could hear the sound of flowing juices with a single step.

"Ah Zi!" I called out the name of Ah Zi, only to find that I was the only one in the house. There was no trace of anyone else.

Startled, I began to call out Luanyang's name, but there was no response. Instead, it was my own response that was very scary.

I had no choice but to follow the peach blossoms on the ground. I knew that I had stopped in an open area, in front of me was a small, dried up tree with only one peach flower on it.

This is a peach blossom tree?

I don't dare to believe my eyes because I have already become a dead tree, so I can't tell what kind of plant it is.

But after a gust of wind passed, the peach blossom actually floated down. If this continued, then perhaps the entire flower would wither.

Thus, I couldn't help but reach out my hand. I felt as though a steel nail had been inserted into my heart, suppressing the pain.

I screamed miserably as I lay on the ground. My fingers were inserted into the soft soil as I waved them around randomly. However, I suddenly felt as though I had touched something hard.

The pain in my heart suddenly stopped. I slowly stood up and picked up the item in my hand. I placed it in front of me and was so shocked that I almost threw it out.

What I was holding in my hand was a bone with a fingerbone on it, and on it was an emerald ring, gleaming in the dim light.

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