Importunate Ghost King Husband


The first thing that popped into my mind was the word "help", but it was the opposite of what Luoyang had thought at the beginning. He wouldn't let me die, at least I still had something worth using.

The old man stretched out his hand to stroke his beard, not showing any signs of anger at all. Instead, he said bitterly, "Little girl, it's better to quickly find the kind of person you've interacted with recently. Otherwise, no one will be able to save you after some time."

His gaze was like a sharp thorn, piercing straight into my chest. I kept having the feeling that he got what he wanted from my eyes, but in the next moment, I wasn't as certain as before.

Ji Nan was an impatient person, and his face had already started to show signs of impatience. Seeing how much he cared about me, I was slightly moved.

Thus, I hastily interjected, "Thank you. I will definitely go back and look for her. After all, I still want my life."

The old man didn't say anything after being interrupted by me. He turned around and left the resting room.

In the entire space, only Ji Nan and I were left. He looked at me with slight guilt, as if he was the one who didn't save me.

"You don't need to think too much into it. This is my own affair to begin with. Nothing will happen to me."

Actually, I had already made up my mind long ago. Right now, the thing that I need Ji Nan's help the most is to request a leave of absence for me.

Humans are greedy. Although I feel that my life is more important, I don't want to just throw away such a good job. Ji Nan is my best helper.

When Ji Nan heard this, he immediately interrupted me, "No, I've already agreed to help you, but I haven't been able to help you at all. I've already broken my promise!"

I pretended that I didn't mind as I lowered my head and said dejectedly, "It's just that the old man told me to go find someone. How am I supposed to find someone at work right now?"

"Let me help you!" Ji Nan said without saying a word. His eyes actually carried an inexplicable light which made my conscience feel a little bit painful.

But the thought of job stability and high salary, turned into a real touching.

"Really? But isn't this a bit too much? "

Ji Nan quickly waved his hand with a hint of ridicule in his eyes, "If you think this is too much, then you'd better give me a good beating. Wait for you to come back and eat with me! Every time I ask you out, you say you don't have time. "

When I heard this, I knew that he still hadn't calmed down, so I could only bite the bullet and agree.

Even though I was already very careful, when I left Ji Nan's office, I was still surrounded by many people. They were all looking at me with gazes of envy and jealousy.

I had already thought of this a long time ago, because I was already seen going in, let alone coming out.

For an employee to stay in the office of a rich second generation for such a long time, even I wouldn't necessarily believe that there was nothing between the two of them.

Not to mention others.

Since that's the case, I might as well let these people see it for me. After all, when I'm not here for a few days tomorrow, they will find out for themselves.

I started to get anxious when I was about to get off work. Due to the love curse in my body, I try my best not to go out and meet a man. However, if I want to go home, even if I have to look for a taxi, it's very likely that I'm a man.

While I was vexed over this, Ji Nan suddenly appeared in front of me in a high-profile manner. The suit he was wearing was actually a completely different one, completely different from what I had seen in the morning.

In my hand was a bouquet of roses I didn't know when I bought them, and I was standing in front of her with a bright smile on my face.

"I've thought about it for a long time, but I still feel that roses are the best. I'm afraid I was the one who didn't like it before!"

When he suddenly saw through it, I felt a bit embarrassed. I accepted the rose with a smile and asked, "Why did Director Ji suddenly come over?"

Ji Nan looked at me with a hidden bitterness, "Didn't you say something? Did I send you home? "Why do you say that now? I'm really sad."

His mouth said he was sad, but his eyes were shining as he looked at me.

The moment he said this, the gazes of the surrounding people immediately became ardent.

However, from a different perspective, this is also beneficial to me. Ji Nan would not use the love curse on my body.

After a while, I didn't refuse.

Ji Nan's car looked exactly the same as his playboy one. His face was a flashy red, making it particularly eye-catching in the midst of a bunch of business cars.

However, Ji Nan didn't seem to mind at all. Instead, he proudly waved his hand towards me, instantly attracting everyone's gazes. I suddenly felt lucky that I had made a decision to wrap my face tightly in order to avoid any accidents.

Unable to endure Ji Nan's greeting, I hurriedly got into the front passenger seat and urged him to drive.

He swung the steering wheel in a very obedient manner, and the car quickly left its original location.

Therefore, a sportscar was worthy of being called a sportscar. It was dazzling on the same road, not just because of its shape and sound, but more so because of its speed.

With one hand on the steering wheel, Ginnan looked over at me and spoke.

"Is it still the same small place?"

I pinched my fingers together and looked ahead worriedly. Ever since the accident, I had been afraid of driving so fast.

When he saw Ji Nan's careless actions, he became even more afraid.

"Right, it's that small place from last time. Director Ji, it's better for you to keep looking at the things up ahead."

"Afraid?" Ji Nan looked at me in surprise, then looked at the road in front of him. "Bai Jian, I didn't expect you to be scared. Weren't you scared of nothing?"

I pursed my lips and retorted, "Everyone has their own fears. Of course, I have mine as well. Is that not right?"

I felt that my words were very normal, but I don't know why Ji Nan would actually smile until his face reddened and he was out of breath.

So we managed to get to my place downstairs.

Just as he was about to leave, Ji Nan grabbed his wrist. "What? "You won't give me a single fare?"

I turned my head and was about to ask something when I was attracted by Ji Nan's face outside the window. Who knew that Ji Nan would actually move forward and kiss me on the corner of his mouth?

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